ARD9000 MK2 Brochure
AOR ARD9000 MK2 Digital Voice Modem
When you add digital capabilities to
your existing HF rig with a new
ARD9000 MK2, the advantages will
come through LOUD and CLEAR.
AOR digital voice operators around the world are amazed at the audio quality
delivered by the ARD9000 and ARD9800. Now AOR has improved the ARD9000 by
adding a high quality speaker microphone with a traditional 8-pin round connector that
lets you “go digital” with just a mike click. Its compact size makes the ARD9000 a
favorite for backpackers who want to go HF digital while hiking or climbing. Of
course, you don’t have to leave home to enjoy the fun of clear DIGITAL contacts.
It’s a real breakthrough in communications technology that uses the same audio
frequencies (300 Hz ~ 2500 Hz) as microphone audio to transmit digital SSB voice signals.
It’s like adding a whole new mode to your HF radio without having to buy a new one!
Authority on Radio
With thousands of AOR digital units worldwide, digital
HF is rapidly gaining a dedicated group of followers.
Isn’t it time you joined the fun?
ARD9000 MK2 for
“voice only”
12V DC only operation
Use the provided
speaker-mic or your
own high-quality
audio mic. (rewiring
mic input may be
NO transceiver
Digital voice
using existing analog
Works on Single Side
Band (SSB) mode
Automatic digital
Maintain full analog
Optional interface
cables for most
popular transceivers
Built-in high grade
Vocoder (AMBE)
Built-in FEC
Compact unit. Easy
to operate
Utilizes a uniquely
designed high
performance DSP
Uses the established
G4GUO open
AOR ARD9000 MK2 Digital Voice Modem
Enjoy digital voice
communications while
maintaining analog capabilities.
Modulation method OFDM
The ARD9000 MK2 makes digital voice
communications FUN & affordable.
Now you can use your existing analog
transceiver to work digital voice on Amateur Radio bands without
making modifications to your transceiver.
Band width
300 Hz ~ 2500 Hz, 36 carriers
Symbol Rate
20 mS (50 baud)
Guard interval
Tone steps
62.5 Hz
No transceiver modifications needed.
+/- 125 Hz
The ARD9000 MK2 uses the same audio frequencies (300 Hz ~ 2500 Hz)
as microphone audio to modulate the voice signal. This allows you to
use an analog radio as a digital voice radio.
Error correction
Voice: Golay + Hamming
1 Sec. 3 tones + BPSK training pattern for synchronization
Digital voice
AMBE coder, decoder
Works on Single Side Band (SSB) mode.
Signal detection
Automatic Digital detect, Automatic switching between
analog mode and digital mode
The Automatic frequency clarifier function adjusts frequency drift
automatically in the SSB mode. (Approximately up to +/- 125 Hz).
Utilizes the OFDM (Multi Carrier Modulation) circuit that is effective
against Multi-path or Selective Fading.
Modulation method 36 carriers: DQPSK (3.6K)
Power requirements 10 ~ 16 V DC, Approximately 100 mA (@ 12 V DC)
70 (w) x 33 (h) x 98 (d) (mm) (Projections excluded.)
2.8”(w) x 1.3” (h) x 3.9” (d) (inches) (Projections excluded.)
Radio: Microphone output (level adjustable),
Automatic digital receive
Speaker input (200 mV ~ 5 V p-p), External Speaker Output,
Automatic voice signal detector recognizes the received signal as analog
or digital, automatically switching to the appropriate mode.
DC Input Connectors
Built-in high grade Vocoder (AMBE)
Speaker Microphone (with PTT)
Force Synchronization Switch
High-grade digital voice compression delivers quality digital voice
Built-in FEC
A powerful forward error correction circuit delivers stable and reliable
Small and compact unit. Easy to operate.
Simply connect the ARD9000 MK2 between the microphone jack and
microphone. No complicated modifications necessary. Optional
interface cables for most popular transceivers are available or you can
build your own connectors.
Wide range of operating voltages
Operates on 10 to 16 V DC from an external power source.
Utilizes a uniquely designed high performance DSP
Uses established G4GUO open protocol
The use of open digital protocol means use of the ARD9000 MK2 is
permitted on US Amateur Radio bands (non-USA users should check
applicable regulations).
2-6-4 Misuji, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0055, Japan
Tel: +81 3 3865 1695 Fax: +81 3 3865 1697
[email protected]
AOR U.S.A., Inc.
20655 S. Western Ave., Suite 112, Torrance, CA 90501, USA
Tel: 310-787-8615 Fax: 310-787-8619
[email protected]
Discover how much fun it is to work Amateur Radio
in digital voice mode using the ARD9000 MK2 and your
EXISTING analog transceiver!
Specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.
Printed in USA.
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