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LD 1421V
42” LCD Retail and
Digital Signage Monitor
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= LL. E
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High quality image for various business
The native resolution of 1366X768 (WXGA),
A high contrast ratio of 1500:1 and 500cd/m? high
/ brightness ensures clear and crisp picture quality.
portrait viewing multi screen
Scheduling Function ideal for
digital display signage
The Scheduling Function can automatically switch %;
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your display ON and OFF. It can manage up to i A
seven preset programs and multiple input signals.
Screen Saver functions pes
for long term operation |
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The LDT421V includes screen saver functions to
help expand the lifetime of the LCD panel. It includes screen saving setting
such as gamma selections, cooling-fan operation, brightness level, and image
orbiter function.
o 2.61bs (1.2kg) x2
Audio Output:
© 7W+7W (80)
(mini D-Sub 9 pin) Connects with the supplied power cord. sp V
O Connect the IN connector with the RS-232C QUT @ RGB 1 IN (HDMI) -421
connector of the computer or a multi-connected 95
LDT421V monitor. Connect the OUT connector with | To input digital RGB signals from a computer. MN SIZE 1022.0
the RS-232C IN connector of LDT421V monitor. AUDIO is supported via HDMI.
* This connector does not support analog input. —
O VIDEO IN/ NC ARCA: O©RGE 2 IN (mini D-Sub 15 pin) |
‚ connector (E an ): To input a analog RGB signals from a computer or
To input a composite video signal. BNC and RCA are other RGB equipment 936.0
not available at the same time. (Use only one input). quip - -
O AUDIO IN 1,2,3 ‚ VIDEO OUT connector (BNC): To output the ORGB 3 IN [R, G, B, H, VI (BNC)
To input audio signal from external equipment such as a composite video signal from VIDEO IN connector. To input the analog RGB signals from a computer or 643.3 528.0
computer, VCR or DVD player. S-VIDEO IN connector (MINI DIN 4 pin): To input the Other RGB equipment.
O AUDIO OUT S-video (Y/C separate signal). © RGB OUT (mini D-Sub 15 pin)
To output the audio signal from the AUDIO IN 1, 2 and 3 jack. T tout the signal f RGB 2 IN or 3 IN.
O EXTERNAL SPEAKER TERMINAL © output The signal rom or
To output the audio signal for external speakers from ® DVD/HD IN [Y, Pb/Cb, Pr/Crl (BNC) E
AUDIO 1, 2 or 3 jack. Connecting equipment such as a DVD player, 1 — HH =
> y HDTV device, or Laser disc player. | | | |
рес1 1CaLIONS 60.0 540.0 60.0
TFT active matrix, 42” (1067mm) diagonal
Pixel pitch 0.681mm (H) x 0.681mm (V)
Resolution 1366 x 768 dots (WXGA)
Col 16.7 Milli
LCD module : ее! CO
Brightness (typ.) 500cd/m?
Contrast ratio (typ.) 1500:1
Viewing angle (typ.) Up 89%/ Down 89% Left 89% Right 89*(CRZ10)
Response time (typ.) 20ms (GTG: 8ms)
Horizontal 15.625/15.743, 31.5 - 91.1kHz (Analog/Digital)
Frequency ,
Vertical 50.0/58.0 - 85.0Hz (Analog/Digital)
Pixel clock 13.5 - 165.0MHz 25.0 - 165.0MHz
Viewable size
930mm x 523mm / 36.6" x 20.6"
Power management
Plug and play
Auto adjustment
Yes (Contrast / Position / Phase / Clock)
OSD user function
Brightness, Contrast, Black level, Zoom, PIP, Screen saver, Side border colour, Gamma selection,
Black level expansion, Heat status, Power ON delay, Schedule, Tiling, etc.
Speaker/Audio output
External speaker jack 7W+7W 8 ohm
PC input/output
Analog video input/output level Analog RGB: 0.7Vp-p Input impedance 75 ohm TMDS (with HDCP)
Sync. input/output level Separate: TTL level (Posi/Nega) 2.2k ohm terminated/Sync on Green —
Input connectors BNC (R, G, B, H, V) Mini D-SUB 15pin HDMI with digital audio support
Output connector Mini D-SUB 15pin —
Input/Output Video input Composite 1.0Vp-p input Impedance 75 ohm BNC and RCA input (Exclusive)
signal Input impedance 75 ohm Y/CY:1.0Vp-p C: 0.3Vp-p input impedance 75 ohm S-Terminal-input
Component 1.0/0.7Vp-p input impedance 75 ohm BNC input (HDTV: 50/60Hz)
Video output Composite 1.0Vp-p Input impedance 75 ohm BNC Output
Audio input RCA pin jack L/R x 2, Stereo mini jack x 1
Audio line output RCA pin jack L/R x 1
Control input/output Mini D-SUB 9pin x 1 (input)/Mini D-SUB Spin (output) (RS-232C)
Power supply Universal (AC100 - 240V)
Current rating 2.3A @ 100 - 120V, 1.05A @ 220 - 240V
Operational Temperature 5 to 40°C / 41 to 104°F (Landscape Mode), 5 to 35°C / 41 to 95°F (Portrait Mode)
environment Humidity 20 - 80% (without condensation)
Storage Temperature -20 to 60°C / -4 to 140°F *For longer life usage of LCD monitor, operation 25°C / 77°F at ambient temperature is recommended.
environment Humidity 10 - 90% (without condensation), 90-3.5 x (Temp -40°C)% regarding over 40°C / 104°F
Net with stand 1022mm (W) x 643.3mm {H) x 386.1mm (D) / 40.24" (W) x 25.33” (H) x 15.2" (D)
Dimension Net without stand 1022mm (W) x 612.0mm (H) x 126.8mm (D) / 40.24” (W) x 24.09” (H) x 4.99” (D)
Gross 1180mm (W) x 758.0mm (H} x 290.0mm (D) / 46.46" (W) x 29.84” (H) x 11.42" (D)
Weight Net Approx. 27.4kg / 60.3 Ibs (with stand) Approx. 26.0kg / 57.2 Ibs {without stand)
Gross 33.5kg / 73.7 lbs
Wall mounting interface
12 Holes (100mm / 3.9" pitches)
Complied regulatory and guidelines
UL60950-1 / C-UL / TUV-GS / EN60950-1 / BSMI / PSB / ЕСС-В / DOC-B / EN55022-B / EN55024 / EN61000-3-2 / EN61000-3-3 / C-Tick / RoHS / CE / GOST / US Mercury / CCC only for Chinese model
Power Cord, VGA (Mini-Dsub15p) Cable, User's Manual, Wireless Remote Controller, Battery x2, Clamper x2,
Screw for Clamper x2, Screw for Main Switch Cover x2, Main switch cover, Cable Holder x2, Band x2, Screw for Stand x4, Stand x1 pair
Toll-free 24x7 technical support access; 3-years parts and labor warranty; Onsite warranty repairs and service availability
Displaying still pictures for long term may cause permanent image sticking. ® Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation of US in the territory of US and others. ® Macintosh is a registered trademark of APPLE INC. US in the
territory of US and others.® Company and product names are a registered trademark or trademark of the relative company. @ HDMI, HHEOITII" and High-Definition Multimedia Interface” are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC.
Presentation Products Division Mitsubishi Electric Sales Canada Inc.
Toll Free: 888.307.0349 Information Technologies Group
Email: [email protected] Phone: 905.475.7728
© 2007 Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America. Inc. Standard features, options and specifications subject to change without notice.
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