Qtx QT18SA, 170.751UK, QT15SA, 170.755UK User manual

Qtx QT18SA, 170.751UK, QT15SA, 170.755UK User manual
QT Active Sub Cabinets
User Manual
170.751, 170.755
High output sub driver
Dual ported enclosure
Variable X-over frequency
35mm pole-mount fitting
Perforated steel grille
Thank you for choosing the QT series active sub cabinet. Please read this manual prior to use.
The QT active speaker range has been designed to serve many varied applications, delivering clear, powerful sound reinforcement wherever
it is needed. Please note: your QT sub cabinet may be supplied with more than 1 IEC mains lead. Be sure to use the correct lead, taking note
of the outlet voltage and rating.
To prevent the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose this appliance to rain or moisture. To prevent electric shock do not remove the
cover. No user serviceable parts inside. Refer servicing to qualified service personnel.
Prior to connecting mains, ensure that the supply voltage is correct and the mains lead is in good condition.
Avoid ingress of water or particles into the enclosure.
If the mains fuse blows, refer the unit to qualified service personnel
Keep the unit out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources.
Keep the unit away from moisture or dusty environments.
Use a soft cloth with a neutral detergent to clean the cabinet, panel and controls.
To avoid damage, do not use solvents to clean this equipment.
Control Panel
INPUT LEVEL – Volume rotary control for input
INPUT– XLR line input
PHASE – push in to invert (reverse) signal phase
THRU – Balanced XLR signal out link
FREQUENCY – Adjust cross-over cutoff frequency
POWER – on/off switch and indicator
AC INPUT – IEC mains inlet and fuse
With INPUT LEVEL turned fully down and power switch off, connect the IEC to an appropriate mains outlet.
Connect output of mixer or any line level signal to the INPUT via XLR.
If the signal is to continue to further active speakers, connect these from the THRU line level XLR.
Begin with the FREQUENCY control in the mid position (12-o-clock position)
Press the power switch on and gradually increase the INPUT LEVEL until the bass signal is heard through the speaker.
Turning the FREQUENCY control up will include more mid frequencies and turning it down will eliminate all but the lowest frequencies.
Adjust the FREQUENCY control to the desired tone, noting that lower settings may need the INPUT LEVEL turning up to compensate.
The PHASE switch can help eliminate speakers which are “out-of-phase” from cancelling each other’s signals out.
The correct setting for this switch is whichever setting gives the loudest output – by a process of trial and error.
One or other setting may also help to avoid feedback.
If there is no difference in volume or feedback, leave the switch in the “0°” position (out)
To avoid loud noises when powering down, turn down the OUTPUT LEVEL before switching off.
Power supply
Cutoff Frequency
Main driver
Output handling (max)
220-240Vac 50/60Hz (IEC)
40 - 150Hz
XLR line in, XLR line out
38cm (15”) 8Ω
515 x 420 x 615mm
45cm (18”) 8Ω
585 x 475 x 675mm
No output and no LEDs lit
Power LED lit but no sound from external inputs
Check POWER switch is on
Check mains lead is connected and fuse hasn’t blown
Check signal leads are OK and connected properly
Try turning up the FREQUENCY control
Ensure input signal has some bass content for the sub to produce
Check INPUT LEVEL control is not fully down
© QTX Sound 2011
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