A new era of TV experience has arrived with the introduction of Full

A new era of TV experience has arrived with the introduction of Full
Series 8 60 inch (UA60D8000) - Television
A new era of TV experience has arrived with the introduction of Full HD resolution Samsung
LED* TV Series 8. From its unique, One design and Ultra Slim exterior to it's advanced
technology, the Series 8 has raised the bar for home entertainment. Innovative features such
as Ultra Clear Panel, Micro Dimming, Clear Motion Rate 800, Digital Noise Filter, BD Wise and
Wide Colour Enhancer Plus allow the Series 8 to deliver realistic Full HD images. Samsung has
even improved its 3D* capabilities with its 3D Sound, 3D HyperReal Engine and enhanced 3D
glasses for an immersive 3D experience. Now you can also enjoy all of your 2D content in jawdropping 3D with the built-in 3D Converter. The Series 8 boasts some of Samsung’s newest
suite of web connectivity and browsing features like Smart Hub**, Your Video**, Search All,
Skype*** and Web Browser for an improved and user-friendly experience. And as always, the
Samsung LED TV Series 8 comes with the full line of robust features that will round out your
home entertainment experience, such as ConnectShare™ Movie, four HDMI inputs, Anynet+,
and SRS Theatre Sound, so your TV can be the centre of your entertainment world. You can
even create a wireless home network with the Samsung AllShare. ™ feature.
ONE Design
Free Skype-to-Skype on the big screen TV
Benefit from a seamless viewing surface
From the moment you set your eyes on the Samsung Smart
TV, you’ll be amazed by Samsung’s new One Design. The
One Design was developed to maximise the viewing
experience as well as enhance any home interior. The
Samsung Smart TV’s One Design elegantly combines the
bezel with the panel to create a seamless viewing experience
that breaks the barrier between reality and what’s on TV.
Enjoy widescreen Skype video calls from the comfort of your
living room. With Skype on your Samsung Smart TV you can
make free* Skype–to–Skype voice and video calls to friends
and family, wherever they are in the world. Just plug in a
Samsung Skype TV camera (RRP$199. Sold separately),
choose someone to call, and you're ready to talk face-to-face
in HD. To view Samsung’s online Skype demo click here.
*internet connection and data download charges may apply.
3D Auto Contrast
3D Converter
See sharp images in 3D
Take your 3D viewing experience to the next level with the
built-in 3D Auto Contrast feature on your Samsung Smart TV.
3D Auto Contrast enhances 3D picture quality through its
automatic 3D depth rendering technology. The result is sharp
3D contrast for an amazingly crisp 3D image.
Transform 2D images to 3D with one simple step
Imagine being able to watch your favourite 2D movies and TV
shows in 3D. Now you can with Samsung’s innovative 3D
Converter. Built into your Samsung Smart TV, the 3D
Converter enhances your 3D viewing experience through a
detailed analysis of the image to create an immersive and
totally natural-looking image.
Reduces Layered Images
Smart Hub
Reduce Layered images for clear 3D pictures
Layered images occur when the left and right images of a 3D
picture blend together making it difficult to interpret. For a
smooth and immersive 3D experience, the Samsung Smart
TV’s superior 3D technology uses special algorithms to
minimise the amount of layered images. Combined with a fast
response time, the result is a clear and crisp 3D image that
makes your 3D home entertainment experience an enjoyable
As one of the true innovators of Smart TVs, Samsung has
developed a break-through technology –Smart Hub, which is
specifically designed to enhance your Samsung Smart TV’s
features. As a key driver behind the Samsung Smart TV,
Smart Hub is your gateway into a new world of advanced
features that will change the way you watch TV.
Search All
Your Video
Now everything‘s within reach
Enjoy the ease of searching for information or content through
the convenient Search All feature on Smart Hub. With a couple
clicks of your remote, you can quickly search for content
related to the program you’re watching or even access
information and other features like VOD, Apps, Social
Networking Services, and more!
Customise your movie-going experience
Let Samsung help you take the guesswork out of choosing
what movie to watch with it’s Your Video feature. Just like
many popular online retail stores and video service sites, Your
Video serves up recommended movies based on the movies
you’ve selected in the past. That means you’ll always have a
list of movies that you’ll most likely want to watch every time
you search for a movie. After finding the movie you want to
watch, you can easily access it through Samsung’s convenient
Web Browser
Samsung Apps
Browse the Web with your Samsung Smart TV.
Benefit from the convenience of surfing the Internet on a PC,
Unleash the true potential of your Samsung Smart TV with
Samsung’s vast, and growing library of Web-connected TV
but through your Samsung Smart TV. The Web Browser
feature has been optimised for your TV so that you can enjoy a
true Internet-surfing experience but on the big screen. So now
you can watch TV or surf the web without ever having to turn
on your PC.
Apps. They provide you with a quick and easy way to access
your favourite content—-without ever turning on a PC. So you
can download apps that let you access your favourite movies
and TV shows, browse through your digital photos, play games
like Texas Hold’em, or even video chat with Skype *!
* data download, internet and subscription charges may apply
Social TV
ConnectShare™ Movie
Stay connected with friends and family with Samsung’s Social
TV feature. Watching TV is no longer a solitary event. With
Social TV you can share your viewing experiences with friends
and family through blogging and chatting services, like
Facebook, Twitter, and Google Talk, all while watching live TV!
With the ConnectShare™ Movie capability, transform your
Samsung Smart TV into a home entertainment theatre. Simply
plug in your USB memory drive or HDD into the Samsung
Smart TV and instantaneously enjoy a range of movies, photos
and music on your TV. So instead of watching movies on your
PC, you can download them onto a USB and watch them in
the comfort of your living room on your Samsung Smart TV.
WiFi Built-in
Enhance your overall Samsung Smart TV experience with
Samsung’s AllShare™ feature is a key element in the
Samsung Smart TV equation. Just like the name sounds the
AllShare™ feature not only allows your TV to wirelessly
connect with your compatible mobile devices, it also helps to
enhance your overall Samsung Smart TV experience. That
means you can share movies, photos and music all through a
single device—your Samsung Smart TV. And because the
Samsung Smart TV is DLNA enabled, your digital content can
be seamlessly shared between compatible devices for a more
robust experience. Samsung has even optimised the network
configuration to let you easily enjoy content ranging from
movies to photos to music without having to switch devices.
With WiFi Built-in, you can further streamline your Samsung
Smart TV’s connectivity capabilities without adding more
external devices, like LAN lines or USB dongles, therefore
maintaining your TV’s attractive design. To further boost the
Samsung Smart TV’s connectivity reach, the convenient “One
Foot Connection” feature can wirelessly detect compatible
devices that are placed within one foot of the TV and its
wireless router.
BD Wise
Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC)
BD Wise facilitates communication between connected AV
devices, enabling them to share media information. This allows
them to then create an optimised viewing environment for all
multimedia formats.
Simplify your home entertainment experience
Samsung’s Anynet+ technology has been at the cornerstone
for all its Full HD TV’s. The new LED TV is no different. With
Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC), you can control all of your HDMI-CEC
compatible digital AV devices with a single remote control.
3D Sound
Full HD 1080p
Welcome to the next dimension in sound.
Bring home a true 3D cinematic experience with Samsung’s
3D Sound technology. 3D Sound delivers an immerse sound
depth and dimension through its Depth Rendering Technology
and Audio Depth Control Algorithm. With 3D Sound, you can
finally complement your 3D viewing experience with the next
revolution in sound.
Experience the natural beauty of reality with Samsung’s Full
HD LED TV’s. With higher resolution of standard Samsung HD
TV’s, the LED TV delivers images that defy your mind and
bring pleasure to your home entertainment experience. The
rich, realistic texture of Full HD images invites you to enjoy a
viewing experience that redefines reality.
Micro Dimming
Clear Motion Rate
Samsung’s Micro Dimming technology achieves new heights
through its renewed chipset and enhanced algorithm. With
Micro Dimming your TV will produce deep blacks and pur
whites for picture clarity and contrast.
Experience the true meaning of motion clarity with Samsung’s
Clear Motion Rate. It is a motion clarity standard based on the
actual measurement of resolution in a moving scene. Clear
Motion Rate determines the clarity of motion using 3 different
factors: Panel, Video processing, and Backlight technology.
With this new standard in motion measurement and control,
you will have amazing motion clarity and clearly see the whole
new dimension in picture quality.
Ultra Clear Panel
3D HyperReal Engine
The Ultra Clear Panel on Samsung TV efficiently absorbs
external light and virtually eliminates reflection, providing you
with real, natural colour and deep, dynamic detail that delivers
a clear comfortable viewing experience.
The driving force behind the amazing colour and realistic
images of Samsung’s new LED TV’s is the innovative
HyperReal Engine. By optimising performance and image
enhancement, the Samsung HyperReal Engine provides
vibrant and crystal-clear Full HD images.
Wide Colour Enhancer Plus
Digital Noise Filter
See colours as they were meant to be seen!
The Wide Colour Enhancer Plus is just an amazing colour
enhancer. By using an advanced picture quality improvement
algorithm, the Wide Colour Enhancer Plus can improve the
quality of any image and even uncover hidden colours and
Enjoy all the advantages of a high definition LED TV with
Samsung’s Digital Noise Filter. The filter helps to reduce some
of the digital artifacts and other digital ''noise'' that appear on
your screen. That means you can now watch crystal-clear
analog programming as if it was being broadcasted digitally.
Brightness Sensor
With four HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface™ )
inputs, the Samsung LED TV will transform your living room
into a multimedia entertainment centre. HDMI provides highspeed transmission of high definition digital data from multiple
devices straight into your TV. That means you can enjoy a
wide variety of content on the big screen.
Brightness Sensor
The Eco Sensor measures the intensity of the light in the room
and then automatically calibrates the brightness of the image
on the TV. Under bright situations, the sensor will increase the
brightness of an image while the sensor will reduce the
brightness under darker situations. That means the Eco
Sensor controls the amount of light used to create its images.
SRS TheatreSound
Hear how beautiful sound can truly be with Samsung’s SRS
Theatre Sound. The Samsung LED TV is equipped with
“invisible” speakers so you can enjoy the benefits of true
surround sound without any distractions or additional
equipment. Let Samsung’s LED TV deliver a full entertainment
experience so that you can finally hear what’s on your screen.
Screen Size
1,920 x 1,080
Micro Dimming
Micro Dimming
Clear Motion Rate
Picture Engine
3D HyperReal Engine
Wide Colour Enhancer Yes
Dolby Digital Plus / Dolby Pulse
SRS TheatreSound HD
dts 2.0 + Digital Out
Sound Output (RMS)
15W x 2
Speaker Type
Down Firing + Full Range
Smart TV FunctionalitySamsung SMART TV
Search All
Your Video
Social TV
Samsung Apps
Skype™*** on
Samsung TV
Web Browser
Samsung 3D*
3D* Converter
3D* Sound (TV)
Allshare** (powerd by Yes
Touch Control Ready No
Smart Phone Remote Yes
Wireless LAN Built-in Yes
Wireless LAN Adapter No
One Foot Connection Yes
Time Shift
BD Wise
Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC) Yes
HDMI 1.4 3D* Auto
HDMI 1.4 A / Return
Ch. Support
InstaPort S (HDMI
quick switch)
Auto Channel Search Yes
Teletext (TTXT)
OSD language
Local Languages
Auto Sound
Calibration (ASC)
Auto Volume Leveler Yes
Auto Power Off
Clock & on/off timer
Sleep timer
Game mode
1 Tuner PIP
DTV Tuner Built-in
DTV Reception(DVBT/T2/C/S2)
MHP/ MHEG (version) No
Input & Output
Component In
Composite In (AV)
2 (1:Common Use for Component Y)
Digital Audio Out
PC In (D-sub)
RF In (Satelite Input)
PC Audio In (Mini
DVI Audio In (Mini
Audio Out L-R (Mini
Ethernet (LAN)
Bezel Type
Super Narrow
Slim Type
Ultra Slim
Front Colour
Light Effect (Deco)
Stand Type
Swivel (left/right)
Eco Sensor
Power Supply
AC220 - 240V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption
3D* Active Glasses
Touch Control
Ultra Slim Wall Mount
Support (Wall Mount
Sold Separately)
Vesa Wall Mount
Support (Wall Mount
Sold Separately)
Remote Controller
Batteries (for Remote
Under 0.1W
1 (Common Use for PC Audio in)
Slim Gender Cable
1 Component (AV share), 1 AV
ANT- Cable
Power Cable
User Manual
* Samsung LED TV’s utilise LCD screens with LED edge lights. For information on viewing in 3D mode Click here
** Due to the various capabilities of different Samsung products featuring Samsung's SmartHub and other content
services, as well as limitations in the available content, certain advertised features, applications and services may
not be available on all devices or in all territories. Some features on SmartHub may also require additional
peripheral devices or additional fees that are sold separately, including internet connection fees. The services and
availability of content through SmartHub are subject to change from time to time andwithout notice. Samsung
takes copyright seriously. Samsung's Personal Video Recorders are intended only for private and domestic use by
a person to enable them to watch orlisten to a television broadcast at a time more convenient than the time when
the broadcast is made. Any other use of a Samsung Personal Video Recorder may be contrary to thelaw,
including copyright law. Samsung does not authorise, sanction, approve or countenance any use of its Personal
Video Recorders, or any other feature or any other productor service that infringes copyright or is otherwise
contrary to law.
** Audio and visual calls require the use of a Samsung Skype Camera which is sold separately and is NOT
INCLUDED with your TV purchase
[email protected] 2007 SAMSUNG. ALL rights reserved
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