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130 KF / 165 KF User Manual
Congratulations on purchasing
a product from the K2 Power
range. We are happy you share
our passion for the “the Spirit
of Sound”.
Designed using the latest technologies, these speakers continue
Focals perfectionist beliefs, developing products with high power
handling, and unrivalled sound
To obtain the best results from this
product, we recommend that you
follow carefully all the information
contained in this user’s manual.
If not followed correctly any fault
observed, may not be covered by
the guarantee.
Continued listening at high volume
levels above 110dB, are regarded not
ideal for your listening pleasure.
Listening above 130dB can damage
your hearing permanently.
K2 Power cone
New CKMV sandwich composite,
including (Kevlar, foam, and structural
glass fibre). Three individual materials,
each with their own advantages,
allow the cone to be extremely rigid,
with continued low mass value, and
increased damping characteristics,
even when played loud. This ensures
improved power handling, with
detailed sound quality, low distortion
even at high volume levels.
The Focal guarantee only
applies if the enclosed guarantee card is returned to us within
10 days of purchase.
Chassis made from Zamak
Inherently rigid and non magnetic.
Voice coil wound on Kapton former
Light-weight and powerful material
ensures no deformation of voice coil.
Butyl moulded rubber surround
Excellent reliability even in the most
extreme climates.
TN 47 with inverted dome tweeter
Inverted dome formed from titanium
treated Tioxid 5 material. Producing
detailed high frequencies, acoustically
rich and dynamic.
High precision crossover
Precise level adjustment of tweeter
available. High audiophile quality
components used throughout.
Focal- JMlab ® - BP 374 - 108, rue de l'Avenir - 42353 La Talaudière cedex - France -
Tel. 00 33 4 77 43 57 00 - Fax 00 33 4 77 43 57 04
Due to constant technological advances, Focal reserves its right to modify specifications without notice. Images may not conform exactly to specific product.
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Installation and positioning
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Tweeter installation
Tweeter installation
Woofer installation
The TN 47 tweeter has been designed
for flush mounting or surface
mounting positioning, using the two
fixing kits provided. The choice of
install position is extremely important
to deliver the best performance
and to maintain integration into the
system. This is a major factor for
high frequency SPL, and stability of
the acoustics, stereophonic imaging,
and overall staging. Please check the
drawing to understand this further.
The standard recommendation for an
ideal stereo system is to ensure the
tweeters “left” and “right” are installed
in the same positions. Also they are
approximately at equal distance to the
driver (vice-versa for the passenger).
The various positions advised should
be verified and comparisons made,
for ideal positioning.
The tweeter should always be
positioned ahead of the normal
listening position. The main
preferences are the ends of the
dashboard (fig. A, 1), close to the
windshield (fig. A, 2). Normally
easy for installation. The location
close to the door mirror (fig. A, 3)
is also regarded as a good position,
and normally only a light installation
is required. Last, another position,
high in the doors (fig. A, 4) is also
acceptable even if it is not considered
as the best for optimised staging.
It is imperative to check before any
installation is attempted, that enough
space is available (especially for flushmounting applications). Also make
sure that there will be no interference
with security devices air-bags, door
latches etc.
The flush-mounting fixing kit supplied
offers two possibilities for installing
the TN47 in an angle of 10°/30°.
This allows more flexibility for the
installation (fig. C, 1).
Fix the assembly using the two screws
provided. Thread the cable from the
tweeter, through the back.
Then decide the defined angle and
lock in place on the support.
K2 Power woofers have been
designed for a multitude of vehicles
installations. It is worth understanding
the basic requirements for installing
such products. These woofers are
capable of delivering enormous
amounts of energy, during their
positive / negative movement.
Therefore, it is imperative that they are
fixed securely to the desired location.
The fixing location should also be
strengthened where necessary.
Panels should be strengthened to
eliminate any unwanted vibrations.
Such vibrations will drastically reduce
the overall performance. These drive
units should be fixed and sealed to
the baffle or location panel. The use
of the foam gasket is advisable for
correct air sealing.
For added performance and to better
reduce such unwanted vibrations
and any other acoustical losses, we
recommend the use of “Plain Chant”.
Easily positioned behind the woofer,
on the metal-work of the vehicle,
“Plain Chant” soaks up vibrations as
well as acoustic reflections.
Beforehand always ensure that
enough space is available for the
magnet assembly so that it doesn’t
interfere with safety mechanisms or
any other parts.
In the case of not using the grilles
supplied, it is important to ensure the
speakers fit correctly. Ensuring there is
enough depth behind the speaker has
already been explained, but thought
must also be given for the forward
movement of the cone and surround
(highly recommended)
Cut a perfectly round hole of 45mm
(1.77“). Push in the support and
ensure it remains flat on the surface.
Ensure it is locked in place with the
screws supplied. Thread the cable
from the tweeter, through the back.
Then decide the defined angle and
lock the tweeter in place on the
support. To lock in place, insert the
key provided, and turn until locked
securely (fig. C,2).
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Installation and positioning
Woofer installation
Crossover installation
Level adjustment of tweeter
K2 Power woofer, positioned ideally
high in the doors (fig. B, 1), produce
optimal midrange frequencies, thus
integrating better into the rest of
the system.
The woofers from the K2 Power range
can also be placed low in the “kickpanels” (fig. B, 3) of the vehicle. This
is to further optimize the stereophonic
Before you start, it is necessary to
remove the clear plastic lid. Doing so
enables access for adjustment, and
fixing the unit in place.
Remove it, by pushing gently on the
two shortest sides of the clear plastic
lid. Then pull off.
Never use a screwdriver to prise off
the lid, otherwise damage might
occur and will not be covered by the
Once removed, fix in place with the
2 screws supplied. Ensure the length
of screw is suitable for the desired
location. Always ensure the crossover
is installed in a dry, vented and not
damp area.
The toggle switch found inside the
crossover allows the user to adjust the
tweeter level. This user-friendly option
allows adjustments to be made, to
your own personal listening pleasure,
plus optimising the infinite amount
of the speaker’s locations available.
This allows the system to be “tailor
made” to your vehicle, effectively
ensuring the best acoustics available.
Remember, with too much treble your
system may sound aggressive, suffer a
loss of dynamics, and end up in poor
Depending on the level of high
frequency required for perfect
integration with the woofer, adjust
from 0 to –3 and -6db. Normally
if the tweeter is positioned close or
on axis with the listening position
slight reductions of –3 and -6dB are
Woofer fixing
Either cut the required hole or use
the pre-fitted space. Make sure the
diameter is correct. Where necessary,
carefully push in the four fixing clips to
fit together with the fixing screws.
Carefully place the fixing ring,
ensuring it lines up with the holes or
fixing clip positions (fig. D).
Fix the foam gasket to the back of the
drive unit chassis. Add a small amount
of glue where necessary so it remains
in the correct position (lined up with
the holes).
Lower the drive unit above the fixing
ring, so it remains in the correct
position (lined up with the holes).
Don’t forget to connect the cable to
the connectors.
Now lower the drive unit and screw in
place with the four screws provided.
Add the grille and push in place.
Ensure the logo is straight.
2-Way kits connecting up
Connect the output from the amplifier
into the input of the crossover
Connect the woofer to the output of
the crossover “WOOFER”.
Connect the tweeter to the output of
the crossover “TWEETER” (fig. E).
Finally always ensure the tweeter
and woofer are connected in phase
correctly and the polarities are
respected “+” to “+”, and “-” to
“-”. If not done correctly a “hole” or
“peak” may result due to a shift in
phase. This will dramatically impair
the overall performance.
Information of other K2 Power
Focal-JMlab offer a range of subwoofers from the 27 KX (270mm/
10.6”) to the impressive 46 KX4
(460mm/18”). Consult your dealer
for further information.
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130 KF
165 KF
Running-in period
Maximum power
Nominal power
Frequency response
70 to 20,000Hz
60 to 20,000Hz
3.5kHz to 12/18dB/oct
3.5kHz to 12/18dB/oct
Nominal impedance
4 ohms
4 ohms
TN 47
TN 47
Inverted Tioxid 5
Inverted Tioxid 5
5" K2 sandwich 130mm
6" K2 sandwich 165mm
K2 Power drive units use the very
latest components. To ensure such
complex mechanical elements work
in harmony with each other, they
must be allowed to function correctly
in the right environment. Changes
in temperature and humidity are
regarded as very hostile. K2 Power
speakers benefit from a running-in
period. We recommend that once the
system is ready for listening the drive
units should be run-in with medium
volume setting, with music that has
the full bandwidth of frequencies
(sub-bass through to treble). This
running-in period should be used for
a few weeks, to gain the full potential.
After which, the excellent performance
of your K2 Power products will be fully
Voice coil
1" - 25mm
1" - 25mm
Conditions of guarantee
3.4" - 85mm
3.4" - 85mm
Resonant frequency (Fs)
DC resistance (Re)
3.2 ohms
3.0 ohms
0.17Ft3 - 4.93 litres
0.27Ft3 - 7.71 litres
All Focal loudspeakers are covered
by guarantee drawn up by the official
Focal distributor in your country.
Your distributor can provide all
details concerning the conditions of
guarantee. Guarantee cover extends
at least to that granted by the legal
guarantee in force in the country
where the original purchase invoice
was issued.
20.57in2 - 132.7cm2
13.42in - 86.6cm
0.1" - 2.5mm
0.2" - 5mm
Cut -out diameter
4.50" - 115mm
5.60" - 142mm
Mounting depth
2.40" - 61mm
2.80" - 71mm
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