OMNITRONIC WR-1BT Bluetooth audio receiver
Bluetooth audio receiver
With A2DP, CSR® aptX® supported
◎aptX codec support
◎SBC codec support
◎A2DP Bluetooth profile supported
◎ 33 feet(10M) effective range
◎TOSLINK digital audio output
◎Audio RL audio output
◎8 devices ID storable
What’s in the box
Main unit
AC/DC adaptor
3.5mm male
3.5mm female
male audio cable
audio RL cable
Outlook and connectors
Top View
Setup your WR-1BT
Analog connection
Connect one 3.5mm end of the include audio to headphone jacket on the WR-1BT
Connect the other end to an audio input on your home stereo system (3.5mm or
3.5mm + 3.5mmm 2 RCA). Consult your stereo user’s manual for more
information on how to accomplish this.
Digital connection
Connect one TOSLINK cable end to optical jacket on the WR-1BT(recommended)
Connect the other end to one TOSLINK input of your home stereo system.
Consult your stereo user’s manual for more information on how to accomplish
Connect AC power adaptor cable to DC input jacket of WR-1BT, AC end to any
AC outlet.
The LED light will flash once to show the unit is powered and ready for being
paired for your devices.
Pairing your WR-1BT
iPad/iPhone/iPod touch
1. Go to Bluetooth manager of your iPad/iPhone/iPod touch by the following steps
a .From your iPad/iPhone/iPod
touch home page, tap “setting”
b. Inside Settings tap on
c. Inside General tap on
2.Turn On the Bluetooth
3.Your iPod/iPhone/iPad
will auto searching
available device. You
will see “Music
Receiver” then Tap on
5. Your iPod/iPhone/iPad connected to WR-1BT
Now. And You can play music from your
4. Enter “0000” when the player
asks for PIN code(some
device need not to input PIN).
This will allow the
iPad/iPhone/iPod touch to pair
with “Music Receiver”
Android Phone/Tablet(
(ver 4.0 as Example)
1. Go to Bluetooth manager of your smart phone by the following step
a. From your smart phone home
page, tap on “setting”
2. Searched Bluetooth
Devices will show up,
please tap on “Music
b. Inside the setting, turn on The
c. Bluetooth is turned on
3. Enter “0000” when
the player asks for
PIN code(some
device need not to
enter the PIN).
4. Once paired, the blue LED
light on the WR-1BT will
flash once. The Blue LED
will keep lighted when a
connection is established
And In your Smartphone
there is showed
“connected to media
Some devices, such as iPhone, will connect immediately after pairing so the LED
will ON. Other devices, such as notebook, may ask you if you wish to connect
and LED will go off after pairing until a connection is established.
Although the WR-1BT can only play music from one device at a time, it is capable of
being paired to up to 8 devices. It means that you have to enter the PIN code once for
each device.
You can play the music now. Just play music on your device as you normally would and
the sound will come out from your stereo system.
Note: the effective range of WR-1BT is 33 feet(10M).
Reconnecting your device
If you move out of range or turn off the Bluetooth feature on you iPad/iPhone/iPod
touch or Smartphone,WR-1BT will disconnected from your device. To reconnect,
simply open the Bluetooth manager and tap on the “Music Receiver”, then you do not
need to input PIN again, the connection will be done automatically.
Adding a new phone or tablet:
If you want to switch from one device to another, please follow these steps
End the existing Bluetooth connection with connected device.
The WR-1BT can now be connected with another device such as
iPad/iPod/iPhone or Smartphone or tablet.
Follow the section “Pairing the WR-1BT” to connect a new device.
Out of range or lost signal:
When the paired phone or device away from receiver (33 feet) or there is
something blocking the Bluetooth signal. The LED light will go off, it means the
connection between device and WR-1BT is lost. To avoid a lost connection:
Move the music device back into range ( within 33 feet), and make sure there’s a
clear line of sight and there are no obstructions between WR-1BT and device.
Within 15 seconds, the connection will automatically be reestablished and LED
will turn on
If the connection is lost for more than 15 seconds, you need to reconnect the
device and WR-1BT again. Please follow the “Reconnect Your Device” section.
Indication of LED
Flash once 1 sec
per 5 secs
Power on
Waiting for connection
Permanently lit
Device and main unit are connected
You can solve your problems from this section
No music out from my stereo speaker
◎ Make sure the WR-1BT is powered.
◎ Make sure an audio cable or an Optical cable is correctly and firmly connected to
◎ Make sure that the audio source selection of your amplifier is correct with your audio
connection (analogue audio or TOSLINK)
◎ Make sure the volume of the stereo is set to a comfortable listening level
◎ Make sure you are within range.
◎ Make sure the Bluetooth function is opened on your device.
◎ Make sure you are playing the music from your device.
◎WR-1BT requires full connection and both hands to install.
◎ Do not use WR-1BT near water(for example, a bath tub, wash bowl, kitchen sink,
laundry tub, wet basement, swimming pool, or other areas located near water).
◎ Clean with dry cloth.
◎ Unplug the WR-1BT before cleaning.
◎ Install WR-1BT far away from heat sources.
◎ Use only the attached accessories.
◎ Unplug the WR-1BT when unused for long time.
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