PowerFlex 755 AC Drive with Integrated Motion

PowerFlex 755 AC Drive with Integrated Motion
PowerFlex 755 AC Drive with Integrated Motion
Bringing Together the Powerful Performance of Integrated Motion
and EtherNet/IP™
Integrated Motion on EtherNet/IP™
Enjoy all the benefits and simplicity of Rockwell Automation® Integrated Motion on EtherNet/IP. Get complete machine
support on a single, flexible EtherNet/IP network architecture.
Rockwell Automation Integrated Motion
on EtherNet/IP uses CIP Motion™ and CIP Sync™ technology from ODVA, all
built on the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP). Global standards help ensure
consistency and interoperability
EtherNet/IP uses standard, unmodified Ethernet, and allows you to effectively
manage real-time control and information
flow for improved plant-wide
optimization, more informed decision-
making and better business performance
Time synchronization of drives, I/O and other EtherNet/IP compliant devices
provides the performance to help solve
the most challenging applications
A single software package, RSLogix 5000,
provides complete system support
including motion configuration,
programming, commissioning, diagnostics and drive maintenance
Use of standard Ethernet allows you to connect to a large number of business,
commercial and industrial devices; there’s no need for proprietary hardware or software
Embedded Safety
• Lower Total System Cost – fewer
components and wire terminations
• Enhance operator safety
• Simplify installation and commissioning • Capture excellent machine information and diagnostics
The PowerFlex 755 drive is aimed to maximize your investment and help
improve productivity. Now with the added capability of integrated
motion, for the first time, PowerFlex and Kinetix drives can be on the
same network – EtherNet/IP – and configured, programmed and
controlled using RSLogix 5000 via motion instruction sets.
Integrated Motion on EtherNet/IP not only provides high performance
closed- and open-loop drive control on a single network but with motion
profiles and instructions embedded in the controller, helps ensure device
precision and synchronization. Add in safety options and you have an
AC drive that can make a difference in your machine.
When you move to Integrated Motion on EtherNet/IP, you can benefit
from complete machine support on a single, flexible network,
eliminating the need for dedicated networks and control modules.
With safety options that can be easily
integrated into the AC drive helps to:
• Improve machine availability through reduced downtime
Achieve a new level of machine flexibility and functionality
PowerFlex 755 AC Drive with Integrated Motion
Integrating the PowerFlex 755 with ControlLogix controllers through Integrated Motion allows you to expand your
system solutions to include drives with a higher power range, wider selection for feedback and motor support along
with configuring, controlling, and monitoring via RSLogix 5000 for their systems.
Improve performance with drive control performed by the
programmable automation controller.
• Create user defined data types to easily represent specific
components of your application in one structure
• Actual drive parameters reside in PAC
Application programs can be developed independent of the drive
• Actual drive program resides in PAC
• Use PowerFlex 755 drives along with Allen-Bradley Kinetix servo drives without application program impact
• Actual drive control resides in the PAC
Fully integrated motion support for PowerFlex 755 connected
with EtherNet/IP. Configuration is streamlined with motion
profiles and instruction sets in the ControlLogix controller
Support induction and permanent magnet motors, including
Allen-Bradley MP-Series, RDD-Series and HPK-Series servo
motors for a variety of applications
• Motion programming, configuration,
commissioning, and motion tools in RSLogix 5000
allow you to:
Supports multiple feedback interfaces for a wide range of applications
• Configure drive and I/O
• Incremental, EnDat and Hiperface for Stegmann and
Heidenhain high resolution feedback, SSI and BiSS for rotary and linear applications
• Configure up to 100 axes
• Monitor drive status and time-stamped diagnostics
Synchronized position and velocity control
- Multi-axis
- Kinematics
- P-caming
- Electronic gearing
- Point to point
System Requirements
PowerFlex 755 with Integrated Motion
Use these high performance products when putting
together an Integrated Motion system using the
PowerFlex 755:
Graphical Motion Profile Editor
Instruction Based Programming
RSLogix 5000 Software*
The only software you’ll need for programming,
configuration, diagnostics and maintenance
ControlLogix® L6X or L7X Controller with a 1756-ENxT
EtherNet/IP module – Supports as many as 255 axes
per controller
Managed or unmanaged Stratix switches – based on
your application and topology
Any of several hundred industrial devices using
EtherNet/IP – including I/O, robots, smart actuators,
torque tools, etc.
DriveToools and DriveExplorer can continue to be used
with PowerFlex 755 drives with Integrated Motion for
drive monitoring, maintenance and troubleshooting.
Drive Status and Diagnostics
RSLogix 5000 software provides complete motion support for the Kinetix 6500 servo
drive and PowerFlex 755 VFD drive for standardized operation and consistent behavior
of the drives. The common user experience simplifies drive use.
*RSLogix 5000 support for PowerFlex 755 with Integrated Motion available August 2010
EtherNet/IP–A Single Network for Complete Machine Control
Connect Your Entire Enterprise
Integrated Motion
Benefit from the EtherNet/IP network
for complete machine control that simplifies
and enhances machine design.
• Low cost, high performance and easy to
use as compared to a multi-network
• Easily integrate any PowerFlex drive,
I/O, smart actuators and any other
EtherNet/IP connected device
Kinetix 6500
Integrated Motion
Use a single software package - RSLogix 5000 - for complete
system support,including motion configuration. Benefit from a
common user experience using the same motion instruction
sets for configuring, programming, commissioning, and
diagnosing a PowerFlex 755 in an Integrated Motion application.
EtherNet/IP is Established
PowerFlex Drives
PowerFlex 755
Unlike other Ethernet-based solutions, EtherNet/IP does not
require use of non-standard infrastructure components and can be
integrated into your plant-wide Ethernet network without the use
of gateways or routers. The use of standard Ethernet allows you to
protect your investment by using established technology that is
being advanced throughout global industries.
Real-Time Control Since 2001
More than 2 million nodes installed
More than 250 vendors with support
for more than 850 devices
Used in more than 80 countries
The right topology for your machine
• Get machine flexibility with support for any Ethernet topology
• Device level star, hybrid, ring and linear topologies
• Mix drives and any other EtherNet/IP device on a common subnet
A hybrid topology is cost-effective for a broad range
of devices with varying connectivity.
Device Level Ring is an ODVA standard and requires
no additional hardware to implement. This single
fault tolerant network provides resiliency.
Linear Ethernet segments greatly extend the length
of the application. There’s no need to run cables from
each device back to a centralized switch.
PowerFlex 755 Safety Benefits
PowerFlex 755 AC Drive
Safety options can help provide reduced downtime paired with
an increase in productivity while protecting your personnel
and equipment.
Safe Speed Monitor
With the Safe Speed Monitor option you can safely monitor and
control the speed of your application which allows operators to
perform process or maintenance work without stopping
the machine.
• When necessary, monitor the speed of your application. If in excess of the safe speed you have defined, initiate Safe Stop
• SIL CL3, Cat. 4, PL e safety performance
• Configuration over web server and IE
• Offers complete flexibility for input and output device selection
• Provides support for multiple built-in safety functions for the PowerFlex 755 drives, including:
- Safe Stop - Zero speed monitoring
- Safe limited speed
- Safe maximum speed
- Safe direction monitoring - Door monitoring and control
- Enabling switch control - Safe Max Accel monitoring
The PowerFlex 755 with the 20-750-S1 safety option, provides a
TUV certified safety solution that meets ISO/EN13849-1
Safe Torque-Off
Safe Torque-Off functionality offers the benefit of quick start-up
after a demand on the safety system and helps reduce wear from
repetitive start-ups.
• Drive output is safely disabled to eliminate motor torque
without removing power from the entire machine
• SIL CL3, Cat. 3, PL e safety performance
• Provides substantial wiring simplification and excellent
safety performance
• Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) compared with competitive alternatives and provides safety ratings up to and including
PLe/SIL3 and CAT 3.
The PowerFlex 755 offers more selection
for control and supporting hardware
options than any other AC drive in its
class including:
• Standard embedded Ethernet port allows you to easily configure, control and collect drive data over an
EtherNet/IP network
• Predictive diagnostics allow the PowerFlex 755 to keep track of information that affects the life of its cooling fans, relay
outputs, and can be programmed to monitor the run time hours for machine or motor bearings, giving you advanced notification to help prevent unplanned downtime
• Option Cards – Five (5) option slots capable of accepting a combination of options for control, communications, I/O, feedback, safety and auxiliary control power allowing you to meet your specific application requirements with scalable control and hardware options
• Safe Torque-Off and Safe Speed Monitor Safety options
help protect personnel and equipment, conserve space in panels, minimize downtime, and provide a choice for safety levels depending on your application requirements.
• Factory and field installable enclosure options are available to meet most environmental requirements.
Motor Control
Ratings 400-480V
Enclosure Types
Standards and Certifications
In applications where the speed needs to be controlled and
monitored, the Safe-Speed Monitor option for the PowerFlex
750-Series combines Safe Torque-Off capability with integrated
safety relay functionality and the Safe-Speed Control technology
in one hardware option to provide safety ratings up to and
including PLe/SIL3 and Cat 4.
Conformal Coating
Integrated Safety
These safety options can help provide reduced downtime paired
with an increase in productivity while protecting your personnel
and equipment.
Publication 755-PP001C-EN-P - March 2010 • Vector Control w/FORCE Technology with
and without an encoder
• Sensorless Vector Control • Volts per Hertz
• Permanent Magnet Motor Control
• 0.75...400 kW • 1...650 Hp
• IP00/IP20, NEMA/UL Open Type
• Flange Mount Back: IP66, NEMA/UL Type 4X
• IP54, NEMA/UL Type 12
• UL, CE, cUL, C-Tick, SEMI F47, GOST-R
• TUV FS ISO/EN13849-1 (EN954-1) for Safe Torque-Off
and Safe Speed Monitor options
• ROHS compliant materials
• Standard
• Safe Torque-Off SIL CL3, PLe, Cat 3
• Safe Speed Monitor SIL CL3, PLe, Cat 4
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