Personnel Manager
MYOB Payroll Export
Import/Export Instructions
Part A : Crew Member MYOB Card ID
Please ensure that Personnel Manager has the correct MYOB Card ID for each crew
member. You can view or edit the MYOB Card ID on the Crew Page.
To view/edit the crew members Card ID in MYOB :
1. Go to the Cards tab in the Command Centre and click on Cards List.
2. Select the Employee tab and you will see a list of Employees and their Card IDs
3. Double-click an Employee (Crew Member) to open their Card.
4. Enter a new Card ID and press OK to save.
Part B : Payroll Categories
Create the Payroll Categories you wish to use with Personnel Manager.
Please make sure all crew are assigned to these categories in MYOB.
Consult the MYOB User Manual for instructions on how to do this.
Part C : Export from Personnel Manager
1. View the payroll week you wish to export.
2. Click the MYOB Export link located next to the company you wish to export.
3. You will be presented with a list of rates. Enter the corrosponding MYOB Payroll
Category for each rate.
4. Press Export to save changes and export a TXT file.
5. You will be presented with a file download. Save the TXT file to your desired location.
Part D : MYOB Import
1. Go to File → Import Data → Timesheets
2. You will be presented with a dialogue box. Please set the following options:
Input File Format
First Record Is
Identify Employee by
Header Record
Emp. Card ID
3. Select the file you wish to Import.
4. Match the fields to be imported.
5. Press Import. You will see a success dialogue. If the dialogue shows that errors have
occurred. DO NOT IMPORT THE FILE AGAIN. Importing again will result in duplicate
timesheet entries.
Part E : Verify Import
You should now see timesheet entries for the imported dates.
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