Windows Media Center Quick Reference for Xbox 360™

Windows Media Center Quick Reference for Xbox 360™
Windows Media Center Quick Reference for Xbox 360™
This document contains important information about using your Xbox 360 with Windows Media Center. This document
includes information such as using the Xbox 360 controller and the Xbox 360 Remotes with Windows Media Center and
networking tips.
Xbox 360 Controller
Press to Record
 Skip
 Fast Forward
On-screen keyboard
More Info
Select / Enter
 Windows Media Center Start Menu
Channel Up
Channel Down
Press to Pause
Xbox 360 Universal Remote
Xbox 360 Media Remote
Mute /
Closed Captions *
On-screen keyboard
Mute /
Closed Captions *
On-screen keyboard
Live TV
Program Guide
Program Guide
Channel Dn
Channel Up
Live TV
* Closed Captions If Closed Captions do not appear when sound
is muted, press Start
and select Settings > TV > Audio. Under
Caption Display, select On when muted.
Use Windows Media Center with Xbox 360™
Xbox 360 Universal Remote and the Xbox 360 Media Remote
The Xbox 360 Universal Remote is the best way to access the features of Windows Media Center. You can control your
entire Xbox 360 experience with an ergonomic design that includes backlit buttons, universal TV remote, and integrated
Windows XP Media Center controls. The Xbox 360 Universal Remote is available for purchase from
For a limited amount of time, the Xbox 360 Core System will include the Xbox 360 Media Remote.
Start Windows Media Center
Enter Text On Screen
The Xbox 360 Universal Remote and the Xbox 360
Media Remote include the Windows Media Center Start
(referred to as Start).
• If the Xbox 360 console is turned off, press
Start to turn on the Xbox 360 console and start
Windows Media Center.
• If you are in the Xbox Dashboard, press Start from any
location to start Windows Media Center.
You can enter text or numbers by using the Xbox 360
on-screen keyboard or the numeric keypad on the Xbox
360 Universal Remote. To display the on-screen keyboard
when you need to enter text, press DVD MENU on the
Xbox 360 remotes or On-screen keyboard  on the
Xbox 360 controller.
Xbox 360 controller
To start Windows Media Center, go to the Xbox
Dashboard and select Media. To display the Start menu
when Windows Media Center is running, press the Start
button  on the controller.
Get More Info and Do More
To learn more about a TV show you are watching or
add more songs or pictures to your media library, press
INFO on the Xbox 360 remotes or More Info  on the
Xbox 360 controller. INFO accesses related tasks to your
current experience, such as listening to music or watching
Networking and the Xbox 360™
Use the Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter
Improve Network Performance
You can connect the Xbox 360 console to an 802.11a or
802.11g wireless network by purchasing an Xbox 360
wireless adapter. The Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter is
available through
The Network Performance Tuner evaluates home
network performance. The Tuner checks the bandwidth
between the Xbox 360 console and a Windows Media
Center-based PC, and makes suggestions that could
increase the bandwidth.
To use the Network Performance Tuner:
1. On the Windows Media Center-based PC, click Start.
2. Point to All Programs > Accessories > Media
3. Click Media Center Extender Manager.
4. Select the Xbox 360 console from the list and then
click Properties.
5. Click Network Performance Tuner.
When using Windows Media Center, 802.11a wireless
networks provide optimal bandwidth. 802.11a networks
are also less likely to experience interference, providing
better video quality.
If you currently use an 802.11g wireless network for communication between computers and other devices on
your home network, consider adding an 802.11a wireless
network to provide clear bandwidth for using media with
the Xbox 360 console.
Home Networks and High-Definition TV (HDTV)
Windows Media Center supports standard and highdefinition video output on the Xbox 360 console. Network
requirements for viewing high-definition video are greater
than those required for standard video.
For the best high-definition video experience, connect
the console to the network by using a wired (Ethernet)
For more information about Xbox 360 and Windows Media Center, see Media Center Extender Help on the computer
running Windows Media Center, after setup is completed.
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