Andrew James Domestic Vacuum Sealer null

Andrew James Domestic Vacuum Sealer null
Sous Vide & Slow Cooker
Please read the manual fully before using the appliance and keep the
manual safe for future reference.
Contents page
Safety instructions
Page 3
Appliance components and illustration
Page 5
Control panel
Page 6
Menu setting table
Page 7
Quick steps to Sous vide cooking
Page 7
Food preparation
Page 8
How to use the Sous vide function
Page 9
Guidance table for Sous vide cooking
Page 10
Sous vide different cooking levels
Page 11
How to use the slow cooker
Page 12
Cleaning the appliance
Page 13
Sous vide recipes
Page 14
Slow cooker recipes
Page 21
Disposal of the appliance
Page 24
UK and EU Guarantee
Page 24
Electrical information
Page 25
Safety Instructions
When using any electrical appliance, basic safety precautions should always be
followed including:
This appliance can be used by children aged from 8 years and above and
persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of
experience and knowledge if they have been given supervision or instruction
concerning use of the appliance in a safe way and understand the hazards
involved. Children shall not play with the appliance. Cleaning and user
maintenance shall not be made by children unless they are older than 8 and
supervised. Keep the appliance and its cord out of reach of children less than
8 years.
Always ensure the voltage on the rating label corresponds to the voltage in
your home.
Check the power cord and plug regularly for any damage. If the cord or the
plug is damaged, it must be replaced by a qualified electrician or a service
repair centre. If in doubt please contact our customer service team.
The appliance is intended for domestic use only. Industrial or commercial use
will void the warranty. The supplier cannot be held responsible for injury or
damage if the appliance has been used for anything other than its intended
Incorrect operation and use can damage the appliance and cause injury to
the user.
Do not use the appliance if it has been dropped or damaged in anyway. If the
unit has been damaged take the unit for examination and or repair by an
authorised service agent.
Do not immerse or expose the motor assembly, plug or the power cord in
water or any other liquid for any reason.
If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or by
someone who is suitably qualified to avoid a potential hazard.
Do not let the cord hang over the edge of a table or counter. Ensure that the
cord is not in a position where it can be pulled or tripped over accidentally.
Do not allow the cord to touch hot surfaces and do not place the cord near
hot gas, electric burners or in a heated oven.
Use of an extension cord with this appliance is not recommended. However
if it is necessary to use an extension cord, ensure that the extension cord is
equal to or greater than the power consumption of the appliance to avoid
overheating of the appliance and extension cord. Do not use any other
appliance on the extension cord. Do not place the extension cord in a
position where it can be pulled on by children or animals or be tripped over.
Always remove the plug of the appliance safely. Do not pull on the
appliances cord to remove the appliance plug from the electrical socket.
Never handle or operate the appliance with wet hands.
Appliance specific safety instructions
To protect against the risk of an electrical shock. Do not put the base in
water or any other liquid. The use of attachments or tools not recommended
by the manufacturer may cause fire, electric shock or injury.
Do not use the appliance outdoors. Always use oven gloves or a cloth when
removing the lid or handling contents.
Never cook food directly in the base unit, always use the ceramic pot.
Do not leave the Sous vide & slow cooker plugged in when it is not in use. Do
not switch on the Sous vide & slow cooker when it is upside down or on its
Only prepare the food as described in the manual. Always ensure that the
appliance isn't covered with objects e.g. dish cloths, before and whilst it is in
Be careful, the lid, outer body and inner pan will become hot during use.
Always use the heat resistant handles when trying to move the outer body
and lid. Always allow a cooling period after using the appliance and before
moving it.
Take care when removing the lid of the appliance. Often hot water can
collect on the underside of the lid during the cooking process. To remove the
lid properly use the heat resistant handles and drain the water away.
Before first time use
Before using the cooker for the first time, remove all labels and tags from
the product.
Do not immerse the slow cooker base in water or any other liquid.
Remove all packaging before using the appliance, to avoid the risk of
suffocation, always keep bags out of the reach of babies and children.
Appliance components illustration
Tempered glass lid
Working capacity
Non-slip feet
Non-stick Removable cooking pan
Control Panel
Control Panel
It is simple and easy to use the Control panel, choose your cooking menu, set the
temperature and time and start cooking. The appliance will cancel the function
within 20 seconds if it is not confirmed.
1. Menu Button
4. Start/ Cancel button
Scroll to the Sous vide or Slow cooker
menu by pressing the “MENU” button.
To begin the cooking process, press the
start button. To cancel the cooking
process, press and hold it.
2. Cooking Menu Indicator
5. Timer display screen
A light appears between the Sous vide or Displays cooking time or the elapsed
Slow cooker menu
time of the keep warm function.
Sous Vide Menu - Select between temp
40˚c to 90˚c
Slow cooker Menu— Choose three
settings Low, High and Keep Warm
3. Temp/Time button
After selecting the cooking method.
Select the correct temp and then the
correct time by using the up and down
Press the appliance on/off. Always
switch the appliance off before
unplugging it
Power button
Menu Settings table
Cooking Menu
Sous Vide
Slow cooker
Temp range
Default temp
1 to 24 hours
High-2 to 8 hours
Low– 4 to 16 hours
Default cooking times
1 Hour
High– 4 hours
Low– 8 Hours
Time increments
10 mins
30 mins
Quick Steps to Sous vide cooking
Season your food to enhance the flavour.
Vacuum seal your food (to purchase a vacuum sealer and storage bags
please visit
Once the desired temperature has been reached, place the pouches
carefully into the water.
After the cooking is completed, sear your food to improve the appearance
and flavour. This will caramelise the fats and protein for better flavour.
Food preparation
Please follow the instructions for food preparation:
Always ensure that the produce being cooked is of high quality and fresh.
Make sure that the food being cooked i.e. meat, seafood, poultry has been
stored below 5˚C before preparation begins.
Food pouches must be cleaned before use to ensure they are not
Only prepare food on a clean work surface.
Wash hands well before preparation.
Prepare the food to the correct thickness and temperature (refer to the
table found on page 12).
Please use the guide found in page 12 for times and temperatures of food.
The pouch must be correctly sealed or the cooking process will be hindered.
Ensure the pouch is correctly sealed once the cooking process has finished.
Slow cooking
Low setting– suitable for simmering and slow cooking.
High setting– for faster cooking. 1 hour on High is the same as 2.5 hours on Low.
Keep Warm setting– Once the cooking time has elapsed the Keep warm function
will automatically switch on to keep the food warm until it is served.
How to use the Sous Vide function
Ensure that the appliance is on a flat, level surface. Plug the unit on and press the
power button.
The unit will then beep and the display screen will illuminate . The appliances
default settings will now set the appliance at 50˚C.
Fill the cooking pan with water to the required level. Place the lid back on the
cooking pan. Always ensure that the water level is above the “FILL” line.
Please refer to the table on page 12 for further advice.
Set the cooking menu of the sous vide by pressing the “MENU” button and
scrolling through until the default Sous vide setting is displayed.
To change the temp from the default (50˚C) press the up and down buttons
until your desired temperature is reached.
To select the Time press the “TIME” button using the up and down buttons
until the desired time is reached. Each button pressed will increase the
button time by 10 minutes. To increase the time quickly, hold the button in.
Once you have selected the correct setting, temp and time press “START” to
begin the cooking process. This will start the pre-heating process.
The appliance needs time to pre-heat before food can be placed in it. A red
light indicates that the correct temperature has been reached. Once the
correct temperature has been reached, the appliance will beep three times,
the light will stop flashing and the unit is now ready to cook the food.
Remove the lid carefully by the heat resistant handles. Using a pair of tongs,
place the sealed food pouches in the water. The water level should not
exceed the maximum mark but is covered by water.
Once the pouches have been placed in the water correctly, place the lid back
on the cooking pan and press the “START” button.
After the cooking time has elapsed the appliance will beep three times and
switch off automatically.
Cooking Time
Holding Time
(After cooking)
1. 49˚C or higher
1 Hour
Up to 6 Hours
2 Hours
Up to 8 Hours
8 Hours
Up to 10 Hours
Beef and Lamb
1.Tenderloin, cutlets,
2.rib eye, rump, T-bone
2. 49˚C or higher
3. Blade, chuck, leg of lamb,
shoulder, shanks, game
3.49˚C or higher
10 hours
Up to 12 hours
10 hours
Up to 12 hours
Pork chops
56˚C or higher
4 hours
Up to 6 hours
Pork roast
56˚C or higher
10 hours
Up to 12 hours
Chicken breast with bone
2 hours
Up to 3 hours
Chicken breast fillet
1 hour
Up to 2 hours
Chicken thigh with bone
1 ½ hours
Up to 3 hours
Chicken thigh no bone
1 hour
Up to 2 hours
Chicken legs
2 hours
Up to 3 hours
Duck breast
2 hours
Up to 2 hours
Lean fish
47˚C or higher
1 hour
Up to 1 hour
Fatty fish
47˚C or higher
1 hour
Up to 1 hour
1 hour
Up to 1 hour
Lobster tail
1 hour
Up to 1 hour
Root vegetables
83˚C or higher
1 hour
Up to 2 hours
Tender vegetables
83˚C or higher
1 hour
Up to 2 hours
Guide to different levels of cooking
Beef, lamb and pork
Rare: 49˚C
Medium Rare: 56˚C
Medium: 60˚C
Medium well: 65˚C
Well: 71˚C +
With bone: 82˚C
Without bone: 64˚C
Rare: 47˚C
Medium rare: 56˚C
Medium: 60˚C
Please note: the cooking times found on page 12 are only an estimate. To achieve
your personal taste please experiment with times.
How to use the Slow cooker
Ensure that the appliance is on a level surface. Plug the unit on and press the power
The unit will then beep and the display screen will illuminate . The appliance will go
to the default setting the sous vide menu.
Place your food and liquid inside the removable cooking pan and replace the
Set the menu to slow cooker function by scrolling through the menu until a
light appears next to the Slow cooker screen and the temperature shows
Change the setting from LOW to HIGH by using the up and down buttons.
To select the time press the Time button and select the cooking time by
pressing the up and down button, each press of the button will increase the
time by 30 minutes. If the button is held in, it will increase the time quicker.
Once you have selected the menu, temp and time setting press the start
button to commence the cooking process.
The timer will then begin to countdown.
After the cooking time has elapsed, the unit will beep 3 times. This will
switch on the Keep warm function and a green light will appear. The timer
will then begin to count up to indicate the amount of time the food has been
kept warm.
Please note: If you lift the lid during cooking it releases air, heat and increases the
cooking time. Only lift the lid off the appliance if absolutely necessary.
Cleaning the appliance
Switch off and remove the plug from the socket.
Allow a cooling period to occur after using the appliance and before
Allow the water to cool in the cooking pan and then pour It out.
Allow the unit to completely cool before beginning cleaning.
Do not immerse the appliance in water for any reason.
The lid and the removable cooking pan are dishwasher safe, make sure they
are then rinsed clean after dishwashing.
Dry the pan thoroughly before using it again.
Clean the exterior of the appliance with a clamp cloth and dry it thoroughly.
Do not use abrasive cleaning materials, scourers or chemicals to clean any
part of the appliance.
Sous Vide recipes
Braised shin of beef
Serves 4
500g shin of beef, deboned
Sprig of thyme
1 clove of garlic/15g garlic paste
10g horseradish
20g tomato paste
100g pancetta lardons
60ml red wine
75g button mushrooms
2 bay leaves
30g butter
Sprig of rosemary
Fill the Sous Vide with water and preheat to 82˚C.
Place the ingredients into a vacuum bag. Massage the bag so the ingredients
are combined.
Seal the bag and place into the Sous Vide until it is fully submerged.
Cook for 10 hours.
Once cooked, remove the beef from the sous vide and open the bag. Strain
the beef through a sieve, separating the sauce from the beef.
Heat a small pan with 15g of butter. Place the pancetta and mushrooms into
the pan and sauté.
Pour the sauce into the pan and bring to the boil. Add the remaining cold
butter to the sauce and allow it to reduce and thicken.
Put the beef back into the pan and stir through the sauce, then serve.
Serve with Dauphinoise potatoes and green beans for a delicious accompaniment.
Teriyaki Salmon
Serves 4
4 salmon fillets
1 tsp finely chopped
3 tbsp teriyaki sauce
1 tsp chilli flakes
1 tsp grated ginger
Fill the Sous Vide with water and preheat to 56 ˚C.
Place Teriyaki sauce, ginger, garlic and chilli into a bowl and mix until
Pour over salmon fillets until fully coated and cover for 15 minutes.
Place into pouches and vacuum seal.
Place into the AJ Sous Vide and submerge in water.
Cook for 1 hour.
Serving suggestion:
Serve with noodles, coriander and a squeeze of lime.
Medium/well done
Sirloin Steak
Sprig of thyme
20g butter
Fill the Sous Vide with water and preheat to the required temperature.
Place into a into a pouch and vacuum seal..
Place into the AJ Sous vide and submerge in water.
Cook for 40—90 minutes depending on the thickness of the steak.
Preheat a frying pan. Remove the steak from the sous vide and vacuum
pouch. Place into the frying pan and sear. Add butter and thyme to the pan
and baste the steak in the flavoured butter.
Remove from the pan once seared. Do not over cook in the pan.
Garlic Chicken
Serves 4
4 skinless and bone- 1 tsp minced garlic
less chicken breasts
8 slices of streaky
80g butter
Fill the Sous Vide with water and preheat to 64 ˚C.
Slice the chicken breast through the middle and stuff with chopped garlic,
parsley and butter.
Wrap each breast in streaky bacon until the hole is sealed.
Place into pouches and vacuum seal.
Place into the Sous Vide and submerge in water.
Cook for 1 hour.
Remove from pouch and place into a preheated pan.
Sear the chicken in the pan until the bacon is crispy.
Serving suggestion:
Slice and lie on a bed of zesty lemon Orzo.
Moroccan Lamb
Serves 4
700g Shoulder of lamb, cut into 200ml passata
½ tsp cayenne
400g chopped tomatoes
1 tsp black pepper
3oz dried apricots
1 tsp paprika
2oz sultanas
½ tsp turmeric
2oz flaked almonds
½ tsp cinnamon
1 tbsp clear honey
1 tsp ginger
Place cayenne, black pepper, paprika, ginger, turmeric and cinnamon into
a small bowl and mix to combine. Place the lamb in a large bowl and toss
together with half of the spice mix. Cover and leave overnight in the
Preheat the AJ Sous Vide to 56 ˚C.
Stir passata, chopped tomatoes, apricots, dates, sultanas, almonds and
honey, into the lamb.
Place Moroccan lamb into the pouch and seal.
Place the pouch into the water and fully submerge.
Cook for 8 hours.
Serving Suggestion: Serve with jewelled pomegranate couscous.
Vanilla Rhubarb
200g rhubarb
45ml water
45g sugar
1 vanilla pod
Fill and preheat the AJ Sous Vide to 60 ˚C.
Cut the rhubarb into 7cm lengths.
Into the pouch place the rhubarb, sugar, vanilla, scraped from the pod and
Seal the pouch and fully submerge into the AJ Sous Vide.
Cook for 20 minutes.
Lift out of the AJ Sous Vide and place into ice cold water.
Serving suggestion:
Spoon into the centre of vanilla cupcakes or over the top of clotted cream rice
pudding for a delicious, sweet treat.
Just Eggs
4 eggs
Fill the Sous Vide and preheat to 57 ˚C.
Place the eggs into the water for 50 minutes.
Remove and serve.
Serving suggestion:
Delicious with crispy Parma ham and rocket salad.
Goats Cheese Risotto
Serves 4
200g Arborio rice
100g frozen peas
250ml vegetable stock
2 sprigs of mint
1 onion, chopped
100g goats cheese
1 clove of garlic,
1 tbsp olive oil
20g butter
Fill the Sous Vide and preheat to 83 ˚C.
Heat the oil in a small pan. Cook the onion and garlic until tender.
Place the onion and garlic, stock and rice into a pouch. Vacuum seal.
Place pouch into the AJ Sous Vide and submerge.
Cook for 40 minutes.
Melt butter in a small pan. Add peas and mint and cook for 1-2 minutes.
Remove risotto from the bag. Gently fold through the peas and goats
Slow Cooker recipes
Lamb Shanks
2 red onions
300ml red wine
3 cloves of garlic crushed
3 teaspoons balsamic vinegar
2 sticks of celery, finely sliced
400ml lamb stock
1 leek, finely sliced
1 bay leaf
1 carrot, finely sliced
Sprigs of fresh thyme and rosemary
4 lamb shanks
Seasoning to taste
1 tin of chopped tomatoes
Preheat your slow cooker to the required temperature.
Prepare all the vegetables. Place all the ingredients in the slow cooker,
ensuring that they are combined well and evenly distributed. Make sure the
stock is warm when you add it as this will maintain the temperature.
Set the slow cooker to low and cook for 6-8 hours, until the lamb is tender.
Prior to serving, if your liquid is too thin, stir in 1-2 teaspoons of cornflour,
dissolved in a little water. Turn up the heat for 5-10 minutes to thicken it.
Season to taste before serving.
Lamb, butter bean and tomato casserole
1 onion finely chopped
1 x 400g tin of butter beans
2 sticks of celery, sliced
500ml lamb stock
1 red pepper, finely sliced
2 teaspoons sun-dried tomato paste
1 large carrot, diced
1 teaspoon oregano
450g stewing lamb, diced
Seasoning to taste
1 punnet of cherry tomatoes
Preheat your slow cooker.
Add all the ingredients to the slow cooker and set to low. Make sure the
stock is warm when you add it as this will maintain the temperature. Mix the
ingredients so they are evenly distributed.
Cook for 6-8 hours. Season to taste before serving.
Sweet potato, apple and ginger soup
2-3 teaspoons grated fresh ginger
(depending on desired strength)
700ml water or stock
1 onion
Seasoning to taste
2 sweet potatoes, chopped
Coriander leaves to garnish
2 sticks of celery, chopped
2 cooking apples, chopped
(This recipe requires a hand or stick blender)
Preheat the appliance for 15 minutes.
Add all the ingredients, lemon juice and coriander leaves. Make sure the
stock is warm when you add it as this will maintain the temperature. Turn
your slow cooker to low for 6-8 hours.
Use your electric hand/stick blender and liquidise the soup until smooth.
Season and add lemon juice to taste. Reheat gently before serving. Garnish
with coriander leaves.
Disposal of the appliance
Please note that this Andrew James product is mark with this Symbol:
This means that this product must not be disposed of together with
ordinary household waste, as electrical and electronic waste must be
disposed of separately.
In accordance with the WEEE directive, every member state must
ensure correct collection, recovery, handling and recycling of electrical
and electronic waste. Private households in the E.U. can take used equipment to
special recycling stations free of charge. In certain member states used apparatus
can be returned to the dealer where they were bought on the condition you buy
new products. Contact your retailer, distributor or the municipal authorities for
further information on what you should do with electrical and electronic waste.
UK and EU Guarantee
Your new Andrew James product comes with a 24 month guarantee and a 2 year
fixed warranty, effective from receipt confirmation. Your receipt or order number
is required as proof of purchase date so it is imperative that you keep it safe. This
guarantee only applies if the item has been used solely for the use intended, and
all instructions have been followed accordingly. Please note this product is only for
domestic use only and is not for commercial use.
Abuse of your product will invalidate the guarantee. Returned goods can only be
accepted if repackaged properly within the original colour product box, and
presented with the original receipt of sale/order number. This does not affect your
statutory rights.
Returned products must be cleaned and returned to us in as close to delivery
condition as possible.
If your product develops a problem within the first 12 months of the fixed
warranty, we will pay all shipping costs to have it returned to us. After 12 months
the customer will be liable for the cost of returning the product to us. We will then
pay to have the repaired/replaced item shipped back to the customer.
If you wish to return your item for a full refund, you have the right to do so within
the first 7 days. For our returns policy please go to
Customers are responsible for any taxes applied to our products when they are
shipped outside of the EU.
All of our prices are inclusive of VAT.
Once a product has been returned to us, we will aim to repair or replace it within 30
days of receipt.
The guarantee does not cover any defect arising from improper use, damage, buildup of lime scale or repair attempts made by third-parties. Also, the guarantee does
not cover normal wear and tear of individual parts.
Electrical information
Please note:
It is extremely important that the wires or cores in the flex are connected to the
correct terminals in the plug. If the colour of the mains lead of the appliance does
not correspond with the coloured
markings identifying the terminals in
your plug proceed as follows:
The Live (Brown) wire
connects to the right- most
live (L) terminal nearest to
the fuse.
The Neutral (Blue) wire
connects to the left-most
neutral (N) terminal.
The Earth (Green and Yellow)
wire connects to the central,
top most earthed (E)
If the appliance is double insulated indicated by the double insulated symbol:
it should not have an earth wire or earth connection.
The plug must be protected by the correct AMP fuse; this will be indicated on the
case of the plug. Only BSI or ASTA approved fuses should be used. When changing
the fuse always replace it with a fuse that is of the same identical rating as the
original. If you are unsure about which plug or fuse to use, always refer to a
qualified electrician. Please note after replacing the fuse, ensure that the cover is
correctly fitted back onto the plug. Never attempt to run the appliance if the plug
does not have a cover. If a moulded plug is fitted and has to be removed take great
care in disposing of the plug and severed cable, it must be destroyed to prevent it
from engaging into a socket. If the supply cord is damaged it must be replaced by a
service agent or a similarly qualified person.
Copyright Andrew James
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