Release file version 601~6.04P03

Release file version 601~6.04P03
Release file version 6.04 Patch 03 (12/03/2002)
This document contains information on technical problems, corrections of known issues, limitations and new
I - Corrections
II - Warnings
To change the code page you can use {EC:x}.
* Adobe fonts under Windows 2000 can be selected, but are shown with a null width.
If a label is created under Windows 98 with these fonts, they are changed by printer fonts under Windows 2000.
The width is now properly displayed and can be adjusted.
* Font size in Font property now shows the correct values when using arrows to increase the size.
* When changing a TTF the subset is changed systematically to the first one in the list (so it can be something like
Arabic or Baltic, which should not be the default). The default subset is now “Occidental”.
* Problem on variable text with Wordwrap and Fit To frame options checked is solved.
* The error while using concatenated functions in formula variables is corrected in this version.
* Printing an Image link to a variable field that is not defining an image no longer causes the program to crash.
* The form field (and the other variables) accept:
no value,
file name without extension,
file name with extension (if the extension is not the default extension), and entire pathname.
Database Manager
* Now, when a field LABNAME causes a change in the current label, Database Manager issues a form feed to
end the pending job.
* WYSIWYG problems while using Database Manager ME is now corrected.
The problem was when actualizing data from Database Manager, the values were not updated if CODESOFT was
in Filler mode. This problem may be also be found using VB program setting variable data when CODESOFT was
in Filler mode.
* When using Copyimagetofile it will now free up the PC memory.
* In the TLB the ViewOrientation work with 0,1,2,3, but not with lppx90DegreeLeft, lppx90DegreeRight ou
lppxUpSideDown. The correct values were set in the type library for this release.
* A new property IsEval (Read Only) is added on the CODESOFT application interface to solve the problem
(message “do you want to start in eval mode...” is disabled when CODESOFT is launched in automated or
embedded mode ).
* When starting CODESOFT as a hidden ActiveX, its floating toolbars no longer appear on screen.
* Date offset in ActiveX is now implemented.
* Printlabel method sets the intercut to 1 after the second printjob. It now uses the Intercut set in the printer
settings when no value is set in the PrintLabel method.
* Driver settings are loaded with label although the option
“Load the printer settings saved in the document” is off.
Settings are now saved in user.ini file after changing printer settings.
* When installing a UNC network printer the spool is not created.
The printer spool is now THT_50 //PCNAME/PRINTER in place of THT_50 \\PCNAME\PRINTER
Fonts downloader
* In font selection and settings dialog box of Font Downloader, the font AGA arabesque with the subset symbol is
selected by default. When selecting the arial font, the subset is always symbol. The subset is now updated by
changing the font.
User Manager
* When you create a new profile in the User Manager, if you create another new profile and you add one user that
exists in the other profile, this user is not deleted from the old profile. So you can have the same user in more than
one profile. Now, when you add a user that is already in a group there is no effect.
The labels created with this version cannot be opened by older versions: i.e. CS 6.04 or older
Release file version 6.04 (06/28/2002)
This document contains information on technical problems, corrections of known issues, limitations and new
I- Corrections
II- New Features
* It is now possible to save labels created under CS 3.60
* Codabar barcode
Human readable start and stop characters are now shown as upper case according to AIM Standards (on screen
and printed).
* On a label with a Codablock A barcode, if you create it as the sample link and then select the barcode button and
try to add another barcode, CODESOFT now continues to run normally (no longer stops working).
* The Lock function is now working correctly when used with a barcode and when the Human Readable is set to
* If the name of the label starts with a number, the following formula now returns a correct string length.
* When generating a POF file, CODESOFT now uses the POC selected in the export menu.
* When opening the Printer dialog box, then clicking on Ok without changing the selected printer, you no longer
lose the Specific Options for printers supporting this feature.
* Graphic processing have been improved.
* The edit mode is now deactivated when you type text, click on the File menu, and then press escape to go back
into the label.
* There is no longer a problem with inserting an EPS file.
If the EPS file is not a raster image, the image is not displayed.
* EPS files created by CODESOFT using the Export function are now in the right format and can be reused by
other applications.
* Labels saved with 45° rotation of the display font can now be corrected under Windows 2000.
* The text now adjusts to be centered inside the frame with the fit to frame option.
* Improvements have been made for the continuity of the fit to frame option.
* When printing using Merge and using fit to frame, the frame now grows only if the smallest font is too big for
the frame.
* Add an OLE object (like WordArt) to an empty label, then save the label.
Open the label, move the object, and then save and close the label.
Now when you reopen the label the OLE object is still there.
* The error “server application cannot be started” no longer appears when you are using the Insert OLE object
ASCII Database
* There is no longer a problem with displaying data on a label with an ASCII database and the “Open merge
database with labels” option checked.
Database Manager
* The function “Duplicate a Record” now creates a copy, not an empty record.
* The control variables LABELCPY and SERIALQTY are now working under Database Manager.
* When using generate pof, with a file path for the poc file,
the file used is now the one indicated by the search path.
* When changing the value of a text object,
the font definition is now set to the first font used under CODESOFT.
* The date offset or offset type can now be read through ActiveX.
* Polygons are now printed correctly when labelling software is used as a hidden ActiveX.
* ActiveX early binding under VB with reference to TLB When accessing a variables.dates item you get the
“function interface marked as restricted...” with late binding the dates property can be used without a
problem syntax used:
MsgBox cs.ActiveDocument.Variables.Dates.Item(1).Name
Use DateTime Object name in place of Date.
* ActiveX Printdocument
The Printdocument function now prints the linked document instead of the current document.
* ActiveX OpenODBC
When closing the application you are prompted to save the query only if the server is visible. When closing a
layout through ActiveX, or when quitting CODESOFT, and a label is open with a query, a message box, asking to
register the query, appears behind the calling application window only if the server is visible.
* ActiveX-connection with ODBC datasource Oracle 8.1.7 in VB or
ActiveX with attached database fields on SQL server
When call OpenODBC method on the Database object use this syntax :
Sometimes use UID or UserID entry name, depend of the ODBC driver
DSN is the Data Source Name,
UID / UserID is the User ID to login,
PWD is the user Password.
* During a print job, events have been fired, precisely OLEPausePrinting, only if the server was visible. Now
events will be fired in all cases, server visible or not.
* The quality of the CopyImageToFile and the CopyToClipboard functions has been improved.
* If the extension is specified, the CopyImageToFile function now creates the file with the extension.
* Changing the language through ActiveX now works correctly.
* When you use the OpenODBC call in CODESOFT’s back end, it returns a “true” if it actually makes an
attachment to a table.
* ViewOrientation now works correctly.
* When changing the text.VariableName of a text object or when the VariableObject is modified, the font
definition is now set to the font of the text object.
* Additional serial ports will be completed from the registry entry. But, if they are not listed , it is necessary to add
ports manually from the panel configuration (start menu, parameters ) of NT4, then to select ports item, and to
configure them and to restart the system.
* Label created with CODESOFT 4 containing a variable graphic - If under CODESOFT 4 the path for the graphic is
set to “another directory” as the default directory, this information is now retrieved when opening the label
under CODESOFT 6.
User Manager
* It is now possible to list users of different domains under Windows NT and Windows 2000.
* Under Windows NT/2000 User Manager now takes into account the login-sign space in the login.
*There is no more problem with User Manager when using a local installation on Windows 2000
Batch Print Manager
* The Batch Print Manager now recognizes the field @LABNAME.
* When CODESOFT PREMIER is protected by a password, the use of the zoom button doesn’t provoke
an error anymore.
* Under Windows 98, the justification of the text field is now saved.
* When selected objects are aligned, the anchor point (top-left by default) of each object will be preserved for all
* New version of the UCC/EAN 128 Wizard added in this version of CODESOFT.
* The driver key is now XP compatible.
* Wallace.lfm has been added.
* List of the printer families added in this version :
Release file version 6.03 (10/11/2001)
This document contains information on technical problems, corrections of known issues, limitations and new
I- Corrections
II- New Features
* Upgrading from 4.20 to Version 6.03 (Enterprise):
The option “ Adjust the size of the image” now works
when the view of the label is rotated 90°.
Database Manager
* Online help can now be accessed from Database Manager.
* A table where a field is a primary key (with Access ),
does not allow records to have the same value on this field. This version of Database Manager does issue a
warning to tell the duplicate record has not been added to the table.
* Two valid formulas are now imported with the correct double quotes when using a UFO file, as shown in the
following example:
Formula0: Formula=”{FNC1}”
Formula1: Formula= “1234” & Formula0 & “5678”
* When using variable with operator characters (ie : a+b ), in a formula, if you click to add this variable in the
expression, the format is {a+b} according to formula syntax. This should only happend if the variable name
contain operators.
* The model can be changed after selecting File - Export POF Object Model <>. A different POC can be used
when generating a POF file.
* When File - Export as a Printer Object File (POF) is selected the POC files are now listed even if Code
Converter is not installed.
* The form display no longer shrinks when using the “Display form when printing” option with the “For each
label” option.
* Lines are no longer shown beside an object when using 90° or 180° rotation of the display.
* When opening up a CODESOFT 5.04 label with CODESOFT 6.02.01
1. The position of variable text (tt font) does not changed anymore
2. The text size does not changed anymore.
* A blank value is now displayed when you create a free variable, add it to the label in “Display field names” mode
and then switch over to “Display field contents” mode.
* There is no longer a problem with shadows and size of the image when you do the following:
Create a formula variable and use it as a graphic with the “Proportionally adjust the size of the image” option
activated, rotate the whole label 180 or 270 degrees and then move the image.
* An EAN13 EXT5 bar code is now visible on screen when you do the following:
Create an EAN13 EXT5 bar code, enter -1 (narrow bar width i.e. 3 dots) in “Space correction” and then save the
label and reopen it.
* The following names can be used for variables:
They were reserved names for the DDE connection.
Because CODESOFT doesn’t include DDE anymore, these names are available again.
* The printer-specific options are now saved when you edit the text or when you set up the printer settings.
* Copyimagetofile now accepts values higher than 100.
* ActiveX on table lookup fields To access the variable used as the search key by a table lookup variable:
The return value is the concatenation of keys
separated by coma.
II- New Features
* Arabic, Hebrew, Russian and Turkish translations have been added in this version.
* The EAN Assistant has been updated.
* Database Manager: a warning message now appears when the base format will be changed by:
- Modifying the table structure
- Duplicating or changing the table name
* Formula: the Modulo10UPS function has been added.
You will find, in CODESOFT installation folder, the files containing information on technical problems, corrections of
known issues, and new solutions specifics to each printer driver.
Files correspond toPrinters models
Release file version 6.02.01 (07/16/2001)
This document contains information on technical problems, corrections of known issues, limitations and new
I - Corrections
II - New Features
* In the Form, after values are entered and the label is saved from the Form display mode all values are now
retained; the last entered value no longer replaces the other values.
* If your variable image is in the default image folder, the image appears when the document is opened.
* A graphic with a large white area or a polygon no longer has small dots in the white area when printed with a
thermal printer.
The problem has been corrected for all drivers since 05-23-01.
* Intermec EC 301 (in driver version PUDP.PRN 11.01.02)
Direct Thermal setting of the printer driver is now saved and sent to the printer.
* Intermec Driver, in Direct Protocol
The command NEW SUPPLIES sent to printer models EC301 and E4 no longer causes an error.
The driver is based on firmware 2.0 and later.
* Microcom Driver The left side is no longer missing on all graphics sent to 400, 412 and 466 printers.
* Datamax Driver, all models
It is now possible to include a check digit on Code 39 bar codes with
a Datamax printer selected. (PDX.PRN version 11.01.12)
* Microcom Driver Graphics are now printed on models 400 and 412 (in the PMC.prn version 11.01.04).
* Datamax I-class Driver
Pound and Euro symbol are displayed on the screen in triumvirate, but they are printed using the printer font “1.”
* Zebra Driver
Printing with spooled access on a TCP/IP port is now working.
* TEC B30 Driver
There is no longer a problem when printing a label with just
text in printer fonts.
It is now possible to set the paper detection in the driver.
* OPTIMO 128, OPTIMO 150 and OPTIMO 250 Drivers
When the paper is left positioned, the option “Adjust paper to the left” is now available in the Advanced tab of the
Printer Settings dialog box. The margin does not need to be adjusted, the driver will calculate the offset
* ActiveX bound method is now working correctly with fixed text:
-- Bound method to modify text width works on text with only wordwrap set.
-- With text set as fit to frame, it adapts the text to the frame.
* In the CS 6.02 Runtime version, an error message no longer appears when starting COMet.
Database Manager
* In the Database Manager ME 6.01, there is no longer a problem when you try to print a selection using the
“Select the records to print” dialog box.
* The functioning of CODESOFT is no longer affected when the User Manager is not installed.
Sprint Version
* The Form Customization function has been removed.
* The label stock formats TLS2200/TLS have been added for Brady printers.
Release file version 6.02 (06/07/2001)
This document provides information about technical problems, corrections of known issues, limitations and
I - Corrections
II - New Features
* If your variable image is in the default image folder, the image appears when the document is first opened.
* It is now possible to type the characters (\, #, A, &, ?, U, L) in the Form.
* In the Spr int version 5 and 6, the limits are now handled
(Reset the counter to 0 after 9999).
* The serial number is now saved automatically in the globvar.dat file.
Therefore, if anyone uses the shared variable, he can access the last number printed.
* When creating a decreasing counter the error message indicating that the counter is beyond the limits no
longer appears.
* The values of the Table lookup variable are now saved in the Output tab of the Properties dialog box.
It is now possible to define the maximum length of a Table lookup. If the length of the data is longer than the
length defined, the data is truncated.
* When Display form when printing is used, the window is initially centered on the screen; the last positioning or
re-sizing of the form window is now saved.
* When using a FORM variable, the padding characters are activated when the variable setup is reentered.
* When a graphic bar code is selected and then copied and pasted into Paint or PSP, a picture of a readable bar
code is now produced.
* When adding a printer to a TCP/IP address, the address is now saved when the application is closed.
* An error no longer occurs when printing a document that includes a custom counter.
* UFO file: the bar code human readable is printed when the HRAuto parameter is set to 1.
* The list of variables now appears after a document is stored in the Eltron printer.
* If you select a different printer, the Font list is correctly updated.
* It is now possible to select marked media with the Novexx Printers.
* Zebra printers now support the creation of oblique lines and circles.
* For Datamax I-4206, I-4212 and I-4308 printers it is now possible to create the printer code 2D Datamatrix.
* During printing, objects are no longer printed several times on the same label.
* For the Novexx Lion printer, when printing from query preview or an ActiveX application, the cutter is not
activated if no cutter is selected.
* For the Easycoder 601 XP, the maximum narrow bar width is now limited at 8 instead of 6 for the EAN 13 bar
* With CODESOFT in Automation mode and Application.EnableEvents set to TRUE, it is now possible to print
on a THT printer.
* In ActiveX, after opening and closing several documents, a failure no longer occurs at the opening.
* The Close, Quit and BeginPrinting events work correctly in this version.
* The CopyToClipboard method now recognizes the CF_DIB and CF_Bitmap formats.
* The ActiveDocument.Escape method works in this version.
* When using CODESOFT through ActiveX, it is now possible to see the error message if the dongle is not
* Unexpected closing no longer occurs when the Myapp.Application.Visible method is used extensively.
* When printing a document that includes multiple labels on the same page, the labels will now print properly
instead of all printing in the same label position on the page.
* If the object position is modified, the font sub-set is no longer affected.
* The Printer.send method is now working.
POF Files
* The %POFNAME% variable (located in the Process section of a POC File) now sends the POF File path in the
correct DOS format.
* A label created with an early version 4 or imported labels
are now saved with the correct file extension.
* When opening a document created with THT version 3.55, there is no longer an object positioning problem.
* When opening a document created with version 4 that includes a Rectangle object, the Rectangle object now
* It is now possible to save a document created with version 3.
* It is no longer possible to manipulate objects unless assigned Add, Delete or Modify rights.
* DATABASE MANAGER is launched in the language selected for CODESOFT.
* Some problems with recognition of the dongle have been solved for the CODESOFT Network version.
* The bar code human readable is now always centered in the Sprint version.
* The label stock formats LAT-41 to LAT-47, LAT-175 to LAT-178 and THT-101 to THT-105 have been added for
Brady printers.
* Dataman ME replaces the Database Manager 98 and 2000 applications.
* The TLC 39 bar code, a composite bar code developed for the telecommunications industry, has been added.
This code serves as a transition between the Code 39 symbology and the future Micro PDF 417 bidimensional
Release file Version 6.01 (01/02/2001)
This document provides information about technical problems, corrections of known issues, limitations and
I - Corrections
II - New Features
- Polish prompts are now included.
- The application runs in the language selected during installation.
Open/Import Documents
* A fatal error no longer occurs if two documents are open, you save the first document when exiting, and then
attempt to save the second document with the same name as the first document.
Text Objects
* Subset management has been corrected:
-- The list of subsets is now available all the time.
-- If you selected a subset, it is not kept the following times
you access the text settings.
OLE Objects
* A fatal error no longer occurs if you select the command Links from the Edit menu after deleting a linked OLE
* Paste Special now works properly if text is pasted from a Microsoft Word document.
Printer Management
* The default bar code is now printer and not graphic for THT printers.
Printing Management
* It is now possible to directly access the Printer settings dialog box
by pressing F6 and then F5.
Image Management
* The Image Properties dialog contains a link to the image file. If the file does not exist on your computer a
complete message is displayed; previously the message was blank.
* When an image is added to a document and then you double click on it to change it to a second image, the image
file name is updated. If you double click on the image again, the second file name is now retained. Previously, the
first image file name would reappear.
* Images in WPG for mat are compatible with this version.
* It is now possible to change an image to monochrome mode.
ODBC and Linked Tables
* If a new query is created in a document and variable fields from this query are placed on the label and the
document is saved but not the query, when the document is reopened and the query is edited, if Cancel is selected
the list of fields is now displayed in the ODBC query definition dialog.
Variable Management
* In the SPRINT version, when a variable date is added to a label as a text object in value mode it is now
* German Help text for formula functions in the Formula dialog box is now complete (i.e. AND, IF, and many
* In the Formula dialog box the Help text for day-function is now mapped to the correct topic.
* The option “Save the last values of variables” (only available in the RunTime version) now works correctly.
* The input format * is now working.
OLE Interface
* When using the OLE V1 interface the Variables.showFiller no longer generates an Automation Error and the
form is displayed.
* When using the OLE interface the prompt property is set when a variable is created.
* If Internet Explorer 5 is installed on your computer, CS6 running with an OLE interface no longer crashes after
the “Q uit” function.
* The size of a text object is no longer incorrect if it is rotated.
* Previously, if you added a text object like “Hello” (ll as Italic), only an object containing “o” was returned. This
no longer occurs.
* Object collections now return the proper line type. For example, if it was:
image.type = 3
line.type = 3
“4” will now appear as the line.type.
* It is now possible to delete a bar code object and create another one with the same name.
* When you select 2 text objects and change the font using the toolbar and then undo the action, the font
settings are now recovered.
* It is now possible to edit in the Default folders tab (Options
dialog box).
* The Demo version (without a dongle connected), is always checking for the dongle. The result of this is that
each action is very slow.
* When an oblique line is selected, if you display the Position/size dialog box and you click on OK without changing
the values, the line position is no longer moved.
* On-screen rotation of a document no longer makes the horizontal and vertical lines disappear (rotation of 90°
and 270° only).
* EAN 128 Assistant: if you select the Cancel button an error message is no longer displayed.
* Font Downloader: the display font of CODESOFT is now used in Font Downloader.
* Font Downloader: it is now possible to select a printer connected to a TCP/IP port.
* COMet: the translations are now correct for the double bit platforms.
Printer Drivers
* TEC Drivers
It is now possible to display and edit the TEC printers setting.
- Main functionality corrected.
- Synchronism is correctly respected.
- WIDTH parameter of the PAPER command is correctly specified.
- T5x06 is now specified as 6.6”.
* ZEBRA Drivers
DA402 now has a valid scalable font.
* INTERMEC Drivers
EasyCoder C4 now has the minimum label gap for gapped labels set at 15 dots instead of 13.
* IP address customization:
The IP address by default is 9100.
To change this value, add the following sentence in the [GENERAL] section of the CS.INI:
IPPPortNumber= (enter the correct value)
Printer Drivers
* ALLEN Added a new driver with 3 models:
- Allen TT107IM
- Allen TT53IM
- Allen TT85IM
The number of paper types has increased from 2 to 4.
The “Adjust origin vertical” option (^LT command) was added for XiIII models.
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