Pyle PWMA200 User`s manual
We thank you for your purchasing this amplifier system. Before
start to use this amplifier systeml please read the manual book
thoroughly and carefully.
Please keep this instruction book in a safe place after reading for
future reference.
To prevent fire or shock hazard, do not expose the unit to rain or moisture.
Dangerously high voltages are present inside the unit. Do not open the casing
of the unit. Refer servicing to qualified personnel only.
Recharge the built-in 12V DC rechargeable battery before any use ofthe unit.
To prevent the rechargeable battery from being damaged, make sure that the
power ON/OFF switch of the PA system is turned off after each use.
All in one design for easy carrying and portable use.
Uni-directional Lavalier microphone with high sensitivity for clearly voice
transmission and receiving.
Quartz stabilizer for carrier frequency transmission to avoid interference.
The system works on both AC and DC.You can also use the built in rechargeable
battery or with car cigarette lighter power for 12V DC.(The power cord for car
is not included, call us for optional purchase)
Amplifier working in VHF band and there are 98 different possible channels
ready for max a group of 98 amplifiers working at the same place and same
SMT technology and SMD electronic components used in building this amplifier,
so the quality is very stable and last long.
3 styles of microphones are good for different purposes. You can use the
handheld mic, headset mic and Lavalier mic
Tone control.
Wired/wieless microphone
Aux input for connecting to MD/CD etc.
9V common battery or 8AV rechargeable battery can
be used in the wireless handheld microphone and the
wireless transmitter.
FM Radio Function.
This unique designed amplifier speaker system with microphone is perfect for
the followimg applications.
• Used as lecturing amplifier indoor or outdoor.(Especialiy for dancing and gym
A perfect address delivery system for in and out door meeting, tourism and
It is a good amplifier for interpretation, class teaching and commercial vendor
With this amplifier system, you can make yourself a clear sound and heard
from far!
Classroom teaching
(single channel main frame) standard match
1. One set of main frame.
2. Apiece of Lavalierwireless MIG with transmitter
3. One headset MIG.
4.Wired microphone
Note: I.Lavalier or handheld wireless microphones for custome~s
2.The same channel microphones can't work at the same
time in single channel receiver.
Operation of the system
System operation on AC Po~
1. Plug in theAG power to the poweroutletfrom a power source. Make sure
you are using the correct voltage when you plug in the system toAC
2. Switch the main power ON, the LED on the body will be lit. After using the
sytem, make sure to turn the main power off to avoid the battery built-in damaged.
3. When theAG power suddently cut off, the built-in battery will power the system
to work in DG power no delay.
4. Fully hang up the antenna of the main frame to achieve the widest service
range of the wireless MIG, or to getlhe best result of radio. If the main receiver
meets the same or similar channel strong interference of the wireless electric
wave, it occurs the noisy voice or interuption phenomenon. At this time, adjust
the antenna to reduce or delete the interference.
5. Adjustlhe Volume with the control knob to getlhe perfect sound.
The system
PWMA200 Single channel main frame(With
Built-in Rechargeable battery)
Audio Output
Wired Mic Input
status LED
Wired microphone
volume control
Radio Tuning FM
Belt Pack Transmitter
Headset Microphone
PWMA200 Single channel MAIN
FRAME(Built-in Rechargeable
battery and with FM)
Handheld Wireless MIC
You have to plug the system off the main power after each use.
System works on DC p-ower..
1.Turn on the main switch to ON and the power LED will indicate the battery
works well.
2.You may use the car cigarette light power connector
to connect the car and the main receiving machine
or use an external 12V DC power connector to
connect the main receiving machine and the external
12V battery to supply power source to the main
receiving machine.
Warning:After use it,please make sure to switch
the main power to OFF to avoid battery damaged.
The replacement of AC power and recharged is needed in case of
"--_ _---' weak built-in batteries power and occurrence of noises and interruption
of voice while using DC built-in batteries power.
Warning: Be sure to switch off the system main power after use, otherwise
the battery will be over discharged and it can damage the Lead
Acid rechargeable battery and shorten the battery life
How to use the Lavalier MicroRtione
1. Open the battery compartment by sliding up the cover.
2. Put the battery into the compartment with correct polaritY,and close the cover.
3. Plug the Lavalier microphone part to the jack.
4. Switch on the power of the transmitter and when the LED shows,it is ready
to work.
5. Be careful to adjust the main control of the transmitter, start from least volume
and slowly turn it to a appropriate level to hear your voice clearly and with feed
back. The system is ready to use.
6. After use, you have to take the battery out of the transmitter to avoid battery
leaking to damage the transmitter.
9V batteIy Chamber
.• --~ YO" "'" ,etthe batte,
PoNer SVJilch
sound effect from the
MIC pat
Lavalier Wireless MIC
microphone and your
Lavalier Wireless transmitter
Belt pack style
Headset MIC
1. Open the battery cover.
2. Put the battery into the compartment and
make sure you have a right polarity before
you use it.
3. Turn the switch to ON and you can use the
microphone now.
4. Please take the battery out if you are not going
to use it for a period of time.
Don't putthe microphone directiy towards
the horn of the main receiver in near distance,
or it will occur screaming feedback.
If the LED flash up, it shows the battery is good to use. If the
LED is on, it shows that the battery is low, you have to change
the battery before you can use the system. If the LED does not
flash and not on,if shows thw battery is dead or polarities are
MIC. net head
9V Battery
Hoi er
52-L______....JJl="---' ~en
Handheld wireless MIC
How to use a wired
Just plug the microphone to the wired mic input jack,
you hear your voice immediately.
How to adjust ttie
You may turn the Tone knob to its best position for your satisfactory.
Audio output will go to the recording
system and you can record while
using the amplifier system.
How to use the Aux
Wrreless receIVIng
\ , - - - - - - - Input music volume control
Connect the cable of the CD/MD etc into theAux
Input Jack to get the music sound amplifying.
Adjust the volume depend on your requirement.
How to adjust the volume
The speaker volume control will adjust the amplifier volume to its best sound level.
How to use the multiply'
In order to multiply volume, a or two wireless microphones with several wireless
amplifiers of the same frequency can be applied to receive simultaneously in
circumstances of large hall or stadium for hundreds or thousands of persons.
How to charge the 9V
Open the battery compartment on the back of the system case.
Make sure you have right polarity to put the battery into the compartment.
1. Tum the main power on, then adjust the speaker volume to a proper level.
2. TUrn the FM radio to your station. It covers 88-108 MHz.
3. Adjust the volume to a proper sound level.
How to charge the
built in?
1. It is recommended to charge the battery for the first time use for 8 hours.
2. Turn the main switch to "Charge" and the built-in battery will be charged with a
consistent current and voltage.
3. The charging indicator will change to from bright to dim with the battery charging,
the LED will die of when the battery is fully charged. When the battery is getting
low, you will hear a buzz rominder from the system, asking you to charge the
battery immediately. Recharge the battery over 8 hours before you are going to
use it. When it is full charged over 8 hours, it can operate for 6 hours.
1. If the battery is over discharged, the LED will not work till the
battery is rejuvenated. When the voltage is less than 100V, the
"CHARGE LED" will not light. When the voltage is more than
120V, "CHARGE LED" will keep light and it is normal. You have
to charge the battery when the built-in alarm warns you to
charge the battery.
2. If you do not use system for 90 days, we recommend charging
the system every three months over 8 hours.
Trouble shooting
If you have any problem with the system, please check the main power and
batteries for microphone sets and rechargeable battery built-in. If you are using
a new 9V battery, please make sure you have put it in a correct polarity.
For the following problems:
Screaming from the speaker
1. Please adjust the speaker volume to the minimum.
2. Adjust the transmitter volume control to a low level.
3. Change the speaker direction to avoid direct feedback.
4. Turn the TONE to the lowest level.
When you low the volume to a level that no feedback can be heard.
Noise or abrupt stop
1. Check the accumulator to see if it is low in voltage.
2. Built-in battery low, please useAC power instead to power the system.
3. Check the cable connection to the speaker. The cable might be broken after a
long time use.
4. Possible frequency interference with local transmission. Please contact the
dealer to change channels for better reception.
No voice heard
1. One of the powers is not turned, please check all power source and make
sure they are all on.
2. The volume control knobs are turned to lowest level. Make sure they are
proper in sound.
3. Lavaliere cables are broken after a long time use.
Take out the 9V battery to avoid its
acid damaging the components of
the transmitter if you are not going
to use itfor a period oftime.
Warning: Don't dismantle this product.
The maintenance and inspection should
be carried out by a qualified technician
to avoid the risk of electric shock and
damaging the components.
Technical specifications
AC 110V 50Hz;DC 12V/l.2AH
(built-in rechargeable battery;)
External DC power:
Frequency Range:
VHF 160-270MHz
10dB/~ V (S/N:>60dB)
Oscillationg Mode:
±O.005% quartz control phase locked
Wireless effective range: UP TO 100FT
lBOX300X 100MM
Peak power:
BOW max
Output power:
We reserve the right of changing technology and speCifications of our products
without notice in advance.
Options of accessories
Lavalier Microphone
Belt Pack Transmitter
Built-in battery
Headset Microphone
9V battery
Wired Microphone
Output power:
Frequency Range:
Power supply:
DC 12V-15V
Output Impedance:
Effective Distance:
Frequency Range:
Dynamic Range:
Frequency Response:
Working Temperature:
-10"C -45"C
Power supply:
9V battery
Battery life:
B-10 hours
100%recycled paper
L~ 100% papler recycle
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