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Product Brochure | 01.01
Test & Measurement
Power Supply
100 W and 1, 2 or 3 Channels
Total output power
Output current per channel
All models: 100 W
HMC8041: max. 10 A
HMC8042: max. 5 A
HMC8043: max. 3 A
Create individual V/I curves
directly on the device
Combine electronic fuses
as required
Program a startup curve
directly on the device
Sequenced start of channels
Trigger input
Start and control
EasyArb, et al.
Analog input
Control output channel
with external voltage and
High energy efficiency
Low heat dissipation and
quiet fan
Brilliant Screen
Data logging
QVGA TFT Display
with 320 x 240 Pixels
To USB flash drive in CSV format
Overvoltage (OVP) and Overpower
protection (OPP) for all outputs
Convenient parallel and
serial operation
2 R&S®HMC804x
At a glance
One, two or three channels – R&S®HMC804x power supplies with their
specifications and wide range of functions are ideal for use in development
labs and industrial environments. Thanks to their high energy efficiency, the
linear power supplies remain cool and quiet, even at maximum load. Practical
interfaces and connectors allow users to work quickly and conveniently with
the R&S®HMC804x, even in 19“ racks.
The R&S®HMC804x family consists of three models with a maximum total power
of up to 100 W and a continuous voltage range from 0 V to 32 V. The one-channel
R&S®HMC8041 delivers a maximum of 10 A, the two-channel R&S®HMC8042 a
maximum of 5 A and the three-channel R&S®HMC8043 a maximum of 3 A per
channel. The two-channel and three-channel models enable users to connect
multiple outputs in parallel or in series to increase the voltage or current. The
outputs are galvanically isolated, floating, and protected against overloading and
short circuits. Voltage, current and power values are output on a brilliant QVGA
The R&S®HMC804x offers a wide range of logging functions, an integrated
energy meter and electronic fuses that can be individually combined for
each channel, making it ideal for hardware developers, labs and industrial
environments. Linear switching power supplies ensure high efficiency, for
minimum heat dissipation even at full load. Developers and industrial users
benefit from useful functions such as sequenced start of channels, EasyArb
and EasyRamp functions that are directly programmable on the device, an
analog input for external control of voltage values, an external trigger input
for controlling channels and arb steps, and adjustable overvoltage/overpower
protection for each channel.
All connectors, including SENSE, are available on the rear panel. A cage clamp
facilitates rack installation and deinstallation. The LXI-compliant power supply
can be controlled via LAN, USB or an optional GPIB interface. The CDC (virtual
COM port) and TMC classes are supported for communications via USB. The
remote control commands are based on the SCPI standard.
The R&S®HMC804x power supplies from the Rohde & Schwarz value instruments
product range offer top quality and intelligent, practical functions at an extremely
attractive price.
R&S®HMC804x 3
Key facts
Clear display of all measured parameters
❙❙ Brilliant QVGA color display (320 x 240 pixel)
❙❙ Realtime voltage, current and power values
❙❙ High setting and readback resolution: 1 mV and 0.1 mA/1.0 mA
(depending on current and model)
❙❙ Low residual ripple due to linear postregulation
❙❙ High energy efficiency, low heat dissipation and quiet fan
Remote control
❙❙ USB interface (CDC/virtual COM port, TMC)
❙❙ LAN interface, LXI-compliant
❙❙ Optional GPIB interface
❙❙ Remote control via SCPI-based commands
Galvanically isolated, floating and short-circuit-proof outputs
❙❙ Front panel: 4 mm (0.16 in) safety sockets
(R&S®HMC8041 including SENSE)
❙❙ Rear panel: WAGO cage clamp for all channels including SENSE
❙❙ Convenient parallel and serial operation via
❙❙ V/I tracking
Protective functions adjustable for each channel
❙❙ Overvoltage protection (OVP) for all outputs
❙❙ Overpower protection (OPP) for all outputs
❙❙ FuseLink (freely combinable electronic fuses)
❙❙ FuseDelay (fuse activation delay)
Ideal power supply for hardware developers and labs
❙❙ EasyArb function for user-definable V/I curves
❙❙ EasyRamp for simulating a start-up curve
(directly programmable on device)
❙❙ Sequencing (sequenced start of channels)
❙❙ Energy meter (measurement of energy output)
❙❙ Analog input for external control via voltage (0 V to 10 V)
and current (4 mA to 20 mA)
❙❙ Trigger input for starting/controlling EasyArb
❙❙ Data logging to USB flash drive in CSV format
4 R&S®HMC804x
How the HAMEG R&S®HMC804x meets your needs
Engineering lab
❙❙ FuseLink (freely combinable electronic fuses)
❙❙ EasyArb function for user-definable V/I curves
❙❙ EasyRamp for simulating a start-up curve (directly programmable on device)
❙❙ Built-in energy meter
❙❙ Data logging to USB flash drive in CSV format
❙❙ Analog input for external control via voltage (0 V to 10 V)
and current (4 mA to 20 mA)
❙❙ Trigger input for starting/controlling EasyArb
❙❙ Sequencing (sequenced start of channels)
❙❙ Rear connectors for all channels, including SENSE
❙❙ WAGO cage clamp on the rear panel for easy installation and deinstallation
❙❙ Remote control via SCPI-based commands
❙❙ LAN interface, integrated web server, LXI-compliant
❙❙ Optional GPIB interface (R&S®HMC804xG models)
Automatic test
equipment (ATE)
Ideal for industrial environments
Power supply units in industrial production environments are often found in
19” racks. The HMC804x series instruments are very suitable for this use as all
models can be integrated into 19” racks with the rack mounting kits HZC95.
Two HMC8043 models built side by side result in 6 channels on 2 rack units.
Please ensure sufficient space is available in the rack for adequate cooling
(required minimum space above a HMC804x: 1 rack unit).
Additionally, all front panel connectors plus SENSE lines are located at the
back panel of the instrument. In order to facilitate the regular fitting-out for
calibration the rear panel connector was designed with a WAGO cage clamp.
The complementary part is available as option HZC40.
Base unit
99 W (33 W/Channel, 3 A (max.))
99 W (33 W/Channel, 3 A (max.))
100 W (50 W/Channel, 5 A (max.))
100 W (50 W/Channel, 5 A (max.))
100 W (10 A (max.))
100 W (10 A (max.))
R&S®HMC804x 5
Power Supply
all models
from firmware version 01.104
Electrical Specifications
Total power output
100 W
33 W
50 W
100 W
0 V to 32 V
Current output
max 3 A
max 5 A
max 10 A
Number of outputs
Line & load regulation (SENSE connected)
Constant voltage mode
<0.02% + 3 mV
<0.03% + 5 mV
Constant current mode
<0.03% + 200 µA
¸HMC8042 ¸HMC8041 <0.03% + 300 µA
Voltage ripple 20 Hz to 20 MHz (front connector)
(V=16 V, I=Imax*0.5)
¸HMC8043 ¸HMC8042
450 µVrms / 4 mVpp
all models
1 mVrms / 5 mVpp
typ. <1 mArms
Response time with SENSE
(10 % to 90 % load change)
1 ms (±20 mV)
Max SENSE compensation
1 V
Programming accuracy (23° C ±5° C)
6 R&S®HMC804x
<0.05% + 2 mV
<0.05% + 2 mA
typ. <0.05% + 1 mA (I <100 mA)
Positive voltage change
no load
10 ms + µC-time
with resistive load
10 ms + µC-time
Negative voltage change
no load
500 ms + µC-time
with resistive load
10 ms + µC-time
Command processing time
<30 ms
Over Voltage Protection
Over Power Protection
Energy Meter
EasyRamp time
10 ms to 10 s
<0.1% + 5 mA
typ. <0.1% + 2 mA (I <100 mA)
Electronic Fuse
<0.2% + 10 mA
typ. <0.2% + 4 mA (I <100 mA)
Fuse trip time
<10 ms
Fuse linking
<100 µs + trip time of linked channel
Fuse delay
10 ms to 10 s
Analog Interface
all models
1 mV
¸HMC8043 ¸HMC8042 0.1 mA (I <1 A)
1 mA (I >1 A)
0.5 mA (I <1 A)
1 mA (I >1 A)
Voltage to earth
250 VDC
Reverse voltage
max. 33 V
Inverse voltage
max. 0.4 V
Max. current allowed in case of
inverse voltage
3 A
Supplemental characteristics
Front connectors
Rear connectors
Current ripple 20 Hz to 20 Mhz
(V=16 V, I=Imax*0.5)
all models
<0.2% +10 mA
typ. <0.2% + 4 mA (I <100 mA)
¸HMC8042 ¸HMC8041
<0.05% + 2 mA
typ. <0.05% + 1 mA (I <100 mA)
<0.1% + 5 mA
typ. <0.05% + 2 mA (I <100 mA)
Readback accuracy (23° C ±5° C)
Voltage output
all models
Maximum power per channel
Voltage programming speed (within 1 % of total excursion)
<0.05% + 2 mV
Temperature coefficient
±(% of output + offset) (per K)
4 mm saftey sockets
Wago male connector (713-1428/037-000),
8 x 2-pole, pin spacing 3.5 mm / 0.138 in
voltage: <0.02 % + 3 mV
current: <0.02 % + 3 mA
Output voltage overshoot during
turn-off of AC power with
activated channel output
100 mV
Over temperature protection
Shunt resistance
(4 mA to 20 mA)
250 Ohm
Input resistance 0 V to 10 V
>10 kOhm
Acquisition rate V/I interface
10 Sa/s
Response time V/I interface
<150 ms
14 bit
Trigger Input
Trigger response time
<1 ms
Min. trigger interval
10 ms
Trigger level
Edge direction
rising, falling
Arbitrary (EasyARB)
Voltage, current, time, interpolation mode
Number of Points
max. 512
Dwell time
10 ms to 600 s
Repetition rate
continous or burst mode with 1 to 255
manually, interface, trigger input
Sampling rate
1000 Sa/s,100 Sa/s,10 Sa/s,
1 to 3600 Sa/s
1 mV / 0.1 mA (<100 Sa/s)
10 mV / 1 mA (1000 Sa/s)
¸HMC8042 /
1 mV / 1 mA (<100 Sa/s);
10 mV / 10 mA (1000 Sa/s)
Internal or external memory
(USB memory sticks)
Maximum number of points
limited by memory
Output Sequencing
<100 µs
Delay per channel
1 ms to 60 s
Recommended Accessories
19“ rackmount kit
for HMC series, 2 HE
Female connector
with ejectors, 8x2-pole
Remote Interfaces
(LXI), GPIB (optional)
Input power option
100 VAC to 240 VAC (±10 %) 50/60 Hz
Maximum input power
200 W
T3, 15L 250 V
Operating temperature
0 °C to +40 °C
Storage temperature
-20 °C to +70 °C
5 % to 80 %
3.5” / QVGA
Dimensions (H x W x D)
88 x 222 x 280 mm
Rack mount capability
(half 19“)
2.6 kg
IEEE-488 (GPIB) bus
interface cable
5x silicon test lead
HZ10S: black, HZ10R: red, HZ10B: blue
The specifications are based on a 30 min warm-up period.
Accessories included:
Line cord, printed operating m
­ anual, software-CD
Printed operating manual
Benutzerhandbuch / User Manual
Power Supply
User Manual
R&S®HMC804x 7
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