Winter 2012 - J.J. Sullivan, Inc.
from J.J.
personally speaking
new! propane delivery and service
system for fuel and propane tanks.
It eliminates unnecessary fuel
deliveries by allowing us to
In these challenging
monitor your tank daily.
times, we’re doing everyFinally, we know that the most
thing possible to keep you
important thing you expect from
comfortable and save you
your fuel company is our being
money. That’s why we’ve
there for you when you need us.
been researching the benefits
While the need for emergency
of offering a supplementary
service has been vastly reduced
heat source and alternative
Paul Sullivan
because of this year’s mild winter,
fuel. So we’re pleased to
we always remain on call to
announce the introduction
provide you with help in a hurry.
of our propane division.
Thank you for trusting us with your
With propane, you can count on us for
the same reliable service J.J. Sullivan has
been providing our heating oil customers
for nearly 90 years. Besides dependable
deliveries, we have the expertise to install
and service propane tanks, heating systems,
Paul Sullivan
fireplaces and much more. See page 4 to
learn how you can benefit from propane.
Did you notice our new colors? The blue
Besides getting our propane operation
is for our oil trucks and the green is for our
propane trucks. The green also symbolizes
up and running, we’ve been working hard
our commitment to the environment.
to control our cost of doing business — so
we can lower our costs to customers. One
example is Entertrac, a remote monitoring
Dear Friends,
Win a Weber grill!
Make next summer’s backyard barbecues
spectacular ones with this high-end
Weber propane grill. Read this newsletter
and answer the questions
on the enclosed reply card.
All entries received by
5/14/12 with the correct answers will
be entered into a drawing for the prize.
No purchase necessary. A purchase will not improve
chance of winning. See enclosed card for details.
The Weber Summit S-420
grill features 538 square inches
of primary cooking area and four
stainless-steel burners
that generate 48,000
Btu’s per hour of
intense cooking
heat. Can’t you hear
those steaks sizzling already?
Total prize value:
late winter 2012
our sludge-busting
fuel additive
ludge is one of oil heat’s biggest enemies.
It can accumulate in your oil tank
and compromise your heating system’s
performance. That’s why we add Sullivan
Supreme, a special “sludge-busting”
additive, to your heating oil. It prevents
sludge from forming and protects your
system from problems that could develop
down the line.
It offers these other benefits too:
fuel, for cleaner system
components and longer system life
● r educed
bacterial and fungal growth,
which inhibits sludge formation
against tank rust and
extended fuel storage time
● improved
heating oil stability
(keeps fuel from breaking down and
becoming harder to burn, which lowers
system efficiency)
There’s no charge for
this additive. It’s one
of the “value added”
benefits you receive as a
J.J. Sullivan customer.
229 River Street, Guilford, Conn. 06437
Fuel Oil • Propane
Heating and Air Conditioning Service and Sales
Conn. License #s 307263
307882 • 382250 • 381498
Call us at (203) 453-2781
Visit us at
Return service requested
to Glenn P. Stefan, winner of the $1,500 gift card
from our fall newsletter contest!
➠ win a Weber grill*
➠ protect your system, earn
money toward a new one
*No purchase necessary. A purchase will not improve
chance of winning. See enclosed card details.
good looks and warm winter comfort
J.J. Sullivan is proud to offer
propane gas log sets from R.H. Peterson.
Available in a range of styles from contemporary to traditional, our eye-catching log
sets offer efficient heating and warm
relaxing comfort. With handcrafted logs,
natural-looking flames and glowing embers
these inserts magnify the beauty of your
Operation is simple, with manual controls
or thermostatic remote. With 99% heating
efficiency, these propane log sets use less gas
and save money. Vented and vent-free models
are available. For safety, all vent-free inserts
come with an oxygen depletion sensor.
our service
Call us today to learn more about
propane fireplace options.
● an annual “Top-10 Tune-Up” for fuel
savings and longer equipment life.
id you know that propane is a great
alternative to electricity? It can be used
to heat your home and household water,
and it’s great for space heating, fireplaces,
cooking, clothes drying and more. But
there are other reasons propane has become
so popular.
It’s energy efficient. Propane burns
hotter and more efficiently than many other
energy sources.
It’s environmentally friendly. Using
plans offer protection and savings
If just one key part of your heating
system fails, it could cost you hundreds
of dollars to repair or replace. But with a
Value Comfort Plan, you’re covered 100%
for the repair or replacement of a long list
of parts. This plan also includes:
propane: a smart
versatile fuel
coverage for an even longer list of parts, and
$50 of annual Loyalty Credits.
When it’s freezing outside and your
heating system is working overtime, it’s
nice to know that you are protected if
something goes wrong. Please call us today
or return the enclosed card to learn more.
propane instead of electricity helps cut greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality.
(These environmental problems stem from the
power plants that generate electricity.)
It’s safe. Propane, which is regulated by the
National Fire Protection Association, has an
excellent safety record.
It’s local. About 90% of the propane used in
the United States is produced domestically.
We have service technicians who are
propane experts. They can check your
propane appliances for proper ventilation,
and your tank, lines and valves for safety.
To learn more about propane, call and ask
for Brenda, or return the enclosed reply card.
● $25 in Loyalty Credits for each
year you are in a plan (up to
$500) — credits you can use for the
purchase of new heating, cooling and
propane equipment.
For even greater protection, consider our
Value Comfort Plus Plan, which includes
We’re now updating our website to
include information about propane.
Remember to keep checking to find out
all we can do for you!
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