Aldelo eOrder Integrator User Manual - ACT-POS

Aldelo eOrder Integrator User Manual - ACT-POS
Aldelo eOrder Integrator
User Manual
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Table Of Contents
Chapter 1 Setup ________________________________________________________________________
Shortcut Modification ________________________________________________________________
Restaurant ID _______________________________________________________________________
UserName _________________________________________________________________________
Password __________________________________________________________________________
Aldelo For Restaurants Setup___________________________________________________________
Initial Menu Export __________________________________________________________________
Chapter 2 Operations ___________________________________________________________________
Receiving Orders ____________________________________________________________________
Synchronizing Your Orders ____________________________________________________________
Manually Polling ____________________________________________________________________
Real Time Log ______________________________________________________________________
View Log __________________________________________________________________________
Log Maintenance ____________________________________________________________________
Start / Stop _________________________________________________________________________
With the advent of the internet, restaurants have sought ways of making use of this technology to further their
business. One of these technologies is online ordering. Customers are able to go to the restaurants website
and place orders for their meal. This not only is very convenient for the customer but also cuts down on the
time it takes the restaurants employee to answer the phone with traditional methods. This results in happier
customers and more time for employees to service customers.
Aldelo eOrder is a specially designed system to automatically pull orders from a restaurants website using and place them into the Aldelo For Restaurants system. Orders will automatically print out
which completely eliminates the need of human interaction from the time the order is placed by the customer
until the cooks receive the order.
Chapter 1
Before getting started, it is vitally important that the same version of Aldelo eOrder Integrator and Aldelo For
Restaurants be installed. If you are not sure, download the latest from the website. The website versions will
always be updated to match.
The following are steps to setup the Aldelo eOrder Integrator and also things to verify in Aldelo For
Shortcut Modification
To integrate Aldelo eOrder, follow the steps below.
Right click on “Aldelo For Restaurants” on the desktop. This will bring up the menu for this shortcut.
Click on “Properties”. This will bring up the properties for this shortcut.
Click on the “Shortcut” tab.
In the “Target” field, without deleting what is already there, go to the end of the line and put a space
followed by “Multi-Instance”.
An example would be “"D:\Program Files\Aldelo\Aldelo For Restaurants\adRes30.exe" MultiInstance”.
This shortcut will allow the software to run when a special instance of Aldelo For Restaurants is already
running. The special instance will be started when the Aldelo eOrder Integrator is started. You should
minimize the special instance of Aldelo For Restaurants since it will never be used. The reason this instance is
not used is because there are certain functions that are disabled in the software when launched by Aldelo
eOrder Integrator.
Restaurant ID
In Aldelo eOrder Integrator there is a field called “Restaurant ID”. This field can be found under the
“Options” tab. This number is your account number from Once you have signed up with
them, they will issue you the number you will need to communicate with your online menu using Aldelo
eOrder Integrator.
This is the username that assigns you for your account.
This is the password for your account.
Aldelo For Restaurants Setup
To make things much easier for maintaining your menu, it is a good idea to place a menu item description in
each of the menu items that will be sold on the website. This should be done before sending the initial menu
to to expedite the creation of the menu. The Menu Item Description field can be found in
Aldelo For Restaurants in the Menu Item Editor screen on page 2. The maximum number of characters in this
field is 254.
Initial Menu Export
Once you have all your menu item descriptions entered into the Aldelo For Restaurants software, you are
ready to send your menu to for processing. The initial menu should be sent to
only when they request it. Sending it before will not result in the menu being created.
To send your initial menu to, follow the steps below. These steps assume you have all your
menu item descriptions completed for each item.
In the Back Office of Aldelo For Restaurants, click “File” in the top left corner. This will give you a
list of options to choose from.
Click on “Import/Export Data”. This will bring up the page for importing and exporting data from
Aldelo For Restaurants.
Select the following items.
a. Menu Categories
b. Menu Groups
c. Menu Items
d. Menu Item Auto Prices
e. Menu Modifiers
f. Forced Modifiers
Click “Export”. This will start the export process and will generate a file that can be used to send to
In Aldelo eOrder Integrator, click on the “Options” tab.
Click on “Select file and Upload”. This will prompt for the file that was just exported from Aldelo
For Restaurants.
Select the file and click “Open”.
This will start the upload process.
Chapter 2
Once you have your menu created online by, you will be able to test it out by creating some
orders. You will need to get your username and password from so you can log into the
website. Once you are logged in, you will have full access to create orders as you need. This will allow you to
fully test your menu and make sure everything is working as it should.
Receiving Orders
To nice thing about Aldelo eOrder Integrator is you set it up once and forget about it. Once the system is
running, it will automatically pull down any orders that are placed on the website. The interval at which they
are pulled down can be adjusted to whatever you want. If you are a busy restaurant, you might want to poll
every 2-3 minutes. If you are not so busy, you may want to increase it to 5-7 minutes.
To adjust the time between polls, follow the steps below. These steps assume you are already running Aldelo
eOrder Integrator.
Click on the “Option” tab.
Adjust the “Polling Interval Minutes” setting to the number of minutes you want between polling.
Click “Save Settings”.
Click “Start”.
Synchronizing Your Orders
If for some reason you must shut down the special instance of Aldelo For Restaurants, the Aldelo eOrder
Integrator will continue to operate collecting orders every polling interval. When you bring Aldelo For
Restaurants back up, you will want to pull all the orders into the restaurant software that have been stored in
the Aldelo eOrder Integrator.
To synchronize your orders with Aldelo For Restaurants, follow the steps below.
Click on “Reconnect to POS”. This will re-establish the link between Aldelo eOrder Integrator and
Aldelo For Restaurants.
Click “Synchronize Offline Order”. This will send any unsent orders in the Aldelo eOrder Integrator
to Aldelo For Restaurants.
Manually Polling
If you want to do a quick poll without waiting for the Polling Interval Minutes, you can click “Poll Manually”.
Real Time Log
The Real Time Log tab will show every transaction as it comes into the system. The log will continue to grow
until you click the “Clear” button. This is useful when troubleshooting issues with orders being received.
View Log
If you want to see the full log that is currently stored in the database, you can click “Load Log” on the View
Log tab. This will show all transactions that are in the system.
Log Maintenance
If your database grows too large, you have the option of purging old orders that you will no longer need. You
will probably want to keep orders for some time but after a year or so, these orders are probably not going to
be needed anymore. Select the From and To dates and click “Purge”. This will delete all transactions in this
time frame.
Start / Stop
This will start and stop the service from running. The software will not poll if the software is stopped.
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