GPS/GSM/GPRS Vehicle & Personal tracker--
5 years warranty
waterproof IP66,Long standby time,
Listening in(voice monitoring),8MB flash memory,
built-in motion sensor,Mileage Report,Cell ID ,
configure software save more SMS consume
SOS button for urgently help
Get street name from cell phone by http link of google maps
Personal Tracking and Protection
Pet Tracking
Assets Tracking and Security
Vehicle Tracking
Product Function: ;
Small in size (77mm x 47mm x 20mm) and lightweight (65g)
Waterproof IP66
Low Power Consumption and Long Standby Time
GPS and GSM base station of bi‐module positioning
Track by;
SMS/GPRS, on Demand, by Time Interval, by Distance Interval, on Mobile Phone
Listen‐in (Voice Monitoring)
Internal 8MB Memory for Logging
Inbuilt Motion Sensor
Inbuilt Battery
SOS Alarm
Geo‐fence Alarm
GPS Fake Zone Alarm
Low Battery Alarm
Speeding Alarm
Mileage Report
Track by Calling :
Make a call to MT90 and it will report with one SMS.
For example,
Now,110727 02:48,V,16,23Km/h,61%,
Click on the link then the location can be shown directly on Google Maps on your mobile phone.
Report description:
Now,110727 02:48,V,16,23Km/h,61%,,114.
If your mobile cannot visit HTTP websites,input the latitude and longitude
s as the following picture shows to get the position:
into Google Map
You can configure MT90 by mobile phone or by computer using the Parameter Editor configure
Note: Parameter Editor configure software you can get it in the Package CD,the language will be
automatically adjusted to be the same as your PC operation system
Please use “Ctrl+L” to change the language.
Software content:
Package include:
MT90 main unit
Travel charger
Q:If I can use this tracker without a sim card ?
A:This tracker is a combination of current GSM network and GPS positioning. A suitable simcard is
a FIRST NECESSITY to make it work. These 2 CANNOT work seperately
Q:Where can I find a suitable sim card to make it work ?
A:As mentioned above, a suitable simcard is required to make it work. But when you choose the
simcard, you need to be CAREFUL in order not to waste money. The simcard should be a GSM
network based ( ONLY GSM ). The tracker now CANNOT support 3G in theory. Why in theory?
According to our selling experience, in some countries such as AU, US, UK, etc, there are ONLY 3G
simcard can be found now. But the tracker CAN still perform normally with such 3G simcard, that
is because these 3G simcard can support or compatible with a lower generation like 2G or 2.5G,
which is enough to make the tracker work. When you choose the simcard, PLEASE DO CONFIRM
this with your local simcard provider.
Q:I can not make it work , is there any technology support ?
A:Yes , we are professional supplier on ebay , and we also has many engineers can provide you
the best service , but before you find the help , we really recommend you read our user guide
carefully , it is very clear , and then if there is any query , please contact us via email , MSN , or
Skype , we will be help you test it step by step
GPS GSM GPRS Tracker Watch Double Locate Remote Monitor SOS For Child Kid The Old
Item Description
100% Brand New.
Case Size: 3.5 x 4 x 1.5cm
Band Length: 24cm
Color: Black
GPS Tracker Watch Wristwatch
Small and fashion style
SOS Help Button
Dual Identity: When you are outdoor, GPS positioning satellite monitoring; When you are
indoor, GSM base station monitoring positioning
High sensitivity MIC, Can monitor the sound around the device
Electronic fence, you can designated areas in the center of the device, it will alarm if it out
of the areas
You can see about moving trajectory with 3 months.
GPS satellites show accurately time
GSM Band:850/900/1800/1900MHz
GSM Band:850/900/1800/1900MHz
GPRS: Class 12, TCP/IP Built in GSM MODULE
GPS sensitivity: -159dBm
GPS locater accuracy: 10M (2D RM)
Speed accuracy: 0.1m/s
Battery capacity: 3.7V 450mA
Package Content:
1 x GPS Tracker Watch
1 x Charger (US Plug)
1 x USB cable
1 x Manual
2014 Ultra Slim Real
Time Spy Mini GSM
GPRS GPS Tracker Car
Pet Tracking Device
1) Communication with GSM/GPRS, GSM frequency 4-band 850/900/1800/1900,
can be used wordwide.
2) Track by your computer/PDA/cell phone/Google earth
3) Google link in mobile SMS, can be opened by smart phone.
4) Real-time track, get longitude, latitude, speed and time, also can get real
adress name by setting APN.
5) Auto track, automatically get information with interval
6) Position by both GPS and GSM, when lose gps, it will position by GSM.
7) High sensitivity: very quick to get GPS signal and reply to your call or SMS.
8) Geo-fence: send alert when out off preset fence.
9) With ovement alert/over speed alert/low battery alert/SOS alarm, GPS off
10) Monitor mode enable you hear the sound around the tracker.
11) State checking function: can check state of GSM, GPS, GPRS and battery.
12) Vehicle rental/out-door machines and equipments ect
13) Protect child/ the old/ the disabled/ pet etc
14) Provide peace-of-mind for businessmen
15) Track criminals secretly
Package includes:
NEW GPS WATCH with GSM / GPRS Modules SOS FUNCTION & Electronic Fence
Here it is! New Series GPS Watch with GSM / GPRS, SOS Function and Electronic Fence
Function.The guardian could get the center spot of a fence through Google map or single
Perfect for the protection of the elderly and accurate positioning of children and asset
GPS watch, as a personal remote positioning device made up of GPS module and GSM/GPRS
module, is compact in dimensions with high accuracy. On the basis of GPS satellites and under
dynamic conditions, it can provide you with accurate and correct location information
GPS watch represents the perfect combination of GSM and GPS technologies. This model, with
its precise dimensions and compact appearance, expresses the advanced workmanship in the
GSM and GPS field. It is a typical design combing communication products and GPS services.
As a professional security and positioning company, we will provide you with more and better
products and services. Before using the watch, please spend several minutes reading this user’s
manual in order to get to know about operation details and obtain better services.
Onboard speaker and MIC
Our GPS wrist watch comes with built-in speaker and MIC. You will be able to hear and talk to
your caller loud and clear
Security Realtime GPS/GSM/GPRS Cellphone Wrist Watch
Combo GPS cellphone watch
Displaying at a touch of a button your exact longitude and latitude coordinates
This GPS watch also comes with a two way calling feature that allows up to 3 mobile
phone numbers to be stored
Send text message to this GPS wrist watch and it will reply with the exact coordinates of
its location, which is great for keeping an eye on loved ones. Once you receive the
coordinates, you can load up Google maps on your laptop computer, input the
coordinates and you'll be able to see exactly with pinpoint accuracy the location of the
cell phone GPS watch
SOS call button and two additional buttons to call mom, dad, your sister or the home or
office. You can speed dial three phone numbers from this GPS cellphone wrist watch with
just a push of a button.
You can also easily program the device to receive a phone call with auto connect enabled
- the caller can listen in on the conversation (this feature is very effective for private
investigation, or simply for fun)
GPS microchip embedded into the heart of the tracker, continually reads its own location
from low orbiting global satellites and then utilizes the GSM infrastructure operated by
major cellular network providers via the SIM card to transmit its current location to you.
Inbuilt GPS Module
Electronic GPS Fence Function for Guardian
Low voltage alarm function
Bi-Directional Call Function
Internet positioning service center, used to receive and send positioning information
GSM /GPRS modem supports Quad frequency bands, i.e.850/900/1800/1900 MHz
High-sensitivity, new workmanship and the most advanced GPS chip
Can work effectively in limited space such as urban canyon
Low energy consumption
Fast signal acquisition
Supports single positioning and continuous tracking;
Supports alarming and remote monitoring
Supports fast dial button
Supports the location information inquiry by SMS and Internet
May monitor without disturbing the tracked person and realizes real-time tracking;
Can position the holder by call or SMS
In emergency, press the SOS button to have an accurate positioning
GSM module
GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz Quad frequency
GPS sensitivity
GPS center frequency
L1, 1575.42MHz
GPS positioning accuracy 5-25m
GSM positioning accuracy 100-500m
Speed accuracy
0.1 m/s
Time accuracy
Synchronous with GPS
GPS Datum
Hot start
< 1s
Warm start
< 38s
Max. altitude
Max. speed
Gravitational acceleration ﹤4g
Power supply
Standby time
64.5mm×45.5mm×17.5 mm (main unit)
Rechargeable 450mAh battery
SOS button for emergency aid; Call 1, Call 2,Switch on / off buttons, interface switch
Package Includes
NEW Series GPS Watch with GSM / GPRS SOS and Electronic Fence Functions
3.7V 500mA Lithium Ion Batteries
USB cable for charging
English Manual
Newest Mini GPS Personal Remote Tracker GPRS RF-V8S SIM- SOS Geo-fence
NEW!!Quad-band MINI Real-time GPS GSM GPRS tracker&
SOS communicator RF-V8S
Long standby,ISO/Android APP,Geo-fence,SOS
Main Function
GSM quad-band network, GPS location
Tracking via website / ISO app/ Android app / we chat / SMS
Trace replay
Geo-fence alert
 Press for SOS
Vibrating sensor burglar alarm with 4 levels of sensitivity
Sound sensor burglar alarm
Remote listening function
Low battery alert
SIM-changing alert
Product specification
GSM network: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
GPRS standard: Class 12, TCP/IP
GPS locating time:
30sec with cold boot(under the open sky)
29sec with warm boot(under the open sky)
5sec with hot boot (under the open sky)
GPS Positioning accuracy: 10-15m(under the open sky)
Working temperature: -20℃ ~ +70℃
Working humidity: 5% ~ 95% RH
Host size: 40(length)x34(width) x14(height)mm
Host weight: 24g
Product View
Small Size,Light Weight
Easy to install the sim card
1* Host
1* Wall charger
1*12V/DC in car charger
1*12/24V/DC in power supplier
1* USB cable
1* User manual
Senior/elderly mobile phone gps tracker real time tracking Concox GS503,1.7 inch
CONCOX Original Elderly/Kids phone GPS Tracker GS503
safety,long standby time,SOS Alarm,Big font,1.7 inch
Black & White Screen Cell Phone
GPS + LBS Locating,Cell phone tracker GPS GS503
Long Calling Time,
For kids/elderly
Voice Indicator,FM & Electrictorch
SOS Alarm & Remotely Monitor,Support Mutilanguage
Big key, FM,TORCH ,
9 days long standby
Main Feature
 GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 Quad-band
 Support GPS + LBS positioning function
 1.7 inch black & white screen;
 Support 3 family numbers, 6 speed dial numbers;
 Support SOS emergency call
 Multilanguage(English; Spanish; Russian; Portuguese; Italian; Dutch; French; German)
 Slide keyboard lock for flexible operations;
 Electric torch
 FM radio
 GPS locating function
 Big font
 Talking keyboard& TTS function
 7 days long standby,
 Loud volume
 Platform support for multiple functions
115.0 (L) x 51.0 (W) x 16.5 (H) mm
Side keys
Volume key(+,-), Key Lock (ON / OFF), Torch(ON / OFF), FM(ON / OFF)
850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz
GPS Channels
GPS sensitivity
Acquisition sensitivity
Locating time cost
Hot start: < 2 sec(open sky)
Warm start: < 15 sec
Cold start: < 38 sec(open sky)
Built-in quad band GSM antenna, GPS high gain Antenna
1.7″black & white screen
Location accuracy
about 300m (LBS), 5-10m (GPS)
1 built-in LED
FM function
Built-in antenna, support hand free
3.7vDC / 1200mAh
Standby time
7 days
Call time
9 hours
Interface Introduction
How to install SIM/Battery
Packing List
1 * Host
1 * Battery
1 * Travel Charger
1 * Headset
1 * User Manual
1 * USB Cable
Mini 1.5" LCD Tk109 Quad-band Handheld GPS Tracker Outdoor Smallest GPS Watch
K109 is certainly a great GPS gadget to have at hand, you can even send a text message to this GPS
cellphone wrist watch and it will reply with the exact coordinates of its location, which is great for
keeping an eye on loved ones. Once you receive the coordinates, you can load up Google maps on
your laptop computer, input the coordinates and you'll be able to see exactly with pinpoint
accuracy the location of the cell phone GPS watch.
This GPS gadget comes with one SOS call button and two additional buttons to call mom, dad,
your sister or the home or office. You can speed dial three phone numbers from this GPS cell
phone wrist watch with just a push of a button.
You can also easily program the device to receive a phone call with auto connect enabled - the
caller can listen in on the conversation. (this feature is very effective for private investigation, or
simply for fun!)
Main features are:
Easy to use even for a new beginner
Emit audible sounds to give accurate reading
Diamond indicator will be showed if the stone is a REAL diamond (Green light)
Metal alert (continuous buzzing sound when user accidentally touches metal rather than stone
Large / small switch for testing diamonds +/ - 8 points
To emit sounds to give accurate reading
LCD display & LED indicator
If stone is Fake crystal, a stimulant such as cubic zirconium ( CZ ), will be no reaction
Powered by DC 9V battery x 1 ( included )
Standard accessories:
GPS Watch Tracker x 1
Li-ion battery x 1
USB Cable x 1
Disk of User Manual x 1
Power Plug Adapter x 1
P007 NEW Real Time Mini GPS Tracker
Personal GPS Tracker GSM Tracking Device
Tracking via SMS or GPRS
Current location report
Tracking by time interval
Two-way conversation
SOS alert
Geo-fencing control
Low battery alert
Over speed alert
Four buttons for making phone call and/or sending message to reset numbers
Removable and rechargeable internal battery
Built-in speaker and microphone
Alert when Track enter/exits GPS blind area
Live Voice monitoring
Vibrating alert
Vehicle safeguard
Package list:
1 * P007 Tir-brand GMS/GPS Mini Personal GPS Tracker (White)
1 * 850mAh Rechargeable Battery
1 * USB Cable
1 * Power Adapter
1 * Carrying Strap
1 * User Manual
Mini GPS GSM Realtime Quad Band Vehicle Motorcycle Tracker Monitor
Product Description
1 Super Mini GPS tracking, fast positioning, low power consumption chip design
2 With real GPS module, accurate positioning, high sensitivity
3 360° tracking mode: SMS, internet, Android applications, Apple's app
4 Track playback
5 Fast rescue call, press the TALK / auto answer / silent monitoring three modes reply
Color: gray
Material: ABS
Packing size: about 15.5 x 11.5 x 5 cm
Product size: about 40 x 34 x 14 mm
1 Charging voltage: DC 5V
2 Built-in rechargeable lithium battery
3 GSM frequency: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
4 Positional accuracy: within 50 m ( actual measure )
5 Positioning way: LBS/GPS
6 Working temperature: -20 - 70 Celsius
7 Indicator light: blue/yellow LED light
8 Support Micro SIM card
9 Standby time: 200-300 hours
Input: 100-240V AC 50/60Hz 0.1A
Output: DC 5V 500mA
Car charger:
Input: DC 12-24V
Output: DC 5V 1A
1 Support number binding ( max. up to 5 groups )
2 Support real-time call: make a call, answer a call, SOS, etc.
3 Support query functions: location query, communicator status inquiry
4 Set system configuration: change system language (Chinese, English, French), change passwords, etc.
5 Other features: low battery alarm
Package included
1 x GPS Tracker
1 x Car charger
1 x USB power line
1 x Lanyard
1 x English user manual
1 x Adapter ( EU version )
In origianl package
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