Mipro MA-101 Operating instructions

Mipro MA-101 Operating instructions
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PART NAMES AND FUNCTIONS---------------------- 1,2
OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS-------------------------- 3
REPLACING THE MA-101 BATTERY----------------- 4
SYSTEMS AND SPECIFICATIONS-------------------- 5
FEATURES----------------------------------------------------- 6
SPECIFICATIONS-------------------------------------------- 6
FREQUENCY RESPONSE-------------------------------- 7
Many thanks for your purchasing the MIPRO's multipurpose PA system. Before using, carefully read this manual
in order to understand the correct operating methods and
achieve the best result.
Fixed Handle: For convenient carrying by hand.
Speaker: Sound projects in the direction it is pointed.
Mic In Jack: Accepts a 6.3mm plug wired microphone.
Power Switch/Volume Control: Turn clockwise past the click for
power on and volume control for the wireless microphone.
Power Indicator: Red light illuminates when power is turned on to
denote normal power status.
Charging Indicator:
Red light indicates the battery is weak and needs charging.
Charging takes minimum 4 hours.
Green blinking light indicates charging is in progress.
Solid green light indicates the battery is fully charged.
This system is equipped with auto cut-off charger. When
battery is weak (red light), power will cut-off automatically to
avoid any damages that could cause by power over-drain.
Auxiliary Input Jack: Uses 3.5mm "minijack" plug. Accepts
external audio inputs, such as portable cassette and CD players.
DC Power Input Jack: Plug into DC charger (supplied) for battery
charging. The inner conductor is positive and should be
connected to 18VDC 10%, +2.5A.
Body: Houses all electronic components.
Shoulder Carry Belt: May be stored inside the Battery
Battery Compartment: The rechargeable battery is located behind
the battery compartment door.
Microphone Stand Mount: For convenient mounting on a standard
35mm threaded microphone stand.
Personal PA System and wire microphone use :
a) Plug the 6.3mm connector into Mic-in jack (3) and connect
Jack into the wired mic. Turn switch/volume knob(4) clockwise
to the right. when LED(5) indicator light is red, then the unit is
b) Power on wire transmitter.
c) Adjust volume level (4) clockwise to desired loudness.
Battery Charging Procedures:
a) Please make sure the inbuilt rechargeable batteries are fully
charged before and after use. Battery itself has such a special
characteristic of self-discharging gradually over a long period of
time. Therefore, if the system will not be used for a long
period of time, please make sure the batteries are fully
charged before storing them properly. Company Warranty
DOES NOT apply to over-discharged batteries, hence, please
ensure the batteries are recharged every 3 months.
b) Simply plug the connector of the supplied DC adapter to the
DC 18V Power Input Jack (8) and plug the other end into an
available AC socket.
c) Charging begins immediately, and will be indicated by a
flashing green LED. If the green LED is not flashing, it may
due to excessive power over-drain and it takes longer for the
greed LED to flash. This is normal and not faulty. If after a
while and still no flashing green LED, the battery may be faulty.
d) If a battery replacement is needed, open the battery
compartment and exchange with a new battery. Insert the
battery with the right polarity.
e) Battery is an expendable item. Under normal operation,
MIPRO offers one year limited warranty.
f) When experiencing short operating time after batteries are fully
charged, it is often a sign with aging batteries. Both
rechargeable batteries must be replaced at your earliest
Auxiliary In
a) Connect a line-level source, such as portable cassette or CD
player into the Aux input jack(7).
b) Power on PA system (4) and adjust for volume loudness.
a) Hand Carrying: Remove the shoulder belt (10) and store in the
Battery Compartment (11) directly above the battery. Use the
Fixed Handle for transport.
b) Shoulder Carrying: Remove shoulder belt (10) from the Battery
Compartment (11) and hook the connector around the rod on
top of the unit, between the Fixed Handle and the Speaker.
c) Mic Stand Mounting: The MA-101 will fit directly on top of a
mic stand using the threaded mount(12) with no additional
hardware. Simply align the hold with the protruding end of the
mic stand and thread it on the stand.
With proper care and charging, it is unlikely that it will be
necessary to replace the MA-101 battery. However, there is an access
panel provided for this purpose. If extended periods of use are required
without time to recharge the battery, you may wish to have a second
battery fully charged and ready to install and use once the existing on
is drained. The battery is a standard 12V/2.7A gel cell and is available
from MIPRO.
1. Lay the PA system on a flat surface.
2. Press down on the two fasteners at the top of battery compartment.
The compartment door will now swing down on its hinge.
3. Remove the interior rear panel of the battery compartment by sliding
it up. Use caution, as the battery may "spring" forward when you
release this panel. Carefully remove the battery.
4. Insert a fully charged battery, observed the correct polarity. The two
terminals on the battery should be near the top of the battery with
the printed side up. This alignment corresponds with the springs and
terminals inside the unit.
5. Press the battery into the unit, holding it firmly against the springs,
while sliding the rear panel back into space. This may require two
6. Close the battery compartment door. Lift up on the two fasteners
until they "click" into place.
Power Output
27 W RMS / 4 W
<1 %
Audio Input
Line-in socket
Built-in 5 inch high sensitivity
Full range speaker
Power Supply
12/2.7AH rechargeable battery
and intelligent charger
with 90~260V AC adapter
Charging Time
4 hours Automatic rechargeable
battery management
Operating Time
8 hours talk time
285(L) x 160(W), 178(H)
11.2(L) x 6.3(W) x 7.0(H)
2.95 Kgs / 6.5 lbs. (with battery)
Exterior Colors
MIPRO MM-101 is a handheld microphone
designed specially for the PA system. It is equipped with a
premium MIPRO dynamic microphone capsule. Featuring
high sensitivity, wide dynamic range and smooth frequency
response which brings accuracy, clear and warmth in vocal
Uniform cardioid pickup pattern isolates the main sound source and
minimizes background noise. Its precise polar pattern permits
outstanding gain-before-feedback.
Smooth frequency response brings natural vocal reproduction.
Capsule Type : Dynamic Microphone
Frequency Response : 50 to 18,000Hz (see Figure 1)
Sensitivity : Open Circuit Voltage : -52dBV/Pa (0dB=1V)
Self-Noise : 25dB typical. A-weighting
Maximum SPL :
Dynamic Range :
Signal-to-Noise Ratio :
Net weights : 165gs
69dB at 94dB SPL (1Pa)
A: Frequency Response, Magn dB re 1.000Pa/V
Mode: SSR
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