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Optical Power Meter
RC-PM3211 Optical Power Meter is a handheld optical power meter, newly released in
2007, which can be used for absolute optical power measurements as well as for relative loss
measurements in optic fiber networks. An Ø 1.0mm photosensitive area photodiode is used to
significantly improve the stability and the reliability. It features ingenious appearance, wide
range of power measurement, high accuracy, user self-calibration function and reference
power level storage.
Wide dynamic measurement range (up to 80dB)
Reference power level storage(Ref Setting)
User self-calibration function
Comfortable LCD display and backlight LCD display supports night operation.
Power measurements in dBm or mw and insertion loss in dB
10 minutes Auto-off function can be activated or deactivated.
AA alkaline batteries can last more than 140 hours, AC adaptor also available
Low battery indication
Telecom Maintenance
CATV Maintenance
Fiber Optic lab testing
Other Fiber Optic Measurements
Rev B 2010-07-13
Optical Power Meter
Detector Type
Detector Size
Measurement Range (dBm)
Ø 1.0mm
Calibrated Wavelength(nm)
Power Supply
Battery Operating Time
± 5%
Optical Connector
FC(interchangeable SC,ST) / as well as 2.5mm universal
Alkaline Battery(3 AA 1.5V batteries); AC Adaptor(9V)
140 h with 1.5V Battery(3pcs)
Operating Temperature(℃)
-10 ~ +60
Storage Temperature(℃)
-25 ~ +70
Relative Humidity
0 to 95% (non-condensing)
Standard Packages
All RC-PM3211 Models
RC-PM3211 Optical Power Meter, 3pcs 1.5V batteries, AC
Adaptor, User Manual, Cotton Stick and Soft carrying case.
Rev B 2010-07-13
Optical Power Meter
Optical Adapters for Optical Power Meter Output
Option 1: FC, SC, ST Interchangeable / 2.5mm universal connector adapter Port
is the most commonly used connector type for Raycore
Optical power meters. It features:
a) Interchangeable FC, SC, ST connector adapters, which
means the user can choose any of the FC, SC, ST adapters to
be fixed well with the connectors. Changing the adapter is
very simple: unscrew one and screw in the next. Please refer
to the picture below for a better understanding.
b) 2.5mm Universal connector adapter. After unscrewing
any of the interchangeable connector adapters, the user will
see a fixed 2.5mm metal plug which we call a 2.5mm
universal connector adapter. It can accept most of the 2.5mm
diameter ferrule connectors, such as FC,SC, ST,DIN, E2000 and SMA. It means that with one
plug a variety of connectors can be connected as long as the ferrule diameter is 2.5mm. These
connectors however use only a push/pull mechanism and cannot to be fixed or screwed.
Please refer to the right picture for a better understanding.
Note: Usually, if no customer special requests, we will use this type connector port as
the standard adaptor for our Handheld optical power meters.
Option 2: LC, SC, ST, FC Interchangeable adapters Port (No Universal Adapter
To meet the requirements of the LC connector type, we
specially released the Option 2 interchangeable connector
adapters. It features:
a) LC, SC, ST, FC connector adapters can be
interchangeable, which means the user can choose any
one of LC,SC ,ST and FC adapters to be fixed well with the
connectors. Changing the adapter is very simple, unscrew
one and screw in the next. Please refer to the picture below
for a better understanding.
b) No universal connector adapter available.
Please refer to the pictures below for a better understanding!
Rev B 2010-07-13
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