PS-25T Datasheet
Intelligent Dual Relay Secure Power Supply
Using supervised digital communications, the PS-25T Secure Power Supplies reject wire
tampering attempts. They are compatible with Rosslare’s Secure Controller and Convertible
reader/controller series’, automatically transforming the convertible units into 500-user
stand-alone controllers, featuring fully programmable two-relay operation. The PS-25T
features a metal cabinet mounted with AC-AC transformer (except the PS-C25TU version),
secure power supply module with two on-board relays, sounder module and space for a 7Ah
rechargeable backup battery (C type casing only).
General Description
The components mounted on the PS-25T allow the
user to integrate and install a variety of lock strikes,
battery sizes, and end units suiting the application.
With the simplicity provided by an Automatic Mode
Recognition feature, it converts Rosslare’s “AYC”
convertible units into a fully featured 500-user
controller with lock strike and alarm/auxiliary relay
outputs, thus reducing stock levels.
PS-25T powers standard 12V/1.2A door strikes, has
two 5A strike control relays and a built in REX input,
allowing door unlocking. An internal sounder can
provide different alerts for doorbell, chime and alarm.
For either Fail-Safe or Fail-Secure configuration, the
PS-25T has a built-in backup battery charger and
space to accommodate 12V Sealed Lead Acid backup
battery of up to 7Ah capacity (C box only).
Main Features
Two power supplies in one for controller unit, and
door strike.
Door bell feature (from “*” key) when used with
Rosslare Secure Controller Series or
Convertible readers*.
Secure operation using digital communications to
the keypad, rejects wire tamper attempts. A siren
sound is generated upon keypad disconnection
Mounted speaker module sounding doorbell
chime alerts.
Built in Backup Battery Charger for 12V Sealed
Lead Acid type rechargeable batteries.
Automatic switch over to backup battery when
AC Fails with no voltage drop.
Additional Input for Door monitoring or other
Auxiliary options.
Tamper monitoring of connected keypad.
Fail Safe / Fail Secure Form-C 5A Lock Strike and
Alarm/Auxiliary Relays.
Supports Rosslare’s Secure Controller and AYC
series of Convertible readers/controllers**
Available with the following models:
- PC-25T: PCB Module
- PS-A25T: 7x3" cabinet, 230VAC/50Hz
- PS-C25T: 8x8" cabinet, 230VAC/50Hz
- PS-C25TU: 8x8" cabinet, UL version
Necessary for Rosslare’s Secure Controller Series, optional
for AYC Convertible Series in controller mode.
** Both relays can be operated by the Convertible Keypads.
However keypads of the Secure family or of older
Convertible versions can operate a single relay only.
PS-25T Intelligent Dual Relay Secure Power Supply
Product Specifications
• Input Voltage:
• Transformer Output
• Standby Current:
• Battery Charger:
• Battery DC Input:
• Lock Strike Power:
• Lock Strike Relay:
• Alarm/Auxiliary Relay:
• Keypad Power:
• Communications:
• Power LED
• Sounder
230VAC/60 Hz, 0.14A
230VAC/60 Hz, 0.14A
16VAC/1.5A, 40VA Max.
16VAC/1.5A, 40VA Max.
Depends on keypad type
External 16VAC, 1.5A
(No internal transformer)
12V Sealed Lead Acid
12V Sealed Lead Acid
12V Sealed Lead Acid
10 to 16 VDC –Current depends on attached devices.
12VDC constant voltage output / 1.2 A Current Limit
5A Form-C, N.O / N.C
5A Form-C, N.O / N.C
12V DC regulated output / 300mA current limit.
Proprietary Rosslare Secure Format – monitored for wire tamper.
Red LED indicates connection to input voltage.
Built-in 8 Ohm, 0.25W Speaker for door-bell, chime
and alarm sounds.
• Operating Environment:
• Operating Temperature:
• Operating Humidity:
• Dimensions:
Indoor Use
-10˚C to 50˚C (14˚F to 122˚F)
0 to 95% (Non Condensing)
18.2cm x 8cm x 6.8cm
(7.2" x 3.1" x 2.7")
1.2Kg (2.7 lbs)
22.5cm x 22cm x 8.2cm
(8.86 x 8.66" x 3.2")
2.45Kg (5.4 lbs)
22.5cm x 22cm x 8.2cm
(8.86 x 8.66" x 3.2")
1.5Kg (3.3 lbs)
Components and Options
Designed for Rosslare’s Convertible AYC
readers/controllers: AYC-G54, AYC-G64,
AYC-F54, AYC-F64, AYC-Q54B, AYC-Q64B,
AYC-E55, AYC-W6500.
Compatible with Rosslare’s Secured
Series Controllers: AC-S73, AC-T73,
AC-Q74 and AC-E75.
Additional Information
The PS-25T can be ordered with two types of metal enclosures, with built in speaker module and
different AC mains transformer components to meet international standard requirements.
PS-C25T, PS-C25TU:
The PS-25T is covered by Rosslare’s 2-Year Limited Product Warranty.
For sales information or product documentation, please visit our website:
CFR47 Part 15b Certified
Distributed by:
UL-294 Listed for Access Control System Units (PS-C25TU)
© Copyright Rosslare 2005-2006
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