520 Options - Beachcomber Home & Leisure

520 Options - Beachcomber Home & Leisure
520 Options
Beachcomber does not recommend ozone. We recommend simple, safe and proven sanitizers, with a line of
Beachcomber water care products. But we do offer an ozone system, as an available optional equipment
component on our hot tubs. Your comfort and safety is important to us and we have worked closely with
independent laboratories to ensure our method is as safe as possible for you and your family. For more
information on ozone for hot tubs, contact your local Beachcomber dealership.
Holiday Tender Go on holiday and forget about checking up on your hot tub because this automatic tender system is on the job.
The chlorine or bromine puck-feeding Dispenser sanitizes and cleans hot tub water while you're away.
The right lighting enhances your hot tubbing experience by creating just the right mood. The Everlite™, made with
MicroStar LED technology does that and more. Its innovative design will keep your hot tub lit perfectly because it
never burns out.
Create an even more soothing environment with this option. EverLite™ technology installed under the hot tub lip
Garden Package on all four sides provides lighting for safety and mood. The light cycles slowly from white to red to blue
illuminating the tub perimeter with a subtle, ever-changing spectrum.
Hush Pump™
Lower your operating costs by adding this high-quality, low-draw alternate pump that keeps water heated and
circulating more quietly than a full-size pump on low-speed. The Hush Pump™ handles 27 gallons a minute and
will completely circulate the water in our largest hot tub 100 times per day, circulating water for enhanced
sanitation and efficient heating.
Power Guard
1.5 lb. 4 in
Increase the energy efficiency of your hot tub with this Power Smart™ cover's sturdy foam insulation lowers the
cost of heating your hot tub. The cover slants from 4 to 3 inches to let water drain off efficiently
1 hp motor
Decrease power
from 220v to
Beachcomber Hot Tubs are engineered for the best efficiency to maximize your massage. The upgrade lets you
increase pump horsepower by 25% to 50%, which boosts the water flow that powers the massage jets. For those
that absolutely must have the most horsepower.
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