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Congratulations on your purchase of the BOB Travel Bag. It is designed to contain and
protect your single seat BOB Sport Utility, Revolution® or Stroller Strides® stroller during
transport. The Travel Bag may be rolled and guided by the end handle or carried via shoulder
strap and/or side handle. The Travel Bag will need to be assembled prior to use.
Pocket Seam
Before attempting to assemble or use your new Travel Bag, read and understand these
instructions to ensure proper assembly and operation. If you are unclear on any point,
contact your dealer or BOB before use.
. This product is designed exclusively for use with BOB single Sport Utility,
Revolution or Stroller Strides® strollers. It is not intended for use with
any other strollers, accessories or products.
. When not in use, keep out of reach of children.
. Maximum Weight Capacity 13.6Kg Do not overload.
. Never leave child unattended.
. The Travel Bag is designed to reduce the possibility of damage to your stroller
during transportation but does not eliminate it completely.
. We recommend inspecting your stroller and Travel Bag before and after each
transport journey to ensure functionality and safety.
Inside Notch fully
up toSeam
Fig. B: Panel ends into corner pocket
(right side shown).
Red - Fork Protector
& Strap
1. Remove bag from packaging. Place bag flat on ground or table with wheels down. Open
Travel Bag top cover zipper and locate components. Fig. A identifies the anatomy and
components of the Travel Bag.
2. Unfasten the Velcro of the five fabric flaps along inboard sides of travel bag. Temporarily
place top of each over side and out of the way as shown in Fig. A.
3. Locate wall support panel, (black plastic sheet) unroll and note orientation of notch at
each end.
4. Orient wall support panel with notches toward top cover (up) and feed each end into each
respective pocket along inside corners of Travel Bag as shown in Fig B. Push ends of wall
support panel fully into each pocket until notch is aligned with pocket seam.
5. Align and fasten Velcro of fabric flaps straight and secure around wall support panel. You
may find it helpful to bend the support panel top edge slightly inboard while the Velcro of
each fabric flap is secured.
6. Locate fork dropout protector and
Wall Support Panel (rolled up)
Zippered Top Cover
confirm it is attached securely to end
of small red webbing as shown in Fig.
C. The fork dropout protector can
be replaced easily if lost or damaged
with most other common fork dropout
Front Wheel
protector(s) used on strollers and
Center Strap
bicycles for shipping, available through
& Buckle
Front QR
your bicycle or stroller dealer.
Center Strap open
with ends outboard
Top Cover Open
Fig. 1: Travel Bag fully assembled and
prepared for stroller.
Fabric Flaps
Use Instructions:
7. Prepare Travel Bag: Zip Travel Bag
zipper completely open and fold top
cover over, exposing pockets for Front
Wheel and front wheel quick release
(QR). Locate center strap and unfasten
side release buckle. Place center strap
Fig. A: Anatomy of the BOB Travel Bag
ends outboard of Travel Bag as shown
in Fig. 1.
8. Prepare stroller to place in Travel Bag. Remove contents from stroller (occupant and all
contents of Low Boy cargo basket). Remove stroller rear wheels. Close rear wheel QR’s. (See
rear wheel section of your stroller’s owner’s manual).
Fork Protector
& Strap
Fig. C: Fork dropout protector shown
properly attached.
NOTE: Remove Snack Tray or Infant Car Seat Adapter and Infant Car Seat from strollers
featuring the Accessory Adapter. (See strollers owners manuals to verify if stroller has
accessory adapter).
9. Remove front wheel from stroller (See front wheel section of your stroller’s owner’s manual).
Cam Housing
QR Lever
Adjusting Nut
Fig. 2: Front QR anatomy shown
properly assembled.
Remove front QR from front wheel. Reassemble front QR components in proper orientation
as shown in Fig. 2, and place inside the gray pocket located inside top cover of Travel Bag.
Locate black plastic axle protectors at ends of red straps inside large front wheel pocket. Push
hollow end of each plastic axle protector fully over each end of front wheel axle as shown in
Fig. 3. Place front wheel into pocket inside top cover and fasten Velcro closures.
10. Place rear wheels inside Travel Bag with stub axles facing up. Position stroller wheels
along center line as far back towards base of bag as possible, leaving extra space for fork
protector, as shown in Fig. 4.
NOTE: For single Sport Utility Strollers featuring the accessory adapter, remove front fender.
(See stroller owners manuals for front fender instructions/removal).
11. For Sport Utility Stroller (fixed wheel) models, close caliper brake quick release lever after
removing wheel, as stroller will fold more completely. (See hand brake section of your stroller’s
owner’s manual). For Revolution and Stroller Strides (swivel wheel) models, unlock swivel
lockout knob and rotate the fork rearwards in order to minimize overall length as shown in Fig.
5A. (See Swivel Lockout section of your stroller’s owner’s manual).
12. Fold stroller completely and secure with wrist strap. (See folding section of your stroller’s
owner’s manual). Make sure Low Boy fabric is not pinched between stroller components.
13. Place stroller in Travel Bag such that the handlebar is on top and the stroller fork is near
the fork protector at end of small red strap.
NOTE: Push seat back down toward stroller.
14. Rock stroller side to side and gently push down to allow wheels to shift onto space
located between outer frame components. Metal shock brackets of stroller should contact
hard plastic bottom of Travel Bag.
15. Push black plastic fork protector on to fork dropouts as shown respectively by model in
Fig. 5A.
16. Route red center strap over top of stroller and fasten buckle. Pull end of strap to tighten
and secure stroller. Fig. 6A.
17. Fold Travel Bag top cover into position and zip closed. Now it is ready to travel.
Axle Protectors
Fig. 3: Plastic Axle Protectors properly
installed on front wheel.
Fig. 4: Wheels and front QR placement
(alloy wheels shown).
Note: When checking on to transportation services, we recommend you remove the shoulder
strap and place it inside Travel Bag to reduce the possibility of damage or loss.
Clean the fabric of Travel Bag by hand with clean damp cloth or sponge and air-dry flat. Do
not dry clean, iron, or place in dryer.
Fig. 5A: Fork protector placement on
Revolution model stroller.
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Fig. 6A: Fixed wheel model shown
properly placed into Travel Bag.
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