Outstanding productivity supports on-demand business

Outstanding productivity supports on-demand business
High-speed dye sublimation printer
Outstanding productivity
supports on-demand business
Ultra high-speed continuous dye sublimation printer
Features and benefits
Head height adjustment prevents head strikes due to cockled transfer paper.
Feed thin and flimsy or thick and heavy transfer paper securely via the AMF
(Automatic media feeder)
Continuous printing with the UISS (Uninterrupted Ink Supply System).
Features high density, fast drying sublimation inks for high speed printing and a dedicated RIP.
New generation output software with 16 bit rendering
■Head height adjustment to prevent head strikes.
The head height can be adjusted by up to 7mm. This prevents the print heads from
striking media deformed by the effects of high density printing.
High performance software RIP helps you utilize
the various functions of the TS5-1600AMF
■UISS: Enables long and unattended printing.
● 16 bit rendering eliminates tone jump and produces fine color reproduction.
● Different images can be laid out freely on the RIP.
● Versatile editing functions such as tiling, trimming, scaling, and rotating are
Two cartridges of the same color are loaded. When one cartrige is empty, the
machine automatically switches to the other cartridge of the same color.
Change the cartridge "on the fly".
When printing in four color mode 1760 ml (4 x 440 ml) of ink (per color) can be
loaded. This enables continuous unattended overnight printing.
● The web update function has been newly added to easily achieve both
software update and profile download.
Green light is on:
Ink in use
Light is off: Not in use
On-demand Piezo head(Array of 4 staggered print heads)
Print Head
1,620 mm
Maximum printing width
Printing resolution
Red light is on:
Ink end
540、 720、 1,440 dpi
Printing mode
(Scan x Feed)
720 x 540 dpi: Bi-directional & uni-directional
540 x 900 dpi: Bi-directional & uni-directional
540 or 720 x 720 dpi: Bi-directional & uni-directional
540 or 720 x 1,080 dpi: Bi-directional & uni-directional
720 x 1,440 dpi: Bi-directional & uni-directional
1,440 x 1,440 dpi: Bi-directional & uni-directional
After the ink ends, another cartridge on the right is used.
■MBIS(Mimaki Bulk Ink System)
MBIS enables a saving in ink costs and the inks have the same high quality features
such as ink emission, stability, color gamut and reliability as Mimaki's ink cartridge
system. MBIS is an eco-friendly ink system that produces less waste.
Exclusive dye sublimation ink: Sb51,Sb52
Automatic change of double ink cartridges
4-color mode:440 ml cartridge x 4/color, 1760 ml/color
6-color mode:440 ml cartridge x 2/color, 880 ml/color
(M,BL: 440ml cartridge x 4/color, 1760ml/color)
2 liter ink pack can be used with MBIS (only for Sb52)
■Stable high image quality printing with the AMF.
Transfer papers
Maximum 1,630 mm (64.1")
Minimum 297 mm (11.7")
less than 1.0 mm
AMF (Automatic media feeder) enables both thin and flimsy media or heavy
substrates to be fed and taken up with high accuracy. This ensures high quality and
stable prints on a broad range of media.
less than 38 kg(83lbs.)
Roll weight
Face out
Printing surface
Roll diameter
Outside: less than 250 mm(9.8") Inside: 76 mm(3")
Media cutting
Cutting in Y direction by cutter at the head
Media heater
3 way intelligent heater(PRE/PRINT/POST)
Roll take-up device(standard), inside/outside selectable
Media take-up device
Nozzle checking unit
Laser system(Class 1 or below)
1.5 mm to 7mm, step-less & user setting,(automatic detection of media thickness)
Print gap
USB 2.0
VCCI Class A, FCC Class A, UL 60950,
CE Marking(EMC Directive, Low Voltage Directive), CB Report, RoHS
Applicable standard
AC 200V to 240V ± 10%, 50/60 Hz ± 1Hz 15 A or below
Power source specification
Automatic Media Feeder
■Drying speed is increased with a drying fan.
Drying fan is employed in order to enable smooth take-up even when printing at high speed.
■Automatic nozzle checking.
The status of ink discharge from the print head and any eventual nozzle clogging is quickly
detected and cleaned automatically to reduce waste of both media and ink.
3,600 VA or below
Power consumption
Operating environment
Usable temperature: 20°C to 35°C, Humidity: 35 % to 65%Rh, Not condensing
3,120 x 850 x 1,540 mm
(122.9" x 33.5" x 60.7")
Outside dimension
less than 398kg (877lbs.)
■Supplies and options
Dye sublimation ink: Sb51
Dye sublimation ink: Sb52*
Item No.
440 ml
440 ml
2 liter**
■Ultra high-speed printing for volume orders.
Cleaning cartridge
220 ml
With high resolution of up to 1,440dpi and ultra-high speed of up to 40m2(430sq.ft.)/h*,
large orders can be accommodated speedily without compromise on print quality.
Cleaning Bottle kit
Solvent wiper kit
10 pcs
Waste ink bottle 4L
Cutter blade assembly
F-Box Filter Set
*6 pass 540 x 1,080dpi
* Sb52 ink has four types of black ink: Normal black(NK),Deep black(K), Reddish black(RK), and Normal Reddish Black (NRK)
** 2 liter ink packs can be used with MBIS
●Some of the samples in this catalogue are artificial renderings. ●Specifications, design and dimensions stated in this catalogue may be subject to change without notice
(for technical improvements, etc)
●The corporate names and merchandise names written on this catalogue are the trademark or registered trademark of the respective corporations. ●Inkjet printers print using extremely fine dots, so colors
may very slightly vary after replacement of the printing heads. Also note that if using multiple printer units, colors could vary slightly from one unit to other unit due to slight individual differences.
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