CMP-03 Solar Charge Controller (User`s Manual)

CMP-03 Solar Charge Controller (User`s Manual)
CMP-03 Solar Charge Controller (User’s Manual)
This solar charge controller is designed for solar lawn lights, solar garden lights, Mini solar street light, and Mini solar
advertising light box and so on. The box of the controller is compact sealed with silicon. They have the function of
Temperature Compensation during charging and Sensor Control (optional), fit for 24W 12V or 36W 12V solar panels.
1. Overcharging and Over discharging protection.
2. Prevent the reverse current from the battery to the solar panel at night time.
3. Automatically open the loads after sunset according to the light intensity. (Optional)
4. Automatically close the loads:
A: battery voltage is in full condition: automatically close the loads after sunrise.
B: the voltage of battery is low; automatically close loads in advance.
Connection: (Refer to Drawing)
1. Connect the “+” “-” poles of the battery with relevant cables. Red colour is “+”
2. Connect the “+” “-” poles of the solar panel with relevant cables on the left of the picture.
Red colour is “+”
3. Connect the “+” “-” poles of the loads with relevant cables on the right of the picture.
Red colour is “+”
1. One charging indicator, light indicates strong charging, flash indicates float charging, no light indicates stop charging.
2. One Load indicator, light indicates there is a power output, the loads are working normal, no light indicates no output,
the loads cannot work. (See Picture)
1. Please check the rated voltage of the solar panel and loads, they must be same with controller, all their voltage
should be 12V.
2. The input current of the solar panel and output current of the loads cannot do more than the rated current of
the controller. (2A or 3A)
3. The controller does not have a short circuit function.
4. Forbid the use of other DC power supply instead of solar panels for the battery charging through the
Technical data:
LVD (Low Voltage
Rated Voltage
Rated Charge Current
Rated Discharge Current
Light Controller Mode
visibility 20m
-10- +40℃
Temperature Compensation
Relative Humidity
Net weight
HVD (High Voltage
LVR (Low Voltage
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