Update Kit D9210B - Bosch Security Systems

Update Kit D9210B - Bosch Security Systems
Update Kit D9210B
Installation Instructions
Internal testing has found that if a D9210B (version 1.08 firmware) is currently in the energized state and a Reset is
performed on the panel (manual reset using the reset switch or a Reset-Bye using RAM3), the D9210B may deenergize
the Lock Relay after a 30-minute delay. Version 1.12 corrects this issue. The following instructions indicate how to
replace the existing firmware chip with the new version.
This Update Kit has been provided to allow existing D9210B Access Interface Modules (v. 1.08) to be updated with the
latest firmware revision. This is accomplished by replacing the EPROM chip in the unit with the microchip included in
the Update Kit.
This update kit is not compatible with the D9210B version 1.06 or lower.
You will need a PLCC extraction tool for this procedure. This tool is not supplied with the
update kit but may be purchased at Radio Shack (Part Number: 276-2101) or other electronic
Do NOT use a screwdriver or any other prying device for this procedure.
Incorrectly removing or replacing the chip may damage the board. Bosch Security
Systems cannot be responsible for products damaged as a result of incorrectly
removing and installing the chips.
Updating the D9210B
Before you begin
Power down the module by disconnecting Aux power (Terminal 1) and SDI A and B (Terminals 6 and 7).
Locating the chip to be removed
The chip to be replaced is resting in a square socket in the upper right corner of the board. See the diagram below.
EPROM To Be Removed
Notice that one corner of the chip and one corner of the socket have been filed flat, and
there is a notch in the chip and a corresponding notch in the socket. When the new chip
is inserted into the socket these indicators must line up.
Removing the chip
Prior to removing the chip ground yourself to discharge any static electricity.
Place the tips of the PLCC extraction tool in the slots on diagonal corners of the socket. Then
push the handles of the extractor in while gently lifting straight up. Do NOT rock the chip or
pull one side up before the other as damage to the socket may occur. Discard the old chip.
Installing the update chip
Prior to handling the update chip, ensure that you are properly grounded and that static
electricity has been minimized or eliminated.
Place the new chip over the socket, ensuring that the notch on the chip is lined up with the
notch in the socket and that the flattened corner of the chip is lined up with the flattened
corner of the socket. Once this has been determined, slowly push down on the chip
making sure that it is fully seated. Again, do not rock the chip or allow one side do go in
before the other.
Finishing the installation
Reconnect power and the SDI bus to the D9210B. It will take approximately five minutes for the Control/Communicator
to update the D9210B’s program.
Additional information
If you encounter any problems with the installation of this update kit, contact Bosch Security Systems Technical Support
at (888) 886-6189.
© 2002 Bosch Security Systems
130 Perinton Parkway, Fairport, NY 14450-9199 USA
Customer Service: (800) 538-5807; Technical Support: (888) 886-6189
Installation Instructions
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