Instruction Guide
• Fuzzes up your guitar signal, then duplicates it two octaves down
• You control output, plus the mix between the effect and dry signal
• Try it for attention-getting solos with huge, room-filling ambience!
To set up the Blue Box, plug your instrument into the Input jack and your amplifier into the
Output jack. Start with the Output knob all the way up (clockwise), and the Blend knob all
the way down (counterclockwise). Turn on the effect with the footswitch toggle, making sure
the red LED is ON to indicate that the effect is active. Then gradually raise the Blend knob
to increase the amount of distorted signal mixed with your clean signal. Experiment with
different settings, stopping when the desired blend of distortion is reached.
Once your distortion is set, adjust the Output knob for the desired output volume. You can
start by toggling the footswitch on and off, and comparing the volume with and without the
distortion effect. For many playing situations, matching the two volume levels is desirable,
especially if you’ll be switching distortion in and out while playing. However, you can also use
the Output knob to BOOST the overall volume for a solo, by adjusting it so that the effected
volume is louder than the clean signal.
Part of the charm of the Blue Box is that it creates two kinds of signals…those your
amp can process and reproduce, and other tones that are completely indigestible and nonreproducible by your amp, creating interesting distortions. Every amp and every situation
are unique, and will create different results with the Blue Box. Experiment with each new
situation, and you’ll soon learn what the M-103 is capable of.
If your guitar has multiple pickups, you may find that the Blue Box works best with the bridge
pickup favored, and the neck pickup(s) rolled off. If you find that the distorted tones are
causing too much breakup or distortion in your speakers, turn down the Blend knob to mix
in a higher ratio of clean signal; or turn down the Output knob to reduce the overall volume
coming from the unit. You can also use the Blue Box with a compressor (see M-102 Dyna
Comp on Page ???) to even out the levels and protect your amp from gain peaks. When
connected upstream of a compressor, the Blue Box will deliver the most controlled tones.
When connected downstream of a compressor, the amount of compression will activate
independently of the Blue Box’s output.
Single 9 volt alkaline battery or Dunlop ECB03 AC Adapter
• Footswitch toggles effect on/bypass (red LED indicates on)
• Output knob sets total output gain
•Blend knob adjusts ratio of dry (clean) with wet (effects) signal
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