Smart Push Engine Start System
© F€ ISO/TS 16949:2009
It is recommended that before installation please read
this user manual carefully. and keep it for future reference!
I. REF OPERATION: > re A tongs 2
19 Arm wıth flash and sound Aa EEN a rene ane ariadna)
a Mute AFMN**** 111100000000 0 0 eee eee rene nee ane me sem eau neue m eu na CU 00015000 N 2
3. Disarm KORK a 3
4. Door improperly closed alerting a EEE 3
5. Trunk improperly closed alerting'*-<w"""""<<<<#<<"<<rrrenereucuees 3
6. Central locking automation: ir» vr cv cvms ven ER 3
7. Improper car door closed alert: ::-*==s+====e=neeareaeere 3
8. Alarm pause: rere Ka ER REE EEE ER 3
0. Trunk release: == < «uvas e Sea a CN A e a 4 à 3
10. Anti-hijacking:<<<"<<<<<<< Neal dam na dea 3
Е: Shock Sensor trigger Una wR ma NH Rw ea ee 4
12. System alarm by trunk/door/engine hook/ACC ON / footbrake
triggering'‘*""<*"<<<reneecane eee n ass see see seen es e nee e en neenee 4
13. Sensor switch fault bypass mode: +1 re=rrseciiócane ie 4
14, Añti- false alarm": === mss dx nbs Rea RR on gemini 4
15. Power off memory "0..." TT 4
16.Auxiliary channel output for Power window output ‘+++ --><""- 4
17. Central locking controlling mode(programmable)--"-------- à
18. Remoté engine start(programmable)+<+*<<<><<<""<"><-rreucrs 4
19. Engine start/stop button eA TE a Ra se 5
DOA ED) LAL CaO Cr A mf ci mn mia a a om 5
>1- Override disarm tea eat aa Tera натЬ anse eee ee saunas un AE 5
22 Code learning CE Ram eR ee y ia 5
NV, LOW POWER REMINDING-:"""""""<<<<................. 6
М. COPY-PROTECTION ECON === corsa ie ea 6
VI, OTHERS a era rare eam nal 6
VI, SPECIFICATION:--+-——+>--"-<<—-veeeeceemmenenn aan ane a 7
VI, INSTALLATION----->>--->+-<#.wiaens NE Na a. 8
IX. TROUBLE SHOTTINC Conme===r==0n0 dl 11
0 |
(Lock) (Unlock) (Start)
Press the button @ once, the parking lights will flash once, the siren
will chirp once, and the door will lock, then system will go to arm
status in 3 seconds. Door/Trunk/engine hood opening will trigger
the system to arm.
1. Press the button (3 once, the siren will chirp twice, the parking
lights will flash twice, and door will unlock to disarm system
2. Press the button о for 2 seconds to release the trunk
3.Start button |
Press the button O) for 2 seconds, the siren chirps 3 times with
parking lights flash once, ihe alarm system starts the engine
automatically. :
1. In this mode, the brain unit will search signal of remote every 1
д. Sensing range is 2-3 meters, it is allowed to operate the system by
remote in this mode.
3. During driving(Means the brain unit had detected the start
sensing signal), the brain unit will stop detecting the remote.
When the car door is opened, if the system can not detect the
remote within 60 seconds, it will go to anti-hijacking mode, the
siren will chirp and parking lights will flash and finally cut off
the engine in 30 seconds.
4. When the remotes come into sensing range, The system will disarm
automatically, but the central door won't be actived. Press the door
switch to unlock/lock.
5. When the remotes come out of sensing range, the system will lock
the car door in 5 seconds automatically and go into system armed
status. The siren will chirp once with parking lights will flash
6. In sensing range, push ENGINE START/STOP button will start
the engine.
II. RKE Operation
1.Arm with a and sound |
Press the button ©] once, the parking lights will flash once and siren
will beep once, the central locking system will lock the car door.
When the system go into arm status, the LED will beep blinking, in
system armed status, door/trunk/engine hood open will trigger
system to alarm.
2. Mute arm.
Press the button @once and then press the button D again within 3
seconds to arm the system in mute status.(Note: the siren wont
chirp) the parking lights will flash once, and the central locking will
lock the car doors, LED will blink. In armed status,
door/trunk/engine hood open will trigger system to alarm.
3. Disarm
In armed with flash and sound status, press the button D once to
disarm the
system. The siren will chirp twice and parking lights will flash
twice, the car door will
unlock.(Note: if the system in mute armed status, the siren wont
chirp any more.)
4.Door improperly closed alerting
When arming the car, the system will detect the car door. In case
improper closing, it will emit three beeps in 8 seconds to remind
that the car door should be closed properly. It will alert if the car
door still improper closed in 45 seconds. Before the car door is
closed properly within 45 seconds, the alarm system will detect
shock sensor, trunk or any other sensor switch except door sensor
switch. When car door is closed properly, the system will detect the
car door.
5. Trunk improperly closed alerting
When arming the car, the system will detect the trunk. In case
improper closing, it will emit three beeps to remind that the car
trunk should be closed properly. It will alert if the car trunk still
improper closed in 45 seconds.
Before the car trunk is closed properly within 45 seconds, the alarm
system will detect shock sensor, door switch or any other sensor
switch except trunk release switch. When car trunk is closed
properly, the system will detect the trunk.
6. Central locking automation:
1. When driving and all doors are closed properly, press the
button or the button с to lock/unlock the car door without
arming or disarming the system;
2.When driving and all doors are closed properly, after 5 seconds
step on the foot-brake will lock the car doors automatically;
3.When ignition off, the car doors will unlock automatically;
7. Rearm
After system disarmed 25 seconds, the system will go into arm status, the
siren will beep once and parking lights will flash once, the LED will
blink. If disarmed within 25 seconds, any car door/ trunk opening/ ACC
ON will cancel rearm.
8. Alarm pause
When system is alarming, press the button 3 once to disarm the
system, press other button to pause alarming without disarming
9. Trunk release
In.any status, press the button (3 for about 2 seconds to release the
10. Anti-hijacking
During driving, if the car door is open, the system will search the
remote in 60 seconds automatically for a period of 60 seconds, the
LED will quickly blinking. During the searching time, if the system
search the signal from remote, it will exit from anti-hijacking mode.
In case there is not any remote can be searched during the searching
time, the system will alarm, the siren will chirp and parking lights
will flash, then engine will be but off in 30 seconds.
Note: During system alarming, if the key in ON position, the siren
will keep chirping and parking lights will flashing, if the key in OFF
position, the siren and parking lights will alarm for a period of one
minute, and go back system armed status.
11. Shock sensor trigger
In armed status, when there is any impact on the car will trigger
system to alarm, the siren will chirp for 5 times with parking lights
will flash 5 times. If the system is triggered by impact again within 5
seconds, it will alarm for 30 seconds and immobilizer the engine. In
mute armed status, the siren will not chirp by shorick sensor
12. System alarm by trunk/door/engine hood/ACC ON/footbrake
triggering |
In armed status, any trigger by trunk/door/engine hood/ACC
ON/footbrake triggering will alarm for 30 seconds and immobilizer
the engine. The siren will chirp and parking lights will flash, the
LED will keep on.
Note: After system alarm for a period of 30 seconds, it will lock
down the car door and remain the system armed status. If the car
door is keep opening, it will trigger the system alarm again.
13. Sensor switch fault by pass mode
When system armed, any switch(door/trunk/footbrake/ACC) 1
faulty, the system will alarm 6 times and stop defecting this fault
one until replaced with a workable switch.
14. Anti-false alarm
When system armed, if the sensor is triggered to alarm for 6 times
within 5 minutes, the system will stop detecting the shock sensor for
one hour,
15. Power off memory
In case the power supply has been cut off in system armed/disarmed
status, it will go back to system armed/disarmed when power is on.
16. Auxiliary channel output for Power window output “-”
There is “-”output to power window for 21 seconds when system
armed, press unlock button will stop and disarm the system.
17. Central locking controlling mode(programmable)
This is programmed mode, the factory setting 1s electronic locking.
Turn car key to ON position, then press re-set switch for about 10
seconds; When the siren chirp once, it is pneumatic lock; When the
siren chirp twice, it is electronic locking;
1. Electronic locking time:0.5S '
2. Pneumatic locking time:3.58
18. Remote engine start (Programmable)
1. In arm status, the car should be in neutral position, and handbrake
is holding on, then press the button Ofor at least 2 seconds to start
the engine, the parking light flash once and siren beeps three
sounds. The engine will keep working 15 minutes with parking
light flashing per 1 second.
2. In case unsuccessful start, the system will try to ignite again. If it
is fail again, it will try the third time. The user has to operate to
stat again if unsuccessful start happened when system had tried
for three times.
Three levels are available to be programmed, factory default setting is -
the second level:
The first level J One beep] The second level [J Two beeps[] | The third level Three beeps
The first start time[10.5S J The first start time[J0.8S[] The first start time 1.180
The second start time[J0.9S[] The second start time[] 1.25] The second start time[]1 1.581]
The third start time) 1.481 The third start time] 1.78] The third start time[12.08
Start time has 3 levels and can beprogrammable by reset switch.
First level (One beep), second level (Two beeps)and third level
(Three beeps). The default setting is the second level. Selection
method: In disarmed and dooropened, press the reset switch for 5
times, the system will enter into the level seléction of
starttime; The beeping time indicates the current level, you can
press the @ to select. One beep means the first level; twobeeps
mean the second level; three beeps mean the third level. Then
press the & or no operation in 10s to exit with a longchirp.
1. This function would not allow to be activated if the handbrake
handle is not held on and it should be operated in neutral position.
To remind the user, the siren will sound for 5 times.
2. When the engine is working for 15 minutes with parking lights
flashing per 1 second, press disarm button to disarm system and
turn the car key ON(If fitted the start.stop button, step on
footbrake and push the start/stop button ),then release the
handbrake to drive the car. If the car key is not ON (69° 10m, the
engine will cut off.
When ‘the engine is working for 15 minutes, press the button
( about 2 seconds to exit , and back to arm status.
4. When the engine is working for 15 minutes, If without Akan. the
door, the truck are opened, the engine will be killed, and back to
arm status.
19. Engine start/stop button(optional)
In the sensing range of PKE, open the car door and close the door,
step on the footbrake and push the START/STOP button, the system
willl start the engine. In case fail of engine starting, please.try the
second time.
When stopping the car, pull the handbrake, and step on the
footbrake, then push the Start/stop button to stop the engine.
Attentions for START/STOP button: |
1. Push the START/STOP button, the system will detect the remote
if it's in the sensing range. |
2. Only detecting PKE signal from the remote, and step on the
footbrake, the engine can be started by the button.
3. When open the door, the blue led of START/STOP button will be
on for 6 minutes.
4. The system is not allow to start the engine until detecting the
PKE signal from the remote.
5. When driving, the system is detecting the start sensing signal, if
the door is opened, the system will go to anti-hijacking mode.
6. The system is detecting PKE signal from the remote, push the
button the system will supply power to ACC/ON1/ON2, no matter
the door is closed or not and without stepping on the footbrake.
Push the button again will stop supplying power. When there is
power to ACC/NO1/NO2, Step on the footbrake an d push the
button will start the engine.
20. LED Indicator: :
| System: armed: LED is blinking twice per 1 second.
2. System disarmed: LED is off.
3. Anti-hijacking: LED is quickly blinking.
21. Override disarmed
In case remote is lost or it is unable to disarm the system, open the
car door and press the reset switch 10 times within 10 seconds to
disarm the system.
Note: After override disarmed, it is possible to start the car by
START/STOP button.
22. Code learning
In disarm status, open the housing of main unit, and press the SWI
learning button for at least 1 second to go into code learning mode,
accompany with siren chirp one time and flash lights is on. At this
moment press the lock button and unlock button for at least 1
second, the siren will chirp means the ID code of remote was written
into memory of main unit. Following the same process to write the
code of second remote into the system. Its max two remotes can be
If remote battery is in lower power condition, the siren will beep
three sounds accompany with three times flashing of parking light
when pressing unlock button to disarm.
Using keeloq encode system in Microchip to unable copy the code,
so that only one code for one remote.
In case remote was lost, you have to write the ID code from the
reminding remote to main unit, so that IC code of lost remotes will
be erased from the memory of main unit.
There are three ways to shut off temporarily PKE mode.
During driving, you can shut off temporarily PKE mode and it will
be restored to PKE mode automatically when engine stop.
Open the car door will also shut off temporarily PKE mode, and it
will restore to PKE mode automatically when door closed.
Open the trunk will also shut off temporarily PKE mode, and it will
restore to PKE mode automatically when trunk closed.
Important Notice:
1.Please read this manual carefully before using
2.This manual is providing how to install and use
3.1t is not allowed to use other component which is not
recommended by manufacturer.
4.Please comply with all important notice stated in the manual
5.1f not in use for long time, the battery should be maintained for
properly working
6.In case this system is water soaking, Fem contacta professional
7.In case failure operation, please try again. If not please contact the
local service technician for any help.
8.Don't try to modify or repair the system by yourself. Please
contact the local service technician for any help. |
9.Any spare part needs to be replaced, please use the part with same
10.The power supply to the system should fit for this system.
Main unit
1, Operation voltage: 12V+3V
2, Static current (system armed, without PKE working): =
14mA |
3, Static current (system armed with PKE working) : =38mA
4, PKE frequency: 125KHz+0. 3 KHz |
5, RF queue 433. 92MHz+0. 3MHz
6, Operation temperature: -40'C to +85C
Remote |
1, Operation voltage: 3V (CR2032)
2. Static current: =15uA
3. Operation current: =8mA
4. REF frequency: 433. 92MHz+125KHz
5. RF power: =7. 5uW
6. Weak current remind: =2. 65V
7. PKE sensing range: =2.5M
8, Operation temperature: -30'C to +75°C
1.Preparation before installation
Before installation please make sure all accessories and fitting
should be in completed set, and the vehicle electrical system
should be working properly.
All tools include piercer, electrical knife, electroprobe, wire
stripper, cross screw-driver, electrical tape, powerdrill etc.
2.Brain unit installaton.
A) Location: put in a hiding place under dash board.
B) Wiring harness layout: After brain unit fitted, connect the
harness to the flash lights, ON1, ON2, ACC, engine start, power
source, grounding, footbrake, door triggering, and handbrake
triggering respectively wrapped with electrical tape.
C) Engine start AC signal wire layout (The grey wire): This wire
is for detecting engine start, which is rounding to spark plug
for 10 to 15 loops.
D) Wire for auxiliary negative output: It will have -250mA
output when it is working for window rolling up module.
E) Wire for trunk release (red/black wire) : Connect this
wire to the control wire of trunk release motor, and it will
have -250mA current output when it is working.
3.Siren installation
Open the engine bonnet and find a place to fit and grounding
to the black wire, then connect the wire with brain unit.
4. Eengine start/stop button installation.
Take off the car ignition lock and fit the button directly.
Drill a hole with € 34MM and trim the hole with knif so as
to fit the button into the hole
Before installation, please make sure to check steering wheel
lock is electronic or mechanical type. You can install the system
directly if it is electronic wheel lock, or else you have to take off
the mechanical wheel lock before installation if it is mechanical
5.Shock sensor installation and testing.
After brain unit installed, then fit the shock sensor and adjust the
sensitivity according to the size of the car. Its sensitivity had
been adjusted before out of factory, if it not necessary don
not adjust it. |
6.Central locking installation
Different car type may have different central door locking
system, followings are four different common ways to install it.
D. Some cars may not have central locking system, if not
please fit one locking system to work with this alarm
system. (Refer to Picture 1 for negative trigger)
@. Some cars may be installed with central door locking
system, but it needs a motor installed in driver seat to drive.
. (Refer to picture 3 for positive and negative trigger). Those car
@. Some cars may have central door locking system, and
there is one switch near to the dash board to drive and trigger
other four doors. What you need to do is identify it is negative or
positive trigger then fit the locking system following the correct
diagram. (Picture 1 for negative trigger, picture 2 for positive
trigger). Those cars like HONDA, TOYOTA, RENAULT, GM
(1). Some cars may have the pneumatic central door locking
system, please fit the locking system with reference to
diagram of picture 4. Those cars like AUDI, BENZ etc.
If there is any other locking type doesn’ t include in the above
four ways, please chose the second way to fit it as it is the
common and easy way to install.
7.PKE antenna installation
There are two PKE antennas included for one set system, one
should be installed in driving door near to engine bonnet,
another one should be installed in passenger door near to
the trunk.
To optimize the PKE sensing range, it is recommended to install
the PKE antenna inside door handle, trim panel, or rear door
trim panel etc. |
This antenna should not be covered by any metal plate or any
material with metal. :
8. Testing after installation
All wirings should be firmly connected with main unit.
The reset switch should be installed in a hidden place.
Check if the sensing range is longer than 1.5 meters
Check shock sensor and all switch are working properly in
system armed status. |
Press lock or unlock button in the remote to check if central
locking is working properly
Check iF wrong ex in the wa unit.
Check if wiring problem
Check if fuse of brain unit had been broken down
Shi if serial number is in accordance with Ee in brain unit.
he sy stemi is Ra to alarm when a Le» trunk is
passing byin system armed status?
Check ifthe sensitivity 15 too high? Readjust the shock sensor
E to lower level.
3 Why there i e no sound when system is TE LATE
Check if the connection between siren = brain unit is well
Check if system is in silent armed status
Check if gounding problem (red wire)
4: The LED indicator in remote transmitter is light on when
pressing button: EAA it is unable Po o the system.
Check if there is ht of battery. Use a Voltmeter to test the
battery voltage which should not less than 2. 5v
Use a Frequency Analyzer to test working frequency of
emitter in remote transmitter.
BL e central door locking system 1s go working?
Check ifthere is any sable of the wiring Hatness Tfthe fuse in
control unit of locking had been burn out, there must be problem
of wiring installation. :
Check if there is any problem of the motor, if yes please replace
у with a new one.
Check if wrong connection of wiring.
Check if triggering output is correct. Please refer to item 17 in
the user manual.
6. When the remote is in using for a certain period, it may beep
three sounds when pressing UNLOCK button to disarm the
system. This is alarm for low power of remote and should open
the cover and replace a new battery(CR2032).
7.Unable to start the engine by START/STOP BUTTON
Check the wiring connection between the button and main unit.
Check if there is any signal jam. Please check the remote
range if less than 30meters and remove the source of the
Check the footbrake and its wiring connection.
The remote should be in sensing range.
A.Products contents:
The product included the main brain, remote,
push start button, siren, shock sensor, engine
cut-offrelay, drill, pin switch, PKE antenna,
LED indicator, override switch, wire harness,
microwave sensor{ optional)
Push button
B. Remote technical data:
Operation voltage: 3V(CR2032)
Static current: =15uA
Operation current: 8mA
PKE sensing range: =2.5m
Operation temperature: —30'C--+75'C
Learning button
Keep EH £1 ing code more
than 1 second, the siren chirp once, the flash lights
gleam all the time, then the system enter into learning
code status, press the button “lock” + “unlock”
one second ormore at the same time, the siren chirp
once ko show th E E IDH di jai
| 3 h A th i Ha
: р
once, the flash lights oT to st 1 ote ID
have read into main brain memory, there are two
remotes can learn,
Transponde bypass —
C.Brain unit technical data
Operation voltage: 12V+3V
Static current(system armed, without PKE
working): =14mA
Static current(system armed with
+ PKE working): =38mA
Operation temperature: -40°C--+85°C
LED light installation
The LED light installed on
instrument panel of the diver
seat , it is visible for the passing
“Override switch” installation
The override switch should be
installed into the driving cab where
can not easy to be found, This is for
emergency reset and function
Door Switch
Main unitinstall:
1. Main brain install under instrument panel.
2. Connect the wire into relative socket as
per installation diagram.
3. Put the main brain to all socketsas per
installation diagram.
4. Packed the wire afer installation.
7 : loca \
e "Trunk "Connect у Central locking diagram
+ + Trunk switch A
„= В Central locking positive /negative — >
o уе, He BIC +] a Central door lock diagram dingram =
— Ts Motor я P
n= ED a — se Orange neumatic lock
= 2 Ew E common = rite wiring diagram
x = = я К Vehicle:
=~ = № Yellow
2 Re < H— ne Orange/ Black
UN || || © Eid White/Black
ZN Y “Po Er | ] mu № Yellow/Black
El Ed - ur e sm q Central locking positive 7
5 > 5 off 5 off В
2 = = Auxiliary signal negative output 2 8.
= = = This wire can connect to 5 E
| —
= Transponder bypass or power
window control,
start wire
Ignition lock Onl -
"Engine cut off circuit" connect
Ignition lock ACC rc а
Ignition lock On2 +
| и © ™
1 *
i__ White ) Orange
[ === Brown 5 = a
Е | @1—_ Red/Black o -
Cle Brown a
= pad a
” Thin Red J = 0
Md Thin Yellow "Fontbrake "connector y Yellow = Connect
f= ; "ootbr .
0 e— Thin Orange —» Grahaatos ode to the
Foothrake Ty Мите, ,
Ц Не) Green Orange/ Black G central
a Thin Blue +12 Dim a Sissy = ;
Le ¿EDT < L me 9 door lock
O Thin purple St EMER в | 3 o
ele > White/Black {| >= |
Be ; i E .
0 Tere BIN i Trunk detect signal input № ‘Side doors positive trigger" connector de
т Зи И E
5 Pink Yellow/ Black) 5
MES G cor tndiécon Side door switch =
ray ” Ï
| о "Siren'' connect | и N
art sensing wire, e
This wire is connect to buttery й
power indicatior or wind this "Side door negative trigger! ‘connector === PKE Antenna install
i 10
bp aie Dikiel=) a: One set Ínatall in the door of the o.
18 rounds; Side door awiteh driving cab that naar to the engine :
Side dog lignt т Another one set in the rear doar that
у near to the trunk
be ingline to avoid From water - i 2V >
Р =
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