English - Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada

English - Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada
Blood pressure is the measure of the force on the walls of your arteries
as your blood circulates.
What do the numbers mean?
1 20 <= The top number occurs when your heart
beats and pumps blood.
8 O <= Diastolic
The bottom number occurs when your
heart relaxes and fills with blood.
Normal blood pressure is between 120-129/80-84 mm Hg.
Blood pressure that is consistently more than 140/20 mm Hg when
measured in the doctor's office or 135/85 mm Hg when measured at
home is considered high. If you have diabetes, 140/20 mm Hg is high.
Why keep a log of my home blood pressure readings?
Take your blood pressure twice a day — morning and evening — and
write it down. It allows you and your healthcare provider to see how your
medications are working and how lifestyle changes you may be making
(diet, salt intake, smoking cessation, etc.) affect your blood pressure.
Choosing a home blood pressure monitor and cuff
For the Monitor:
* Use an approved device. See list at hypertension.ca
For the right-sized Cuff:
* Measure around your bare upper arm midway between shoulder
and elbow. Match the measurement with the cuff sizes provided
for the blood pressure machine (see monitor user manual).
Getting ready
* Do not exercise, smoke or drink coffee, tea or cola (any drink containing
caffeine) in the 30 minutes before
Do not measure your blood pressure when you are upset or in pain
Be in a calm, warm environment
Empty your bladder or bowel
Sit quietly and calmly with your back against a firm surface and your arm
supported on a table or firm surface at heart level for 5 minutes
Taking your blood pressure
* Do not speak
* Be seated
* Keep back supported
e Keep legs uncrossed
e Keep feet flat on the floor
e Ensure arm is supported
e Place cuff on bare arm,
3 cm above fold of elbow,
at heart level
If you have more questions, or are unclear about any of this information,
ask your healthcare provider.
For more information, visit heartandstroke.ca F14 VI
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