Page 1 Cer Rear Viewr Camera Specifications: l- l

Page 1 Cer Rear Viewr Camera Specifications: l- l
Car Rear View Camera Specifications:
1/4" CMOS/CCD Color Image Sensor
PAL:712H x 486V/NTSC: 704 Hx S76V {
Minimum Iumination: 0.5Lux
Video Output: 1,0V peak-to-peak
Resolution 420 TY Line
45 dB
Pixel dynamic range 60 ds
Vero: 60fps(@ 27MHz iaNTSC)
TEN S0fps(@ 27MHz in PAL)
Shutter Electronic Rolling Shutter
Image Pipeline Features Auto exposure AWB AGC Auto Flicker detection and cancellation
Итера Reverse Left-right mirror Y
Optical: — 92° 7120" 140° /170*
Power Supply: DCI2V+10%
Power Consumption: MAXI00mA |
Storage Temperature: -20” Cto+707 €
Operation Temperature - 30% Cto+60" €
Waterproof Level Ire?
Material Aluminum Alloy |
User Manual for Vehicle Vision System
A. Installatin Diagram
Nec below figure
В, Installation:
\UPlease choose a suitable position which is above the license plate to install your car;
Take your media des Ice or monitor apart,plug in the connector Marki6 nto the hoj:
of "Camera in” which is situated at the back of the media device or monitor and reinstall
the audio device.
{Turn on the power for testing the image,
Alnstall the camera with the screws or double-adhes
Is above the license plate,
С, Troubleshooting:
UThe rear view Camera couldn't be used when the carisin reverse and the display is
to original equipment(connect DVD and VCD),user should ad just the key function of
media devie and search the image.
“please check your Power which is connec
ive tape to a suitable position which
the product is damaged by using non-s
. \ “Specific cable of this
a Mark Alca DC to DC convertor module,
don't remove the module.
Camera IN
Camera Assy
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