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Canon GL-2 White Balance
How To Set White Balance On The
Canon GL-2.
The camcorder's auto white balance system compensates for a wide range
of lighting conditions. Although slight variations are unavoidable, colors will
appear natural in virtually every situation.
In some cases, you will get better results by setting the white balance
yourself, or using one of the two preset modes:
Indoor Mode
• Under halogen or studio/video lighting
• Subject is of one dominant color
• Close-ups
Outdoor mode
• In daylight, especially for close-ups and when the subject is of one
dominant color
1 Set the program selector to .
2 a) For auto, indoor or outdoor white balance, press the W. BALANCE
SELECT button.
/ appears in the display when you set the white balance to the
indoor/outdoor mode.
b) For setting the white balance manually:
Point the camcorder at a white object (such as a sheet of paper) and
zoom in until it fills the display.
Press the W. BALANCE SELECT button.
appears in the display.
set button.
flashes quickly in the display and then remains lit, to show
that the camcorder has set the white balance.
Depending on the light source, the flashing may at times
change to a slower speed, rather than remaining lit. The
result will remain better than with the auto setting, and
you can continue recording.
• Turn the digital zoom off (if necessary) to set a more accurate white
• If the lighting conditions change, reset the white balance by first returning
to the auto setting, and then reselecting the manual balance.
• Try to record with light from a single source. Correct white balance cannot
be obtained for two types of lighting at once.
• You cannot set the white balance manually or use the indoor/outdoor
modes when the program selector is set to the
(Easy Recording)
• The camcorder returns to auto white balance when the program selector is
set to
(Easy Recording).
• When you turn the camcorder on, the white balance returns to auto white
balance. If you then press the WHITE BALANCE
button, the
camcorder will remember your last setting.
• If you shoot with studio/video lighting, use the
(indoor) mode.
During normal outdoor shooting, setting the camcorder to auto white balance
may provide better results. 
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