Dual Mode Call Blocker (Version 2.0)

Dual Mode Call Blocker (Version 2.0)
(Version 2.0)
Dual Mode Call Blocker
Operations Manual (Advanced Mode)
1. Create White List.
Setting Up
Option 1 - In Line
Option 2 – Parallel
Wall Jack
Wall Jack
Line Splitter
2. Set VOICE to A
for AT&T / Vtech
Press and hold ACCEPT button to start.
Use UP/DOWN button to choose number, press REJECT button to move
to next digit. Use DELETE button to make corrections.
When all done, press ACCEPT button to save the number to White List.
Repeat above steps to add more numbers.
Press HOME to exit when finished.
Video instruction available on website (www.plugnblock.com)
Recommended for
Panasonic / Uniden
Toggle VOICE button to set to A (English)
This is the Advanced Blocking mode with SENTRY’s Stop and Check.
3. Checking Call Log
When NEW flashes, it indicates unchecked incoming calls.
Use UP/DOWN button to check call log.
White List is key
To get the best result, you need to have a White List that includes
most of your 'good' callers' phone numbers. White list callers will
bypass SENTRY's Stop and Check procedure.
Please watch video instructions for details (www.plugnblock.com)
4. Checking White/Black List
To check if a number is on White List, press ACCEPT/WHITELIST button then
use UP/DOWN button to go through the White List. (Same for Black List)
5. Adding a number to White/Black List
From Home screen, press UP/DOWN to find the number.
Press and hold ACCEPT/REJECT button until DONE flashes. Now the
number is on White/Black List.
6. Removing a number from White/Black List
Press WHITE LIST button to show list, press UP/DOWN to find the number.
Press DELETE twice quickly to erase that number.
Same for Black List.
7. Block all No Caller ID call
On Home screen, press and hold REJECT button until you see BLOCK NO CID.
All calls not showing caller id will be blocked.
To turn off, press and hold REJECT button until BLOCK NO CID disappears.
8. Screen Brightness
On Home screen, press and hold UP button until you see LCD on screen.
Press UP button to adjust brightness levels, then press HOME to set.
9. Setting time on Home Screen
Press and hold VOICE button until date/time line blinks
Use UP/DOWN button to choose number, press ACCEPT to move to next.
Press Home to save when done.
Screen time may not be accurate due to power fluctuations in the phone line.
10. Turn off SENTRY’s ringer
On Home screen, press and hold DOWN button until you see DONE.
To turn on the ringer, press and hold DOWN button until you see DONE.
Common Problems
Getting Jammed and Reset
If you get no response from pressing buttons, the system is jammed. Please
reset SENTRY. Just unplug from and plug back to the TO LINE jack. Resetting
will not affect the saved data except for the screen time.
Caller ID not showing on my phone
While connecting in series, some phones (Panasonic and Uniden) can not
display caller id. Using Parallel connection will solve the problem.
Blank Screen
You may have inadvertently dimmed the screen.
Press and hold UP button for 3 seconds, release and quickly press the same
UP button a few times to see the change of screen, choose LCD 5 and press
HOME to save.
11. Using Basic Mode
Toggle VOICE button to OFF.
SENTRY now blocks callers on Black List only.
You can still block all No CID calls. Please refer to 7.
More Questions? Call SENTRY Support: 714.361.4615
e-mail: [email protected]
For more information, please visit www.plugnblock.com
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