JX -0868 microcomputer high frequency inverter spot welding
Products overview:
The machine is specially designed for our company newly launched
high-end spot-welded design spot welding, is my company's long-term
technical crystallization, according to the current foreign advanced spot
welding principle and design. Microcomputer single-chip microcomputer
control and ac-dc inverter branch technique, the performance reach the top
level resistance welding. Product leaders domestic counterparts level, and
foreign technology synchronization, and can completely replace foreign
products, like Japan, AVIO, SEIWA MIYACHI, American UNITEK spot
welding series products.
Applicable scope:
Wire to guide slice the connections between nimh batteries, such as lithium
electricity with nickel slice alloy ni-clad-al strip connection, household
appliance parts and wire welding, all kinds of high or low conductivity of
metal and alloy, hardware accessories, copper silver products, stainless steel
tableware peripheral accessories combination, electronic parts connection,
bulb feet welding, watchband buckle welding.
Main features:
1, advanced technology: continuously combine international advanced dc
inverter technology to improve the innovation. Dual impulse welding,
namely pre welding and renewal welding. Pre welding cleared oxide layer,
eliminate sundry, reduce spark; Renewal welding solder and firm, no
guarantee black spot size uniform no burr, will not affect the appearance, and
dare JinKouJi effect ping beauty.
2, the microcomputer control precise: within the microcomputer long-term
high-speed scanning machine, a power input voltage fluctuation, immediately
calculation compensation material, change welding energy, not because that
welding voltage fluctuations and appear empty welding or Fried fire
phenomenon, ensure every welding, and welding spark effect consistent
small for battery little impact on, almost no.
3, stabilize output current: because this machine adopts microcomputer
single-chip microcomputer control, adjust current refinement, ensure stable
output current and welding discharge time control precision is unrestricted,
——Battery production equipment and testing equipment professional manufacturers
every minute can continuously, and more than 200 times welding welding
effect consistent.
4, operation is set simplified: various parameters of microcomputer change,
adopt LCD display and keyboard adjustment, accurate, intuitive and
5, adjust use convenient: welding needle spacing, pressure can be regulated
independently, suitable for fine original welding, registration accuracy, high
6 and after-sales maintenance rate is low, easy maintenance: because the
machine USES import components, ensure most low malfunction rate, and
machine structure is rational design, maintenance only need to change a
circuit integrated the mainboard, ordinary mechanic can be replaced.
7, with automatic alarm and cut the system: if the welder damage, are
automatically displayed "fault", and cut off the welding circuit, in order to
prevent the fault enlargement and remind repair.
8, automatic counting: daily output automatic counting 0000-999,
convenient calculation one-day production.
9, import welding needle: different from common welder USES circle shape
need reoccupy processing materials, we thanked the welder import high
quality special product soldering needle.
10, copper transformer: different in the market condition of aluminum
transformer, we use this welder transformer USES copper transformer,
electric conductivity better, heat resistance is strong, antioxidation ability
stronger, use more abiding.
11, this machine can according to client needs, feet, feet tread selectable list
or pneumatic type, form independent.
technical parameters:
1, power: AC220V + 10% 50Hz + 2Hz pressure: 3-4 (KG)
2 and output the maximum power: 10KVA
3, pre-splitting welding current 00-99, Welding time 00-30, Welding current:
4, welding trip: mm, welding highly optional adjustable and easy operation.
5, machine heavy: 50KG
6, belt workbench shape dimension: 800L x 580W x 1100H
7, welding scope: double needle welding: 0.03-0.6 mm mm for welding:
single 1mm even thicker
1, the output waveform machine at work, reflecting the pulse condition.
2 and wait. When the welding current (WI) downwards during adjustment,
——Battery production equipment and testing equipment professional manufacturers
the screen will appear "wait..." Clew, when the machine appear wait states,
after a few seconds program restore Settings working state.
3, pre-splitting welding current: (BI) refers to the first pulse height, its
configuration size zero - 99. Usually choose 35 or so of commissioning, its
size adjustment should be based on the actual welding current and welding
and decide, generally speaking the welding current big prestressing, the
welding current accordingly increase.
4, welding time without pellet (WT) : refers to the second pulse width, total
duration for 1-30MS, according to the concrete welding effect to choose
welding time, usually choose 10-20MS.
5, welding current (WI) : refers to the second pulse height, its configuration
range of 0-99, usually choose around 50 commissioning, its size adjustment
should be based on the actual welding effect and decide.
6, STATE (STATE) : image demonstrates-with photoelectric switch and
touch switch at work, open and close condition: left brain section shows
"pneumatic" pedal switch work of the STATE, the right-side section shows
the photoelectric switch work STATE, when welding in discharge condition,
here two switch in the "closed" STATE.
7, switching (SWITCH) : refers to SWITCH display state-transition.
8, reset (CLEAR) : press this button numeration restore initial state: "0000".
1. The host 1
2. User manual 1 copy
3. Warranty card 1 card
4. Tool 1 only
5. Welding needle 4 only
2007 A insurance 2 only
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