DigiGuard TVI DVR User Manual for Mobile App Cloud P2P Step

DigiGuard TVI DVR User Manual for Mobile App Cloud P2P Step
DigiGuard TVI DVR
User Manual for Mobile App Cloud P2P
Step-1: Register your P2P Account
Download “Guarding Expert” for mobile or “Guarding Expert HD” for tablet device. Open the APP
and click on menu icon
on the left top corner and click on
tab. Enter your
“User Name/Email” and “Password” then Click on “Register”
Now, enter your email address again and type in Verification code which should be the same as
next to the field on your right hand side. After that Click on “Get Verification Code”
Log in to your email account and find for your Verification Code in your email. Enter your
Verification Code received from your email and click on “Next”.
Now create your Cloud P2P User name and password to log into your account. You will need this
user name and password for logging into your account in the future.
Step-2: Log in to your P2P Account
Enter the user name and password (which registered on step-1) then click on Login.
You can check Auto-login checkbox to remember the user name and password log into the Cloud
automatically. If you forget your password, click Forgot Password to verify your account.
Step-2: Add Device to your P2P Account
Now, Click on
to enter the QR-Code scan interface.
icon to enter the serial No. (9-bit) from the DVR then enter Verification Code.
Here we take D-HIK-7204 as an example. You can find your Serial number by entering into “System
Maintenance” section under “Device info”. Please refer to following the picture as an example to
search for your serial No. and Verification code.
Serial No. : 492126247
Verification code: ABCDEF
Once Verification code is entered then Click on “Search”.
*Please note DVR must connect to your network
Now you will see your DVR on the list
Open the device management and start live view.
Only the device that supports the Cloud P2P can be added.
The device can only be added to one Cloud account.
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