UO-3 - Low Firing Rate Kit

UO-3 - Low Firing Rate Kit
Oil-Fired Water Boiler
Installation Instructions:
UO-3 - Low Firing Rate Kit
Kit Part Number 386-902-007
STOP! Read before proceeding:
Indicates presence of hazards that will cause severe personal injury, death or substantial
property damage.
Indicates presence of hazards that can cause severe personal injury, death or substantial
property damage.
Indicates special instructions on installation, operation or maintenance that are important
but not related to personal injury or property damage.
You must refer to the Weil-McLain Ultra Oil Boiler Manual part number 550-141-986
and Beckett NX Burner manual part number 550-141-996 to follow these instructions.
DO NOT proceed with the replacement procedure without having these manuals.
Failure to comply can result in severe personal injury, death or substantial property damage.
These instructions must only be used by a qualified, installer/service technician. Read
completely before beginning the installation. Failure to follow all instructions can cause
severe personal injury, death or substantial property damage.
This product contains fiberglass wool and ceramic fiber materials. Airborne fibers from
these materials have been listed by the State of California as a possible cause of cancer
through inhalation. Apply special care when handling these materials, such as jacket
insulation and burner door refractory.
If the boiler has flue baffles installed, you must remove the baffles before changing to the
.80 GPH low firing rate. Failure to remove the baffles will result in flue gas condensation
causing corrosion damage to the boiler and vent system.
Turn off fuel supply valves & service switch before changing burner nozzle. If boiler is hot
from operation, allow time to cool before proceeding. Failure to do so can cause severe
personal injury, death or substantial property damage.
Contents of Kit
P/N 560-400-016, .65 GPH, 60° A, Delevan nozzle
P/N 591-221-187, Insulation blanket, 13.75 x 16.00
P/N 591-632-612, 4 oz. Bottle of water glass
P/N 550-141-994, Instructions installation combustion chamber blanket kit
550-141-994 / 0905
Install Refractory Blanket
1. Open burner door and wipe any debris from bottom of heat exchanger.
2. Dry fit refractory blanket. Center blanket on chamber floor flush with front of heat exchanger. 16” dimension
will lie left to right. Mark or note blanket position.
3. Remove blanket and spread water glass on heat exchanger where blanket will lie.
4. Install blanket as noted in step 2 and press firmly in place.
5. Visually check burner mounting door refractory and seal.
6. Close and secure burner mounting door with screws and washers provided.
Verify gas tight seal to prevent possible flue gas leakage and carbon monoxide emissions,
which can lead to severe personal injury or death.
Install Burner Nozzle
1. Verify correct burner specification (see burner manual for label location)
Chimney Vent - WL5703
Direct Vent - WL5803
2. Install burner with burner flange gasket in place using three bolts provided.
3. Replace/install .65 gph 60°A Delavan nozzle as per burner instructions.
4. Follow boiler and oil burner manuals to wire burner and connect fuel supply.
5. Follow oil burner manual for proper adjustment and setup of burner.
Pump pressure for the .65 GPH nozzle is to be set to 150 psi as per Beckett oil burner manual.
500 Blaine Street
Michigan City, IN 46360-2388
550-141-994 / 0905
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