D G E - 5 5 0 S X - D-Link

D G E - 5 5 0 S X - D-Link
Fiber Gigabit Adapter
H i g h - B a n dwidth Fiber
G i gabit Netw o r k A d ap t e r
The DGE-550SX Fiber Gigabit adapter is a high-bandwidth
network adapter, providing up to 2000Mbps full-duplex
bandwidth capacity to support high-end servers. This adapter
delivers added performance to the network while working with
the existing LAN infrastructure. In addition, with advanced
functions like VLAN filtering and hardware-based Chip-Level
IP (CLIP) packet processing, the adapter provides added
performance, flexible configuration and secure networking to
users in a standards-based environment.
The DGE-550SX Fiber Gigabit adapter
is a high-bandwidth network adapter.
Gigabit switch inter-connecting different departments, or
directly to a department through a D-Link 10/100Mbps switch
with Gigabit support. An integral part of end-to-end solution,
this adapter combines the benefits of high-end Gigabit
High Performance
Delivering network speed up to 2000Mbps (full-duplex), the
adapter brings ample bandwidth to servers. On-board
verification of IP headers and TCP/UDP checksums for
received data through built-in Chip-Level Internet Protocol
(CLIP) offloads the server's overheads, making more of the
server processing power available for the applications. This
adapter uses the patented Jato Technology Propulsion
algorithms to achieve dramatic increases in system throughput.
Support 32/64-bit PCI bus configuration
This adapter operates in 32-bit 33Mhz/64-bit 66MHz PCI slots.
It auto-configures according to the different data path widths,
while maintaining compatibility with various server
VLAN Support
The adapter provides on-board screening of VLAN tagged
Ethernet frames compliant with IEEE 802.3. This allows the
server to operate in a flexible and secure network configuration
in a standards-based environment.
Complete 1000Mbps Solutions
D-Link provides complete 1000Mbps solutions for servers.
Servers with DGE-550SX Gigabit Ethernet adapter installed
inside can connect to a fiber backbone through a D-Link
The DGE-550SX provides faster performance,
secures networking, and maintains
D-Link Systems, 53 Discovery Drive Irvine CA 92618 www.dlink.com
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Fiber Gigabit Adapter
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