IN.K K500 - Maax Spa

IN.K K500 - Maax Spa
Quick Reference Card
Please consult your spa user manual for complete info on the features of your spa system.
intuitive color keypad
The in.k500 is built with all the great features you've come to love in the in.k800, but in a smaller package. It is discreet, compact, and unobtrusively beautiful. Save space without losing out on function.
Key 1
Light Key
Selection lights
Key 2
*Functions for keys 1 and 2 will depend on your system's low level configuration.
Main functions
Start or stop accessories
Water temperature
Press any button to turn the keypad on. After 30 minutes without activity it will shut off.
To start or stop an accessory, press the associated
button. Icons will become animated when their
accessory is turned on , and inanimate when turned
off. Icons on the screen will reflect the speed or state of the devices running on your spa.
The temperature shown at the top of the screen
gives the actual water temperature.
Main screen
The main screen gives you access to your
accessories and water temperature. At the bottom
of the screen you will see any error or maintenance
messages that are present.
When an accessory has more than two states, press the button until it reaches the desired state.
Use the Up and Down buttons to set the desired
temperature. The set point will appear in blue at
the bottom. After 3 seconds without any change to
the set temperature value, the keypad will resume
the normal display of messages.
Water care
From the home page you can access the Settings, where you will find:
The Water Care section will help you set up your
ideal filtration and heating settings. Choose a mode
depending on your need.
Water care
Audio (if installed)
Day & time
Use the arrow keys to move up and down in the list. To select an option, press the lit button beside it
(Light button).
Use the Light key to choose your setting. A checkmark will appear on the selected icon to confirm.
In Energy Savings mode, the set point will be
reduced by 20°F*, which means that the heating
system will not be engaged unless the temperature
falls to 20°F below the spa's set temperature.
*Default pack value
At any point you can press the Settings button to
return to the home screen.
In this mode the spa will always be in
economy; the set point will be reduced by 20° F and filtration will be reduced.
The spa will never be in economy mode, and will run a normal 8 hours of filtration a day.
Energy Savings:
The spa will be in economy mode during the peak hours of the day and resume normal
mode on the weekend.
Super Energy:
The spa will be in economy mode from
Monday to Friday, and will run normally on the weekend.
Audio (with only)
Modifying schedules
Use the arrow keys to choose a schedule to modify
(choice of economy and filtration schedules). Use the Light key to move between parameters.
The spa will always in economy mode during
peak hours, every day of the week.
*reserved for qualified electricians installers
Use the arrow keys to scroll through the Water Care
selections. To see and/or modify a Water Care
category, use the lit button to the right (key 1) to
open the selected Water Care menu.
Water care modes
You have several possibilities for the schedule (Mon-Fri, weekend, every day, or single days). The schedules will be repeated every week. The time and duration are set in 30 minute
increments. Once you have set the schedule, use key 1 to go back. Ensure that you have selected
the desired Water Care option in the main Water Care menu.
If your spa uses a circulation pump configured
to run 24 hours, the screen will show you the
purge setting instead of filtration. The purges are
pre-programmed for a fixed number of minutes,
therefore the duration will be set to N/A on the
screen, and only the start time can be modified.
The in.k500 can be used with either the in.tune or audio system. The Audio section in the Settings menu gives you the option to disconnect or unpair your Bluetooth enabled
device when using the
The Mode key (audio access) is only present/
functional when the spa is equipped with a Gecko
audio component ( or in.tune). The keypad will be set appropriately at the factory.
The Audio option will only appear in the Settings
menu for keypads that are set up for an
Day and time
Keypad settings
Here you can adjust the time format, and change the day and time. Use the arrows to choose the setting that you want to adjust, and select it by
pressing the Light key. Use the arrow buttons to
change the parameters, and the Light key to move
between parameters.
In this section you can change the temperature unit
and language. Use the arrow keys, and move to the
setting that you would like to change. Use the Light
key to choose, and then the arrow keys to modify.
This section shows information about the in.k500
software number, and the revision numbers of the different components of your system.
Key 1 will take you back to the main Settings menu.
Audio operation
in.tune operation operation
Press the Mode key to access your in.tune.
Press the Mode key to access your
Play/Pause audio
Press the Play/Pause key to start or pause the audio.
Play/Pause audio
Press the Play/Pause button to start or pause the audio
Adjusting the volume
Press the Up or the Down key to increase or decrease
the volume.
Adjusting the volume
Press the Up or the Down key to increase or decrease
the volume.
Changing tracks
Use the Last Track and Next Track keys to change tracks for the CD or AUX input. When in Radio mode, the Last Track and Next Track keys will move through
preset radio stations on the selected band. To change
bands or preset stations, see your in.tune manual.
Changing tracks
Use the Last Track and Next Track keys to change tracks
Disconnect or Unpair Bluetooth
These options can be found under the Audio section in the Settings menu.
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