How to update your Bluetooth USB Dongle (CBTU

How to update your Bluetooth USB Dongle (CBTU
How to update your Bluetooth USB Dongle (CBTU and CBT100U)
! Please notice that this tool is only working under Windows 2000 and XP.
! This procedure can only run once. If you close the program then you have to extract the ZIP file
It is not necessary to remove your Bluetooth Software.
Extracting the file.
Double click the self-extracting ZIP file.
Click ‘OK’
Keep the default location.
Default location C:\Conceptronic
Click ‘Unzip’.
Click ‘Close’ when done
Running the Upgrade Utility
! Insert the Bluetooth dongle.
Go to: Start -> Run
Browse to location where the files are extracted.
Select the BlueUSB.exe file and open it.
If you use the default location, you can also type
the location shown in the picture.
Click ‘OK’
Be sure the Bluetooth USB Dongle is connected.
Click ‘Start’.
When the update is succesfull, then you will get the
message shown.
Click ‘End’ to close the utility.
Your Bluetooth dongle is now suitable for use with
software version and lower.
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