Kullanım Kılavuzu copy

Kullanım Kılavuzu copy
1 Regular cleaning is a must for carpets. This is not done by pressing the dust
settles into the carpet
2 Carpet cleaning that should not be whipped, beaten, if possible, should not be
cleaned daily with a vacuum cleaner
3 Carpets should not be washed. Carpets should be cleaned using a shampoo. In
accordance with the instructions absolutely must be cleaned with just shampoo foam
4 After cleaning, the carpet should be dried in a short time should never be left
damp. Drying should be done under the sun. If the carpet is wet moldy studies
can be welded deformed left malaria.
5 The carpet cleaning, hard surface cleaners, bleach, should be kept away from
substances such as hydrochloric acid. For general cleaning, carpet shampoo
will suffice. Cleaning agents used in the wrong color as the carpet leads to
differences in damage and discolouration
6 Hard objects and items must not be placed on the same place for a long time.
7 Regardless of carpet face yarn type and water at 50 ° C on tea, iron and so on.
Do not contact any of the material
8 Liquid spilled on the carpet immediately absorbent cloth, paper towel and be
absorbed by the vacuum cleaner and carpet stain removal process as our
instructions should be carried out according to the type of spilled material
9 Experts should be consulted for spots formed on the carpet carpet cleaner.
10 Carpeted floors manner not in use cases should be kept in a place with no moisture should be placed vertically on a roll and putting nothing. There is no need
to put mothballs between the carpet you use the opportunity to open within
a few months
11 Do not scratch the surface of the carpet with a frequency of 500,000 or more
with a pointed tip and sharp objects. Because lying flat on the ends with strain
between the pile, due to frequent carpet pile will not be able correct themselves. This will cause deformation of the carpet pile once
12 Carpets should not be left in direct sunlight for a long time
13 Carpet beneath the weight, when asked to pull off, removed the overlook and
back mesh should be careful not to tear
14 Carpets of hard and sharp objects should be careful not to damage during
15 Use density and intensity of use in the carpet surface so that it is inevitable
that differences between regions where less. You need to change the direction of the carpet at regular intervals to prevent it; thus prevents the production of non-welded shadows
16 Produced staple fiber (wool and acrylic) an amount of hair loss in the carpet
swept the carpet with a powerful vacuum cleaner on a regular basis, though
inevitably it will be reduced to almost nothing in a short time
17 Footprints seen in the cut-end carpet. This is proportional to the brightness of
the yarn used in the manufacture of carpets. That's why this particular type of
carpet to use a lot of intensity, which should be considered when
18 When you put away again from the same whether used carpet will occur
before the absolute difference between the two carpets. While the second
carpet, this should be taken into account
19 Polypropylene in the carpet, because of the fibers used in making carpets
feature easy and as soon as felting, deformed etc. such adverse events may
occur. These carpets are used where there is less necessity of retrieving the
intensity of use should be considered
20 Open floor carpet show dirt more easily and more difficult to clean. Carpet
selection to determine the background color according to the situation of the
place will be used when it will be useful for further ease of use
21 All stains without damaging any stain remover stain Please note that goods
can not never completely remove
22 Leather carpets may be differences in color within the same group of products
to be produced from natural materials. Is identical in size due to the natural
material is not said standard production. There may be differences between
carpets from the same group
1 Stains should be immediate intervention occurs soon. Otherwise, it can be difficult to remove stains or may never be possible.
2 Stain removing the purposes of substances that can cause stains, remove it
from a chemical process should be exercised on the carpet. Possible should be
absorbed from the stain on the carpet before the application of any chemical
substance on the carpet.
3 Rub it against the stain is not true, it would lead to permeate into the carpet
4 If you try to remove stains with carpet shampoo, you must use only the foam
shampoo. If you use a shampoo or water, you may cause a dirty image.
5 In the pile of the carpet and permanent tissue damage should be done to
avoid cleaning with chemicals, such as bleach, only recommended carpet cleaning products should be used.
6 To distribute the stain on the carpet stains need to clean the outside to the
7 After cleaning, dry spots may become visible again on the carpet. Why, from
the rope along with the correct stroke and institution of the pile bottom, which
can be dry during the dissolution of the stain to dry towards the pile of stain
reappears. Therefore, you may need to practice a few times the stain removal
8 Fancy yarn produced in our product "User's Guide" included in the inventory is
not valid.
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