Sputter Coater (Polaron)

Sputter Coater (Polaron)
Sputter Coater
User Manual
2nd Edition Sept 2012 NR
I) Check the following on the front panel
• LEAK valve is closed (clockwise).
• VENT valve is closed (clockwise).
• The timer is set to the desired time.
• VOLTAGE CONTROL set to zero.
II) Loading specimens
• Put on a pair of gloves.
• Open Ar gas cylinder, gas pressure 20~30 psi.
• Open the top plate of the sample chamber.
• Place the sample mount in the sample holder.
• Close the top plate of sample chamber.
III) Pumping
• Wait for the vacuum gauge to indicate 0.1 mbar.
May take up to 20min.
IV) Flushing Chamber
• Open the LEAK valve by rotating it counterclockwise
until the vacuum gauge indicates 0.5 mbar, wait for
10 seconds.
• Close the LEAK valve, wait the system to pump
down to 0.07~0.08 mbar.
• Open the LEAK valve again to flush argon for 10
seconds with the gauge indicating 0.5 mbar.
• Close the LEAK valve and pump down to about 0.06
mbar, wait about 5 minutes.
V) Coating Specimens
• Open LEAK valve to ~0.14 mbar (marked).
• Turn voltage control knob to 2.5 kV.
• Switch to SET HT, quickly check current is reading
~18mA and switch to CONTROL.
• Press start and deposition will occur for specified
time. Approximately 13.5nm/minute.
WARNING: If pressure is too high fuse will blow!
VI) Shutdown
• Turn voltage to zero.
• Close LEAK valve.
• Open VENT valve slowly to let Ar bring the chamber
back to atmospheric pressure.
VII) Clean-up
• Take out sample and close the top plate of sample
• Close gas cylinder.
• Close the VENT valve.
•Clean chamber with ethanol and Chem Wipe.
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