Dental, Premier Dental Scaler/Polisher

Dental, Premier Dental Scaler/Polisher
Jorgensen Laboratories, Inc.
Premier Dental Scaler / Polisher
User Manual
Dental models not included
J1180 Scaler Polisher / J1181 Scaler
Jorgensen Laboratories, Inc.
1450 Van Buren Ave
Loveland, Colorado 80538
Toll free 800-525-5614
Fax 970-663-5042
Hazards, Warnings & Sterilization
Description and Functionalities of Components
Installation & Operation of Scaler and Micromotor
Codes for Accessories & Replacement Parts
Warranty Terms
1. Hazards, Warnings & Sterilization
This equipment only to be used by a qualified veterinarian or technician
¾No one with a pacemaker should operate this unit
¾A grounded AC power cord must be used with this equipment.
The J1080/ J1081 should be powered from a separate wall outlet with a grounding point. If
you plug into a GFI (ground fault interrupt) outlet it may trip the GFI socket due to the high
sensitivity of the socket.
¾Place machine on level stable platform or surface
¾Do not place unit on or near any source of heat
¾Unit should be located where normal air flow will circulate freely around the case when in use
this will avoid overheating.
¾Water input hose is subject to deterioration by aging, chemicals in the water supply, excessive
flexing and pressure fluctuations. As an added precaution water supply should be turned off or
pressure on tank relieved at the end of the day. Remember to turn water back on prior to
use the next day
¾Do not remove external cover from the unit! There are no serviceable parts inside, allow only
qualified technicians to service your scaler.
¾Handpiece quick connect is very strong but care should be taken not to pull with
excessive force on cord.
It is the responsibility of the dental professional using this device to be fully trained in the proper use of
ultrasonic scalers. The operator must be observant of possible changes in performance during a procedure and
immediately discontinue use of this product and determine the cause of such changes before continuing the
dental. Performance varies slightly between manufacture or ultrasonic scalers, so the operator must become
familiar with the operating parameters and adjustments of this particular device. Performance varies between
ultrasonic inserts due to style, model and age of the insert.
¾Manufacture recommends that all operators of this ultrasonic unit wear at least one pair of
surgical rubber gloves and for extra prevention wear double pairs of gloves to isolate operator
from infection or cross contamination of other patients.
¾It is recommended that eye and face protection be used during the use of this unit to prevent
saliva spray from being inhaled and from entering the operators eyes.
¾Operator should be careful not to puncture the skin with any insert or tip containing saliva
from patients.
¾Clean outer surface of unit with federally approved non-immersion water based cold
sterilization solution, then dry immediately with clean air or paper towels.
¾Do not autoclave detachable handpiece assembly. This will void manufactures warranty.
A federally approved water based cold sterilization solution (J833 Pink Germicide) may
be used to wipe down detachable handpiece assembly however DO NOT get sterilization
solutions on electrical contacts of the handpiece connector as this will cause oxidation
and poor electrical connection. Dry all surfaces with clean air or paper towels.
2. Description and Function of Components
A. Handpiece Receptacle – Accepts male side of handpiece connector
B. Power Control – Adjusts the output of power to the insert tip.
C. Polisher Speed control – Speed control for micromotor
** Found only in the J1080 combo units
D. Water Control – Adjusts flow of water to handpiece and insert tip rotate
higher water flow to the right, lower water flow to the left.
E. On / Off Scaler / Motor Pack selector switch- located on right side of
front panel, switch has three positions. Off when centered, ON when
switch is moved up or down. When scaler switch is moved upward the
scaler portion of the unit is activated. When switch is moved downward
the motor pack is activated and ready for polishing.
F. Indicator LED- Lights up when toggle switch is set to scaler /polisher
Handpiece Assembly
The handpiece assembly is used to accept the interchangeable insert tips. It is
connected to the autoscaler front panel via the handpiece receptacle. Be sure to
plug and unplug scaler cord carefully, grasping plug itself and not the cable
attachment. Open end of handpiece will Accept inserts J452D1 – Universal
insert, J452D2 – Spatula Insert or the J452D1P – Periodontal Insert.
** Note – Inserts are extremely fragile, if one is dropped or bent it may not cavitate or function
properly and may operate at a higher than normal temperature and should be replaced
3. Installation & Operation Guide
Installing the Handpiece Assembly
Align the electrical contacts of the male connector with the same on the
female panel connector.
Gently insert connector ( it should slide in with very little effort, if the
connector does not align DO NOT FORCE IT. Turn connector body in
either direction until connector correctly aligns and goes in easily).
Once connector has been completely inserted, screw outside lock ring to the
right (clockwise) with light finger pressure until it stops. Do not over tighten
lock ring.
*Be careful not to cross thread the lock ring
To remove connector, unscrew lock ring to left (counter clockwise)
and gently pull outward grasping the entire connector body.
Installation & Operation of Autoscaler
Upon receipt of your unit carefully unpack and make sure that
The toggle switch is in the Off – O position.
The water control knob should be in the high position.
* Note – it is normal for the knob to turn past the high position several
rotations which will increase water flow substantially.
Set the power knob all the way to the left in the low position.
Plug the male water quick connect into the water source.
IE : J452D4 – Portable water tank
J452D19- Faucet Connector
J452D14- Saddle valve with female quick connect for inline
water supply.
* Note: it is recommended that a line filtration device J452D13
be used to remove larger particles before entering the scaler.
Plug Power cord into the wall, press toggle switch to the ON- I
Hold the handpiece in a vertical (upright) position and step on the
foot switch. Within 10-15 seconds water should come out of open
end of the handpiece. If no water turn water control knob clockwise
to get water flow and or check waterline connections.
* Note- inserts and handpiece will burn out in 45-60 seconds in the
absence of water. Never touch the vibrating end of the insert tip to
any flesh such as cheek, tongue or gums as this will cause a friction
burn to the patient. The tip should touch primarily the calculus on
the tooth surface and NOT the enamel of the tooth. Important to
always keep the insert in motion to avoid heat buildup on the tooth.
Select insert. Moisten rubber O-Ring before inserting into
handpiece.While holding the handpiece upright place insert into
open end of the handpiece and with a gentle press and turn motion
the insert should snap fully into place. Do Not Force Insert.
Scaling handpiece
O-ring – moisten
with H2o when inserting
Scaling insert
While holding handpiece upright, press foot switch and water should
Begin to exit the insert. Allow the air to escape for about 10-20 seconds. Turn
power to medium position and the insert should vibrate with a strong mist. Turn
water knob to right if there is no mist or weak misting. The inserts may give a drip
and mist combination this is normal and actually preferred by most periodontal
The application of the power knob is for controlling the output
power to the insert tip. The operator can select the exact power
needed for cleaning, set the power to low / medium for cooler
handpiece / insert temperature.
* Note - if your insert will not vibrate the problem could be with
your insert. Before requesting service try another insert.
The high power setting is for applications where excessive
amount of calculus is built up. The power setting can be used for
periodontal sub gingival curettage and root planning procedures.
Most scaling should be done on the low to medium power
** Note – DO NOT use excessive pressure with your scaler, use gentle
rapid motion with small overlapping strokes, being certain that
the scaler tip remains at a 15 degree angle to the tooth surface.
Unit is now ready for use.
Shut Down Procedure
Turn water supply off either by releasing pressure from portable
water tank ( J452D4 ) or by disconnecting quick water connector
from water source. Remember to turn water back on with the
next use.
Press toggle switch to the off – O position. LED light should be
Installation and operation of micromotor / polisher
***If you have a scaler only skip this part***
The power selector switch should be centered to the OFF position
II. Place the plug from the micromotor handpiece into the socket located on the
right rear side of the console. Slip a U-style snap on prophy angle
J1180D3 onto the steel connector of the micromotor handpiece. This is
done by aligning the slot on the prophy angle with the pin on the
micromotor and applying downward pressure to the prophy angle thus
sliding together.
* applying straight pressure is all that is needed DO NOT TWIST while
* If prophy will not fit ensure it is a U-style prophy angle. Only U-style
prophy angles will work with this unit. Disposable prophy angles / E-style
prophy angles will not work with this unit and may void warranty if used.
Alignment Pin
Slot on prophy angle
III. Attach the snap-on polishing cup to the prophy angle head cap. Move the power
selector switch downward to the “polisher” position the green indicator lamp
should be illuminated.
IV. Rotate the speed control knob to the left (LOW SPEED) until it stops. Now depress
the foot pedal to become familiar with the way the micromotor handpiece
operates. Slowly rotate the speed control knob from the left to the right to
increase speed of the micromotor. This provides for a smooth progression of
speeds from low of approx 450 RPM’s to the high which is approaching 12,000
RPM’s. Not only does this unit furnish a wide range of speeds but also delivers a
high degree of torque throughout the speed range.
V. The micromotor handpiece requires no scheduled maintenance however the following
suggestions should help provide optimum performance.
x Prevent fluids (water, cleaning solutions, lubricants etc.) from gaining
access to the motor.
x Keep oils and other lubricants away from the coupling, otherwise
slippage may occur and the prophy angle will not perform well (small
amount of Vaseline can be applied to the micromotor o-ring to help
the prophy angle and contra angle slide easily onto the motor).
x The handpiece does not require lubrication, placing oils or liquids
into micromotor will cause severe damage to the motor.
x Micromotor is not to be autoclaved.
x Dropping the micromotor handpiece should be avoided. The motor is
a high speed precision product that can be permanently damaged by
** This will void the warranty
x Do not insert burs or grinding stones directly into the end of the
micromotor handpiece. All burs and attachments must be inserted into
a latch style contra angle J1180D5.
4. Codes for Accessories & Replacement Parts
Universal Insert
Spatula Insert
Periodontal Insert
Prophy angle U-style
Contra Angle U-style latch type
Prophy Polishing paste
Rubber cups for polishing
Portable water tank
Male quick release for water tank
5. Troubleshooting
If unit does not function, proceed with the following
LED light above on / off switch will not come on.
Solution A: Check that power cord is plugged all the way into the receptacle.
Solution B: Check / replace fuse- 2 amp fast blow style. If fuse blows again DO
NOT attempt to replace as this indicates a serious condition that must be
examined by a service professional. Call technical support 1-800-525-5614
Unit not Vibrating
a) Check power cord – ensure plug is all the way into the receptacle
b) Try another insert – If insert is not the correct one for you model it will not
If scaler stops functioning or is intermittent when handpiece cord is moved.
-Stop using immediately as cord needs repaired or replaced
x Note- Do Not press the foot switch as there is a possibility the internal
safety fuse may blow and require replacement by a qualified
x -If handpiece service is needed – Turn unit off, carefully unscrew the
outer lock ring of handpiece assembly and gently unplug from the
front panel. Call your dealer for assistance 1-800-525-5614.
If handpiece handle or insert operates hot
a) Reduce power and increase water flow
b) Check water flow for sufficient pressure / level
c) Check water quick connector should be fully locked in place
d) Check water filter for debris
e) Change scaler insert
x If problem does not resolve DO NOT CONTINUE
call technical support 1-800-525-5614
Humming or high pitch sound noted from console during use.
This is normal circuit resonance which will change as power control knob is
adjusted, should not affect the performance of your scaler.
6. Warranty Information
Proof of purchase such as a copy of the original invoice or bill of
sale must be submitted to obtain warranty service. VARIOUS
Warranty does not include shipping and handling charges in either
direction. Warranty is limited to the original purchaser of the unit.
Warranty will not cover a unit that has been previously altered,
repaired or serviced by anyone other than an authorized service
personnel. The serial number must not be altered or removed. The
unit must not be subject to accident, misuse, abuse, or operate
contrary to the operating instructions.
Six year parts and labor warranty on all internal circuit boards.
Two year parts and labor warranty on all other components in the
device including detachable scaling handpiece and external foot
Polishing handpiece warranty- 6 months from date of purchase.
*No warranty against dropping or abuse.
Scaling insert warranty- 90 days from date of purchase
Prophy angle warranty- 6 months from date of purchase
7. Specifications
Size: H 2.2” X W 8.6” X D 7.9”
Weight: 7 lbs
Output power to tip: Operator adjustable from approximately 30 –55 watts.
Power supply to unit: 110/125 VAC 50/60 Hz
(optional – 220/230VAC 50/60 Hz)
0.8 Amperes @ 110/220 VAC Fuse 3AG (2.0 ampere) regular blow style.
0.4 Amperes @ 220/230 VAC Fuse 3AG (2.0 ampere) regular blow style.
Frequency Generated: 25,000 Khz CPS
Water flow and supply pressure: 18 cc – 30 cc per minute flow from insert tip.
Operator adjustable precision pressure regulation. Supply pressure to scaler is 25 to 60
PSIG city water input or contained bottle system.
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