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ProScale Analog and HDMI Scaler / Switcher
X-Storm™ Scaling Technology - Ocean Matrix's extremely high performance scaling technology. High-quality 3:2 and 2:2 pull down de-interlacing
and full up and down scaling of computer graphics video input signals. • Fade-Thru-Black (FTBT) Switching - When switching between analog
inputs, the video fades to black and then the new input fades from black for glitch-free and smooth switching. The output signal provides
constant sync so the display never glitches. • HDTV Compatible. • HDCP Compliant - The HDCP (High Definition Content Protection) license
agreement allows copy-protected data on the HDMI input to pass only to the HDMI output. • Video Inputs - 1 RCA (composite video), 1 4-pin
(s-Video), 2x3 RCA (component video), 1 15-pin HD (computer graphic video) & 2 HDMI. • HDTV Compatible Component Input. • Scaled Outputs
- A single output signal simultaneously available in 3 formats: HDMI, 5 BNC, & 15-pin HD connectors. • 18 Output Resolutions - Up to WUXGA
OMX-4370XL • Reg. $1295.00 Discount
(1920x1200). • HDTV Output Resolutions - Up to 1080p. • Audio Inputs - 7 unbalanced on terminal blocks. • Multi-Standard - PAL & NTSC. •
Audio Delay - 40ms, 110ms, 150ms, or disable. • Companion AFV (Audio-Follow-Video) - Stereo audio for every input. • Built-in ProcAmp - Color, hue, sharpness, noise, contrast, and brightness. • Front
Panel Control - Audio mute, video blanking & freeze frame. • Front Panel Lockout. • Multiple Aspect Ratio Selections - Full, overscan, underscan, letter box & panscan. • Flexible Control Options - Front
panel buttons, Ethernet, IR remote with OSD (on-screen display) & RS-232. • Worldwide Power Supply - 100-240V AC. • Worldwide Power Supply - 1U. Rack "ears" included.
OMX-7280 9-Input Digital Scaler/Switcher with HDMI Outputs & PIP
The OMX-7280 is a 9-input scaler/switcher for analog and digital video and unbalanced stereo and
S/PDIF audio signals. It scales any composite, s-Video (Y/C), component video (YUV), HDMI or computer graphics video signal and jpeg files via USB up or down to a selectable graphics or HDTV
output resolution. It provides glitch-free switching between sources through Fade-thru-Black switching technology. The Ocean Matrix 7280 features Silicon Optix HQV (Hollywood Quality Video) processing with the highest quality de-interlacing, noise reduction, and scaling performance for both standard-definition and
high-definition signals.
See our website for full specs.
OMX-7280 • Reg. $1495.00 Discount $1185.75
Hall Research SC-VGA-2B VGA/HDTV Scalable
Resolution/Format and Mirroring Converter Video Processor
• Any PC or HDTV video signal can be scaled up or scaled down to
any other PC or HDTV resolution
• Adjustable output frame rate
• Additional loop-out to bypass signal processing
• Large Video memory for real-time frame rate capture & conversion
• Signal format conversion between RGBHV and YPbPr
• Automatically detects input mode and timing parameters
• Allows adjustment of sampling clock, phase, & position on screen
• Easy- to- use push buttons and OSD menu control
• Horizontal mirroring
TV1-AVT3320 • Reg. $99.00 Discount $84.15
Video-PC/HD or DVI Scalers
The SC-VGA-2B is a high-performance universal VGA/HDTV to VGA/HDTV Scan Rate converter with
a local loop out with a scaling (Up/Down) mirroring capabilities.
HRT-SCVGA2B • Reg. $385.00 Discount $365.75
ImageMax Plus Video Scaler
• Enjoy HDTV picture quality with antiflicker technology • Upgrades your standard DVD Player to a high-end Progressive
Scan model • 3D Comb Filter for precise
color management • Aspect Ratio of 4:3
or 16:9 • 3:2 Pull Down auto detection •
Compatible with any Display with RGBHV (VGA-type) or YpBpR Input • Inputs: Composite Video, SVideo, YCbCr Component Video • PC Loop-thru connector via HD-15 • PC-type Outputs: VGA 640x480,
SVGA 800x600, XGA 1024x768 and SXGA 1280x1024 • HDTV-type Outputs: 480p (576p in PAL),
720p, 1080i • IR Remote Control Included • Saturation, Contrast, Hue and Brightness adjustments • Better Brightness & Contrast function for large screen displays • Size: 1.75"H x 8.1" W x 6.2"D • YPbPr Output Cable Assembly
Included (HD15 to 3 RCA Connectors) • RGBHV Output Cable Assembly Included (HD15 to HD15) • Composite
and S-Video Input Cables Included • One-Year Limited Warranty
TV1-AVT3800 • Reg. $495.00 Discount $420.75
Audio Authority 1366 Bidirectional VGA
to Component Video Scaler with Overscan
This versatile scaler adds enhanced functionality compared
to the popular model 1365, with wider resolution support,
an improved menu system, a passthrough jack, and oft-requested overscan control for improving screen fit. The PC /
HD scaler can convert either VGA to component, component
to VGA, VGA to VGA, or component to component, while
preserving the original signal via the passthrough jack. • PC
input resolutions: RGBHV signals from VGA through WUXGA
• HDTV input resolutions: 480i through 1080p @ 60Hz • PC
output resolutions: RGBHV signals from VGA through
WUXGA • HDTV output resolutions: 480i through 1080p @
60Hz • Overscan, aspect ratio, and other scaling adjustments
• OSD user interface (On Screen Display) • Contrast, brightness, hue, saturation, sharpness, RGB
levels, and aspect ratio adjustments for output signals • Passthrough output preserves the original
source video format • Locking power connector ensures system stability • Includes VGA-15 to 3RCA cable • 1 x 4.16 x 6.18
AA-1366 • Reg. $369.00 Discount $332.10
AVT-3320 Video to PC Up Converter
Composite Video Input via RCA connector • S-Video Input val 4-Pin MiniDIN connector • SVGA/XGA/SXGA/UXGA Output direct to PC monitor •
Motion Adaptive Y/C Separation of Composite Video (3D Comb Filtering) •
Motion Adaptive 3D YNR/CNR Noise Reduction for Y/C Video Input • Automatic 2:2 and 3:2 Film Mode Detection • No need to move wiring around
• NTSC and PAL Automatic Input Detection • H-W-D: 0.9"x3.9"x2.5"
(24x100x64mm) • Weight: 7 oz (200g) • 3.3VDC Powered • 100-240VAC
Adapter supplied
Converts Composite, S-Video or YCbCr Component to selectable output of either RGBHV or YPbPr format. Model TVV1280HD provides an HD output, while model
TV-V1280DVI provides a DVI output. The integral processor
provides control over many signal parameters, such as: Contrast,
Brightness, Hue and Color. Both are 5VDC. • Ultra Compact, High
Performance Unit • Convert Video to Analog PC or HDTV • Convert Video to DVI PC or HDTV • Convert 480i YCbCr to Analog or
DVI • PC Resolutions up to 1280x1024 • Most HDTV Resolutions
• Locking DC Power Connector for Security
Video to HD Scaler......................................................................................Discount $254.15
TV1-V1280DVI Video to HD via DVI-I Scaler. ....................................................................Discount $254.15
Task PC-HDTV & PC-PC Scaler
• Input resolution is automatically detected and can either be RGBHV, YPbPr or YCbCr format • In addition to PC
to PC and PC to HDTV conversions, the unit can take a 480i Component Video signal (standard NTSC) and convert
it to PC or HDTV resolutions • Output resolution and refresh rate is selected via push buttons and OSD Menu •
12VDC powered and with included power supply • HD-15 Female input & output • 2 Lbs.
PC/HDTV to PC/HDTV Scaler Input: PC up to SXGA and HDTV 480p, 576p, 720p, 1080i;
Output: PC up to SXGA and HDTV 480p, 576p, 720p, 1080i...............Discount $254.15
TV1 1T-C2-400 PC/HD Video Scaler
1T-C2-400 PC/HD Scaler is based on TV One's exclusive
CORIO2T technology and provides bidirectional, high
quality conversion between Computer and HDTV signals
in a compact package. Both input and output support any
computer resolution up to 2048x2048 at any vertical refresh rate and all HDTV resolutions up to 1080p. Cross
conversion within formats is also supported. The wide variety of computer signal formats available support PC, Mac
and Workstation formats as well as analog HDTV display devices. All the functions can be controlled via the front
panel Push Buttons, an Infrared Control Remote Unit or via an RS-232 connection.
1T-C2-400 • Reg. $395.00 Discount $335.75
TV One WUXGA Theater Up Converter
with TV Tuner
“Up Converts” to 1920 x 1200!
Converts standard TV to HDTV format
Supports NTSC and PAL signals
Hi-Res PC Video output to 1920x1200
IR Remote Control and OSD (On Screen Display)
IR Extender for more Flexible Operation
Light Weight
Small Footprint
• Composite or Component Inputs
• Supports Most Video Games
• Integrated CATV 125 Channel Tuner
• 3 Years Parts and Labor Warranty
• Ergonomically Friendly Design
TV1-AVT3420 • Reg. $159.00 Discount $135.15
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