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The AMKETTE FLASH TV is an ultra-compact multimedia player that allows
you to connect the digital storage you own, USB hard drive (NTFS or FAT32),
Flash drive or Memory cards (SD, MMC) to your TV and enjoy your movies,
music and photos. It is an all in one Video Player, Music Player and Photo
Viewer with HD outputs of 720P This coupled with the convenience of a full-
function remote control makes AMKETTE FLASH TV a must have gadget in
your home.
Small enough to easily fit in your pocket use the AMKETTE FLASH TV to
enjoy your media collections movies, photos, and music files on any TV at
home or when traveling.
The AMKETTE FLASH TV can play photos, videos and music files, and is
compatible with most of the latest media formats such as MPEG, DiVX, MP3,
HD Multimedia Player for TV
Play Flash Drive, Hard Disk or Memory Cards on your TV
User Manual
1. Supported Formats
* Photo formats: JPEG, M-JPEG, BMP TIFF, PNG.
* Audio formats: MP3, WMA
* Video formats: RM, RMVB, AVI, MPEG1 (VCD), MPEG2 (DVD), MP4,
Divx, Xvid
* Supported Memory cards: SD, MMC (hot-swappable)
* Connects with USB Flash Drive, External Hard Disk Drive
(NTFS , FAT32 & FAT16)
* Supports simultaneous use of USB and Memory cards
* Photo Viewer with a 15 picture Thumbnail browsing.
2. Box Contents
Amkette Flash TV, Remote Control, AV Cable, YUV Cable, User manual 4%
AC Power Adapter.
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RESET: Press this key in the root directory , the machine back to factory default
settings ( video output will become PAL composite video)
VIDEO: Allows users to change the video outputs as per the regions and television.
To obtain the correct output keep pressing the button until you reach the correct
video output for your TV. This button should be used to change the video output if
the device is properly connected and nothing is visible on the TV screen which is
primarily due to a clash in the FLASH TV Player's output and your TV's input
5. AV Video Signal Connection
Plug the supplied A/V cable (Red, White, Yellow) into the TV's CVBS,
left channel, right channel. Then plug other end of the cable into
6.YUV HD Connect
Plug one end of the YUV video line (Green, Blue and Red) on the local
Y, Pb/Cb, Pr/Cr. Now connect the other side of the Green, Blue and
Red cable with the high-definition TV input (Green, Blue and Red). At
the same time connect AV Video red, white Cable to the machine's left
channel, right channel (audio output), Connect the other end of the
red and white lines in the TV audio input.
7. Points to Remember
3. Product Diagram
Power Indicator / Remote Sensor
USB interface
Power input
: Coaxial digital audio output
: YUV output
: AV Composite video signal output
Power Indicator/
Remote Sensor
Power Input
Coaxial digital audio output
YUV output
AV Composite video signal
4. Remote Control
GOTO: Opens a menu which enables you to skip to a
particular timeline by keying inthe exact time. Use
up\down key to increase and decrease time.
SUBTIT: Controls the Subtitles. Allows users to switch
them on, off and zooming on the subtitles by pressing
the same button.
COMB: Allows playing background
gop o
music while viewing
VIDEO: The key of video output signal switching. When
properly connected with the local TV but no TV show.
Please click this button to switch the output signal, when
the output signal match the television image will be
0000 [PEC
Remote control _5.
[ai NI La A |
Вы сала В -
In modes “Movie”, “Music”, “Photo” shows a preview of the corresponding
files in the storage device, while mode “File” lists all documents in the
storage device and their information. Press the direction keys on the remote
control to the file, then press the “OK "key on the remote control to play.
9. Copy and Delete from USB, SD, MMC
Copy or delete any files in “File” mode.
Firstly press the “UP”,“DOWN" key on the remote control
files that you want to copy or delete, secondly press the “right”
the file , then a“[” sign will appear in front of the selected file as shown in the
to choose any
key to verify
-& -
If multiple storage devices are connected at the same time then the contents
of both the devices can be viewed by selecting the source with the help of
the arrow keys.
8. Media Selection
Choose the storage device to be viewed, then press the “OK” key on the
remote control and select the menus as follows. Please select files in the
storage device for playing.
Four modes such as “movie”, “music”, “photo”, “file” will show on the
Using the arrow keys and depending upon your choice press the “OK "key
on the remote control to play the desired mode. The screens in each Mode
appear as follows
_ iran
10. Settings
When AMKETTE FLASH TV is turned on, press the directional
remote control and choose “setting” option as follows:
keys on the
Press the directional keys on the remote control to move cursor to the option
that needs to be set (shown as the table below). Press directional keys on the
remote control to perform the settings operation, and then press the “OK”
key on the remote control to verify and save the settings.
- 10 -
To Copy or delete several files, please repeat the above operations.
After selecting the files, press the “MENU” key on the remote control to
display “copy”, “delete” dialog box as follows.
Press “up”, “down” to choose the operation which you need; Press “OK”
key to the corresponding operation; Press “ MENU” key to cancel
“copyidelete ”. When the “copy” function is selected, the storage location
of the contents that you want to copy may show on the right of the screen as
Press “up” “down” key to choose the destination folder; Use the“ left
“right” key to exit\enter the folder; Press “OK” key to start copying.
When press “delete” key, a delete dialog box may display on the screen,
choose“ [” to delete files, choose“ "to cancel delete operation. (Note: can
not be copied to format NTFS storage devices)
12. Frequently Asked Questions
Setting Items
Particular Setting
Engli sh
Setting the language
Memory card compatibil ity
SD, MMC, Micro SD with adapter and mini M MC with adapter.
Slideshow duration
3s, 5s, 156s, 1min, 15min, 1hr. Setting the photo display time
How to store the image file?
Images can be stored using a PC and can be stored on the memory card, USB
Drive, Hard drive
Slideshow mode
Random, fading Setting the photo display mode
Music repeat mode
Repeat one, repeat all Setting the music repeat mode
Memory card is not compatible
with the Amkette FLASH TV
memory card, how do 1?
You should be able to buy a compatible memory card adapter. For example: you
have a Micro SD card, you can buy a card compatible with SD memory card
adapter, and use this memory card adapter to host and link up the Micro SD
Movie re peat mode
Repeat one, repeat all Setting the mov ie repeat mode
Does Flash TV have a built -in
No. AMKETTE FLASH TV has no built -in memory to store multimedia files, y ou
must use a compatible memory card, USB Flash disk or USB hard driv eas
storage media.
Memory card does not fit in.
FLASH TV has only one card slot, in which y ou can only insert a SD, MMC or
However you can make use of a USB Card Reader and plug it in the USB slot and
use other Memory card formats.
Display mode 16:9, 4: 3 Setting the TV's display
PAL composite
NTSC composite
PAL interlace Default: PAL composite
TV system PAL progressiv e Advice: if your TV support HD
NTSC interlace mode, please choose this mode.
NTSC progressiv e
HD mode
Auto run On, off Setting the machine's autorun
Default setting Setting the machine to factory
-12 -
11. Trouble Shooting
The player does not turn on
the power supply is properly connected.
Power adapter is not plugged in properly —Please check the adapter, And ensure that
If the above does not solve the problem, Please contact the designated customer
service department.
Failed to play when insert
storage device
Unsupported format
No file in the storage device
Make sure at least one file is there in the storage device
Compatible photo format: JPG, BMP TIFF, PNG, GIF
Compatible audio format: MP3, WMA
Compatible video format: RM, RMVB, AVI, MPEG1,VCD, MPEG2, (DVD), MPEG4
Video Codec h.2615 and *.mkv are not compatible.
Video Cable not plug or inserted wrong—please insert video cable, And ensuring
that TV and video cables are correctly connected. If the above is connected
properly, Please contact the designated customer service departments
No picture on TV Mismatching the FLASH TV's output mode and the TV input mode. Press the
“VIDEO” key on the remote control to change the FLASH TV output mode, If
nothing shows on the TV then, Please contact the designated customer service
N Please make sure that the audio cables areproperly connected, If the above is
o sound
confirmed then, Please contact the designated customer service department.
- 11 -
13. Technical Specifications
be connected directly to variety of mobile
No need for additional power supply,
Coaxial audio output: standard RCA Block.
left and stereo standard RCA
YPbPr/YUV(720P HD output): standard
10W with no
150 64mm
14. Warranty Statement
Amkette Flash TV is backed by 1 Years performance warranty
against any manufacturing defects in material or workmanship
from the date of original purchase. This warranty entitles the
purchaser to get the product repaired or replaced under the
following conditions :
The warranty applies to the original purchaser.
Proof of original purchase is required.
The warranty does not cover the damage
caused by misuse, abuse or improper storage.
In no event, Amkette shall be responsible for any
direct, incidental, consequential or other damages of
any kind.
Please mail the defective product, postage pre-paid, together with
the proof of purchase to our Customer Care Service Centre to
avail warranty service. Return postage will be paid by us.
Customer Service Centre
Amkette House, C-64/4, Okhla, Phase-Il,
New Delhi-110020 e-mail : [email protected]
- 13 -
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