English to go user manual

English to go user manual
English to go user manual
1.Open your browser and type in http://www.english-to-go.com
Type in your individual
username and
Welcome to the English-to-go teachers’ room. We add six new resources to the
English-to-go library every week. Here you can see the latest resources and search
our library. The words in grey on the left hand side are all links. Click on these to
move. The orange column on the right shows some of our latest resources.
Click here to
look for a
particular lesson
or exercise.
Our latest Anna
Grammar page.
Anna answers tricky
grammar questions.
One of this
week’s new
Instant Lessons.
You can search by topic,
level, grammar or keyword.
You can
store your
here or
your own
Lessons on a special
topic. Recent ones
have been the world
cup and world
population day.
Short activities for
the start of class or
as 'fillers' sent in by
teachers from all
around the world.
Max Cryer looks
at vocabulary for
Search Library
You can choose from a list of
topics by clicking on the arrow.
Click here to view the
A PDF version of the
same lesson. This is
more print friendly
and uses less paper.
Instant Workbook exercise. An on-line,
interactive extension of instant lessons.
Students can do selected exercises,
which teachers can control through a
unique password for each exercise.
Instant Workbook exercises are based on Instant Lessons and complement our other
materials from English-To-Go. They can be used as a follow-on from lessons and
other resources or as self-checking homework.
Clicking on the blue icon
will take you to the exercise that matches the Instant
Lesson have used, or plan to use. You can view each exercise and then select the
exercises you would like your students to do.
Click here to see
the exercise.
Click here to get
If you like the exercise and wish your students to do it, you will need to set up a
password for that exercise. All students use the same username and password.
Set date for when
you want to use
the exercise here.
Click here to make passwords to
give to your students.
Students can then connect to the Internet and go to
for students.
Student log in
Students can now do the exercise by
logging in with the password you have
given them.
Each username and password only
access one exercise, and will expire after
5 days from the date you set when
selecting the exercises.
Click here when
students have finished
Click here to begin
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