Bluetooth Stereo Headset
User Manual
Bluetooth headset should be used with the
compatible devices which support bluetooth
wireless technology. This allows you the
freedom to make any calls and enjoy the
music streaming any time.
Please read this user manual carefully before
using the headset, and also read your device's
user manual regarding the bluetooth function,
and pay attention to those important safety and
maintenance information.
Please keep the headset away from children.
Bluetooth Specification V2.1+EDR
Bluetooth Profiles Supported Headset, Handsfree ,A2DP, AVRCP
Transmission Power Class 2
Operation Range Up to 10 Meters
Frequency Range 2.402~2.480GHz
Battery Built-in Rechargeable
3.7V /TOMAH Li-polymer Battery
Charging Voltage DC4. 75-5. 25V
Charging Time About 2 hours
Music Playing Time* Up to 2 hours
Talk Time* Up to 3 hours
Standby Time* Up to 100 hours
Dimensions(mm) L49 x W15 x H10
Weight About 13.5g(with earpiece)
*May vary due to user's operation mode and device settings.
Structure Sketch
1-Microphone 5-Volume Key+(V+)
2-Audio Jack/Charging Socket 6-Volume Key-(V-)
3-Earhook 7-Earpiece
4-Multifunction Button(MFB)
Basic Operations
Charging Your Headset
* Prior to using the headset for the first time,
please fully charge the battery.
* Approximately 2 hours are required to fully
charge the headset.
* The indicator light turns red while being
charged, and will turn blue automatically after
being fully charged.
* When the headset is running out of battery,
the indicator light will flash red every 20
seconds(the headset will switch off
automatically when the battery is drained).
Please charge the headset as above steps in
time to prolong the battery's using
life(Charging indication will be delayed for a
few minutes if the headset has not been used
for along time or the battery is drained).
e Use only the supplied charger to charge the headset, or
could be dangerous.
e Do not attempt to force open the built-in battery as this
could damage the headset.
e If left unused, a fully charged headset will loose its power
automatically. It is recommended to charge the headset
every three months.
e Do not leave the headset in a too hot or too cold condition
(best between 15°C and 25% ) which may affect the
headset's operations.
e Do not dispose of the headset into a fire and water.
Turning on the Headset
In OFF MODE, press and hold MFB for 2
seconds until you hear a short beep and the
indicator light flashes blue for 3 times, then the
headset will enter into STANDBY MODE.
Turning off the Headset
In ON MODE, press and hold MFB for 5 seconds
until you hear a short beep and the indicator
light flashes red for 3 times, then the headset
will enter into OFF MODE.
Pairing Your Headset with a
Bluetooth Mobile Phone
1.Ensure the headset is off, and the distance
between your headset and phone is within 1
2.Press and hold MFB for about 5 seconds until
the indicator light flashes blue and red
alternately as PAIRING MODE.
3.Activate the bluetooth function on the phone,
search bluetooth devices (See the user guide
of your phone for instructions).
4.Select headset “BSO30C” from the found
devices list of the phone.
5.Enter the passkey “0000”, confirm to pair the
headset with your phone. If successfully
paired, the headset will beep, and the
indicator light will flash blue every 8 seconds.
The headset enters into the STANDBY
MODE.(If the pairing cannot be completed
Within 5 minutes after the PAIRING MODE
has been activated, the headset will enter into
the STANDBY MODE. Repeat above steps to
do the pairing again).
6.Ensure the distance between your headset
and phone is within 10 meters, and without
any obstacles. You can use the headset
7.1f the headset has paired with your phone but
disconnected, it will pair automatically again
when turns on within operation range.
Answering/Ending a Call
Press MFB once
Rejecting a Call
Press and hold MFB for one second
Voice Dialing
In STANDBY MODE, press MFB twice and say
the voice tag as soon as you hear the short
beep(ensure your phone supports voice dialing
function, and you have recorded the voice tag
into your phone. See the user guide of your
phone for instructions)
Last Number Redialing
Press and hold MFB for one second
Adjusting Volume
Press V+ or V- to adjust the volume to meet
your need
Power Save
The headset will turn off automatically if it can
not be paired or disconnected with any devices
within 20 minutes.
Audio Remote-control Functions
Press MFB once for music playing or press
again to pause
Press and hold V+ to backward or return back
to the last song
Press and hold V- button to drop out or
forward to the next song
Note: Ensure your paired devices support AVRCP Bluetooth
Profile to realize remote-control use.
To disconnect the paired headset from your
phone,please turn off the headset or
disconnect the headset from the Bluetooth
menu of your phone.
Care and Maintenance
* Do not use abrasive cleaning solvents to
clean the headset.
e Do not allow the headset to touch with any
sharp objects since this will cause
scratching and damage.
e Be sure to store the headset in a dry place,
free from extreme temperatures, humidity
and dust.
Additional Statements
* The headset is compliant with the specified
Bluetooth version. It does not guarantee
compatibility of all functions on every
Bluetooth enabled device. Please check
your device's user manual for compatibility
and functionality.
e Charge the headset under any status to a
* The headset will turn off automatically if it
can not be paired with any devices within 20
*eThe headset will beep when operates
successfully but this maybe too low to hear.
*The above operations may vary due to
different devices.
* Manufacturer reserves the rights to final
explanation of all the above statements.
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