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azur 350
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azur 350
Introducing the
‘sound first’
Azur 350 Series!
Developing best-in-class entry-level hi-fi is,
in many ways far more challenging than
creating more expensive systems. With the
new Azur 350 Series, true success has
been achieved by drawing out every last
drop of potential from affordable internal
components to offer you not only incredible,
spine-tingling performance, but legendary
Cambridge Audio value.
Pure audio at the heart of these little gems
The all new Azur 350 Series boasts a raft of
genuine innovations, not intended to add a
roster of unnecessary and irrelevant gimmicks,
but instead to truly make a difference to the
audible quality of all your favourite tracks.
Sirocco S30
Your perfect speaker
partner awaits...
Without careful speaker selection, even
the best hi-fi will never realise its full
potential. But with the new 350
Series, the choice is easy! Cambridge
Audio’s Sirocco range was developed
by the same team as the 350A and
350C and these award-winning
speakers were used throughout the
development process. Offering
incredible refinement and
smoothness of delivery, there’s
no better partner!
There’s also a completely fresh look with
redesigned casework, high contrast displays
and knobs, a substantial brushed aluminium
front panel, seamless wrap-over lid assembly
and dual-layer damped feet. As well as adding
to the high-end audio appearance, these design
principles also contribute to superior
performance thanks to increased rigidity and
resonance control.
iPod and MP3 enhancement
as standard
However, we haven’t forgotten convenience and
the 350 Series is also designed to harness the
true potential of your portable music collection.
So when you get home, it’s time to ditch the
headphones, connect your iPod to
the 350 Series and experience
armchair control with our new
remote handset. Now all that’s left,
is for you to sit back and enjoy your
iPod like never before.
The amazing iD50 instantly turns
your iPod into a hi-fi component.
For more information visit:
Azur 350A integrated amplifier
Improving on such a highly regarded amplifier as its predecessor was never going to be easy. But
by taking the legendary 340A SE and adding some elements from the multi-award-winning
550A/650A platform, the new 350A is truly an amplifier to be reckoned with.
True refinement
Separate high quality integrated circuit amplifier modules
eliminate all possible crosstalk and guarantee excellent
stereo imaging. Close attention has also been paid to the
quality of passive components selected and their
performance potential. In particular, a very high quality
ALPS black box volume pot has been specified for its
superior sound quality and excellent channel balance. This
is particularly noticeable at low volumes when your
awareness of left and right channel balance is most acute.
Power and pace
The power supply is a critical component in any
power amplifier and here, we’ve stretched the
development budget to the limit to bring you an
oversize toroidal transformer. Selected for its very low
external magnetic field and much lower noise than
laminate type transformers, class-leading power and
silky smooth refinement are palpable from the moment
the music starts.
Tone controls further enhance your listening experience
giving subtle control of the frequency response and enable
compensation for ‘difficult’ room acoustics. And for the
true audiophile touch, they can be defeated using the
Direct switch to ensure the shortest possible signal path.
Indeed, the performance of every single component
specified in the 350A has been maximised to the last
degree by the engineers at Cambridge Audio’s Londonbased R&D centre to guarantee that every last drop of
your music is realised.
Connect just
about anything!
The 350A offers a plethora of
inputs and outputs to
accommodate sources of all
types. iPods and MP3 players
get the VIP treatment and can
be connected directly to the front
panel via a dedicated 3.5mm
jack. In addition, the supplied
Navigator remote features iPod
command codes enabling
control of any iPod (except
Shuffle) when connected to a
suitable dock such as
Cambridge Audio’s new iD50.
Perfect partners, the 350A and 350C...
Save the planet and
delight your ears!
Azur 350C CD player
Whilst an off-the-shelf CD/DVD-ROM drive might be fine
for your laptop, if you’re really serious about extracting
every last detail from your discs then look no further than
the 350C which features Cambridge Audio’s dedicated
audio-only CD transport. This is then coupled to
Cambridge Audio’s third generation
proprietary S3 servo solution which
dynamically adjusts the focussing, tracking
and output level of the laser in real time.
Put simply, all this amazing technology, enables maximum
retrieval of disc data and guarantees extremely low jitter
for an amazingly dynamic sound.
Warm yet incredibly detailed
The new 350C offers a raft of upgrades over its awardwinning predecessor and one of the most important is its
implementation of a Wolfson WM8728 DAC coupled to a
2-pole Sallen-Key Butterworth filter topology. This complex
sounding component selection is key to the 350C’s warm,
fluid performance and its measurable purity and detail.
Furthermore, a highly accurate master clock oscillator
and impedance-matched clock buffering schemes further
contribute to the amount of data it is possible to extract
from a CD.
And like its 350A amplifier partner, the 350C also
benefits from a superior toroidal transformer which offers
much lower noise and waveform distortion to truly
maximise your listening pleasure.
So whether you’re into smooth jazz or electronic
dance, the 350 Series is set to re-define what’s possible
with all your music...
We know that many
customers are
considering the
environmental impact of their hi-fi
– not to mention electricity
consumption – and to add the
icing on the cake, the 350C
benefits from a highly coveted
stamp of approval by Energy Star
thanks to its ability to consume
less than one watt in standby
Critically, this benefit is offered
without any effect on sound
quality since Cambridge Audio’s
proprietary standby circuit is
totally isolated
when you’re
listening to music.
The benefits are far better
experienced than explained so
visit www.cambridge-audio.com
to locate the Cambridge Audio
specialist nearest to you.
Azur 350A
Integrated amplifier
Azur 350C
Compact disc player
Power output
D/A Converter
Wolfson Microelectronics WM8728
2-Pole Sallen-Key Butterworth filter
45 watts (into 8 Ohms)
Frequency response (-1dB)
Maximum power consumption
Dimensions (h x w x d)
5Hz – 50kHz
86 x 430 x 340mm
(3.4 x 16.9 x 13.4")
6.0kg (13.2lbs)
Supported disc formats
Maximum power consumption
Standby power consumption
Dimensions (h x w x d)
85 x 430 x 305mm
(3.4 x 16.9 x 12.2")
4.8kg (10.6lbs)
It’s all about
the right
Don’t let the last
connection fail your
system! The 350 Series features
precisely designed internal circuitry so
it’s important that this isn’t compromised
by poor interconnects or speaker cable.
Fortunately your retailer can help guide
you to the right cost-effective cable from
Cambridge Audio’s new range.
Visit www.cambridge-audio.com
to locate your nearest retailer,
read reviews, watch videos,
download full specifications and
visit our support site.
Your movies + our passion
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