Dolby Laboratories RC2888/01 User manual

Dolby Laboratories RC2888/01 User manual
Philips Hospitality LCD television
32" class (31.5")
37" class (37.0")
42" class (42.1")
52" class (52.0")
HD LCD television with
b-LAN™, Pro:Idiom® Plus
and MPEG-4
The Indulgence Range
b-LAN™, SmartPlug, MPEG-4, Pro:Idiom® Plus, with full PPV compatibility.
Indulgence is available with a la carte options that include professional installation,
extended warranty and the Philips Smart Gateway.
The Philips Indulgence range is designed to offer the most features at the most attractive price. The televisions can handle FreeTo-Guest (FTG) or Pay-Per-View (PPV) scenarios, meeting the LodgeNet® HD Built-In standard and utilizing industry standard
SmartPort for other providers. Featuring b-LAN™ communication, MPEG-4 decoding and Pro:Idiom®, this range will meet your
technical specification. These sets even offer 16:9 formatted FullHD (1920 x 1080p) resolution standard on all screen sizes 37"
and larger (16:9 formatted HD (1366 x 768p) resolution on 32"). Equally compelling are the Smart Features only Philips delivers,
including SmartPower3 with Autosense for maximum power savings, SmartSecure**, the first built-in theft prevention technology for
commercial televisions, SmartCP autosensing side inputs***, and SmartGuide, the fast, free way for your guests to access the content
they want to watch. We have even improved our SmartStand2, which now has all drill and non-drill hardware included and can be set
to swivel 30, 60, or 90 degrees in each direction. Coupled with our unique advanced exchange warranty and 24/7 customer support,
the Indulgence range will meet your needs for many years to come.
Sustainable solutions
• SmartPower3 with AutoSense
• Energy Star 3.0 compliant
• RoHS compliant / lead-free
• Eco-sensitive materials and packaging
Guest experience
• SmartGuide
• SmartCP autosensing side jack panel***
• Connectivity panel and soundbar compatible
• SmartWindow for simultaneous TV viewing and PC use
• Full HD LCD display, 1920x1080p (37” and larger)
(32” is 1366 x 768p)
Operational excellence
• SmartInstall
• SmartUpdate**
• SmartSecure**
• Integrated b-LAN™ communication
• Two-year advanced exchange warranty*
• Philips Smart Gateway compatible
• SmartStand2 (up to 42")
• Installation available through Philips
installation partners
• 24/7 live customer support (USA-based)
• Financing and leasing programs
• Technical and engineering support (USA-based)
Product highlights
SmartPower3 with AutoSense: All Philips 2009 models meet Energy Star 3.0 requirements.
SmartPower3 goes further, allowing the backlight intensity to be varied
to reduce the power consumption, saving substantially on energy
costs. New is AutoSense, a built-in optimization engine that uses a
light sensor to always deliver the best possible picture at the lowest
possible energy consumption based on actual room conditions. In
addition, Philips' Energy Savings Programmability allows the television
to turn itself off when not in use to save even more energy when
guests or maids leave TVs on for long periods while the room is vacant.
SmartGuide: Hotel guests have difficulty finding a program they want to watch since
they have no idea which channel is which in an unfamiliar city. Even a
traditional electronic program guide (EPG) is little help as the guest
has to scroll through multiple channel pages to find the program they
want to watch. Traditional EPGs are no better for hotels, since fees
are charged on a per room basis. Philips is proud to introduce a better
content location tool - SmartGuide. Simply search by type of content,
for example "Sports" and instantly see all the Sports channels available.
Your guest is seconds away from the programs they want to watch!
SmartCP autosensing side inputs: Allowing your guests to access their content sources has never been
easier. The guest simply plugs their device into our easily accessible
side connectivity panel and the TV will automatically detect and switch
to the correct input. Guests can even plug their USB memory sticks
right into the set and play back music or photos ***.
SmartWindow for simultaneous TV viewing and PC use: SmartWindow allows your guests the added convenience of working
on their laptop PCs on one half of the screen while enjoying the TV
content of their choice on the other half. The perfect balance of work
and leisure.
Full HD LCD display, 1920x1080p (37" and larger): Our larger LCD TVs offer Full HD resolution of 1080 progressive lines,
each with 1920 pixels for a total of just over 2 million pixels (compare
this to the 1 million pixels delivered by 1366 x 768p panels). If you
have ever blown up a photo taken on a lower resolution camera you
know that the larger the image needs to be, the more pixels you need
to make the image look acceptable. Similarly, larger televisions benefit
from having more pixels, especially when viewed from a close distance,
like in a hotel room, where having less pixels results in less pixel
density on the display and noticeable stair stepping and screen door
effects. (32" model is 1366 x 768).
SmartStand2: Philips unique SmartStand2 is a complete commercial solution, offering
a full 180 degree swivel that can be limited in either or both directions
to 30, 60 or 90 degrees (up to 42"). The stand includes a fully securable
mounting plate that can be affixed either using security screws or nondrill adhesive. All security hardware for drill and non-drill mounting is
included on select models****.
SmartInstall: Philips debuts an easy to use and complete installation solution.
Now it’s easier than ever to guarantee the best possible installation
experience for your property and the best possible guest experience.
SmartInstall software allows all features to be set and all channels to
be mapped in a fraction of the time it takes to do so on the television
using a remote. The resultant file is then easily clonable to all TVs on
the property via USB or RF communication (RF cloning requires the
addition of a Philips PSG).
SmartUpdate**: Philips televisions are the first to automatically keep themselves
updated. Simply add a Philips Smart Gateway and all Philips commercial
televisions on the property will check for updated channel maps and/
or software and update in the background when new files are found,
minimally disturbing the guest experience.
SmartSecure**: An industry first from Philips, SmartSecure makes all of your
televisions useless if they are removed from your property. If theft is
a problem, you will want to publicize that your TVs have SmartSecure
and only function onsite.
Integrated b-LAN™ communication with full PPV support: Philips televisions feature the LodgeNet Interactive b-LAN™
communication protocol built-in. This allows for simple and reliable
cloning and updating of our products. By integrating b-LAN™, these
sets also work right out of the box in all LodgeNet systems, without
any need for terminals or cards.
Two-year advanced exchange warranty*: Philips offers unmatched commitment to keeping your guest rooms
in working order. We have such confidence in the reliability of our
televisions that we offer a two-year advanced exchange warranty with
same day ship (same day ship applies to calls received M-F prior to
2pm ET.) In the unlikely event that something does go wrong, we ship a
replacement directly to you.
The Philips Advantage: Sustainability, Operational
Excellence, and Guest Satisfaction
Philips continues to innovate in ways that make our
competitors green with envy. Our dedicated hospitality team
only works on products for hotels, and we focus on delivering
benefits to you, to your guest, and to the environment.
We pioneered energy savings in commercial televisions
through the invention of SmartPower and Energy Savings
Programmability three years ago. Now we proudly
introduce SmartPower3 with Autosense, a suite of power
saving technologies that deliver even more energy savings,
automatically optimized for existing room conditions, and
meet Energy Star 3.0 requirements. But saving energy is only the beginning, as we go well beyond the
industry standard for sustainability. Where others may use brominated flame retardants, we never do.
Where others may use packaging that is not eco-friendly, Philips commercial televisions are designed
and produced to minimize overall environmental impact, through lower power consumption, removal
of hazardous substances, lower weight, more efficient packaging and better recyclability.
When it comes to your business, you don’t need any
distractions. You look for partners who take the worry out
of working with them and allow you to focus on what you
do best, pleasing your guest. Philips understands, and Philips
Hospitality provides commercial products, backed by a
commercial organization, and a unique advanced exchange
warranty of up to three years (on select products). We also
have around the clock (24/7) customer support, and local
service to better support your property. We offer a complete
Operational excellence
suite of hospitality proven features in our SmartHotel package
including volume and menu access limiting, cloning, software
downloads, and future proof encryption and communication technologies that meet hotel needs
today and in the future. The addition of the Philips Smart Gateway allows you to clone or update
televisions without ever visiting the room, making owning and maintaining your Philips television as
easy as possible. It also allows us to offer the industry’s first security-enhanced televisions, featuring
SmartSecure, which can deter theft by making your Philips commercial televisions functional only on
your property.
Guest satisfaction is your business, and Philips makes it ours
as well, offering innovative features that deliver the best
possible guest experience. Guests want better sound in their
hotel rooms - they express a strong preference for a more
home theater like experience. Philips Hotel Cinema soundbar
systems are perfect additions to your guest offering. Guests
increasingly bring their own content and look for hotels to
provide easy and convenient ways to view or listen to that
content. Philips offers guest-friendly products such as our built-in
Guest experience
SmartCP autosensing side inputs or our autosensing in-wall or
on-desk connectivity panels. These products allow your guests
to enjoy content from their own devices, such as MP3 players or personal game systems, on the
television, including music and photos from a USB memory stick. SmartWindow, even allows guests
to conveniently use their PCs on one half of the screen while watching TV on the other half.
Check out all of our sustainability, operational, and guest-centric features at, or review selected highlights in the section to the left.
Dimensional Drawings
VESA wall mount
32" | 37"
200 x 200
400 x 400
400 x 400
Front View
Side View
Back View
Front View
Model A
32" 22.4 20.4 19.9 2
37" 25
31.9 27.5 2.2
36.5 32.4 2.1
42" 27.4 25.4 24.7 1.8
40.7 36.7 2
52" 33
50.3 45.5 2.4
31.1 30.4 2.2
Side View
23.1 22.5 1.9
15.5 2
17.3 32" class (31.5")
18.2 2
20.7 1.9
25.6 2.2
23.2 52" class (52.0")
Back View
32" 3.9
14.2 3.9
32" 11.4 7.9
37" class (37.0")
37" 4.1
14.2 3.7
37" 14.3 7.9
42" class (42.1")
42" 4
14.2 3.8
42" 12.5 15.7 4.4
52" 4.2
12.8 4.3
52" 17.3 15.7 7.3
Input Panels
Side (Autosensing)
Advantages of the Philips Indulgence Range
Industry Norm
No established standard, add on card or terminal for LodgeNet PPV
Fully integrated b-LAN™ and LodgeNet Chipset
$40 per room per year to update channel2
lineup, up to $99 for a LodgeNet terminal3
Two-year warranty
Two-year advanced exchange warranty with same day ship
Up to $50 per room over seven years4
USB or IR Cloning
Remote cloning (where infrastructure permits)
$20 per room at setup5
Customer support open during “normal” business hours (overseas-based)
24/7 live customer support (USA-based)
If you need help the night before you
open, this is priceless
Engineering support (overseas-based)
Technical and engineering support (USA-based)
TV only
Professional installation available
Philips Smart Gateway compatible
Up to $20,0006
Confusing EPG with fees
No monthly fee
No established standard
SmartSecure (requires Philips Smart Gateway)
Plastic swivel stand
SmartStand2 (30/60/90 degree limitable glass swivel stand
with integrated security mounting plate)
User guide
SmartInstall for efficient installation
No established standard
1080p resolution on larger screen sizes (768p on 32")
Some inputs require dongles
Up to $20 per room7
Up to $170 per room over seven years8
ALL full-sized inputs
Bolt-on box for MPEG-4 and Pro:Idiom
Fully integrated MPEG-4 and Pro:Idiom® decryption
Multiple partners to call if you have issues
Total solution from one partner
1. Industry Norm is an average of all options on the market and may not pertain to any particular manufacturer. 2. $20 dollar room visit is estimated at two times per year to update channels. 3. LodgeNet external terminal cost estimated at $99. 4. Advanced exchange
savings based on industry average of 17-day turn around for warranty claim versus 72 hours average for Philips advanced exchange at $99 per room lost. 5. $20 per room at setup is based on $20 per room visit to flash channel map and settings. 6. $20,000 is based on
($20 dollar room visit two times per year to update channels x 100 rooms x 5 years. 7. $20 per room is based on cost of adding security screws, adhesives and plates. 8. $170 is based on energy saved versus sets without dynamic energy saving and a $.10 per kWh cost
for energy.
Hospitality LCD television
HD LCD television with b-LAN™, Pro:Idiom® Plus and MPEG-4
32HFL5561V/27 | 37HFL5581V/27 | 42HFL5581V/27
Key Features
MPEG-4 (H.264) Pro:Idiom® plus stand alone
Smart Power3 with AutoSense
Integrated b-LAN™
PPV compatible
LodgeNet HD Built-in SmartStand2 (30/60/90 degree limitable glass swivel
stand with integrated security mounting plate)
• SmoovieTV® compatible
Picture/Display • Screen class: 32", 37", 42", 52"
• Aspect ratio: 16:9 widescreen
• Display technology: LCD WXGA Active Matrix
• Panel resolution:
1366 x 768p - 32"
1920 x 1080p - 37", 42", 52"
• TV and Cable tuning: NTSC, ATSC, QAM
• Brightness (cd/m2): 500
• Contrast ratio (typical):
1100 to 1 - 32"
1400 to 1 - 37", 42"
2000 to 1 - 52"
• Contrast ratio (dynamic):
8800 to 1 - 32"
11200 to 1 - 37", 42"
16000 to 1 - 52"
• Response time (typical) (ms):
8 - 32"
5 - 37", 42"
6 - 52"
• Viewing angle (H/V) (degrees):178/178
• Supported resolutions (video):
480i (60 Hz)
480p (60 Hz)
720p (60 Hz)
1080i (60 Hz)
1080p (24,25,30,50,60 Hz)
• Supported resolutions (PC):
640 x 480 (60 Hz)
800 x 600 (60 Hz)
1024 x 768 (60 Hz)
1366 x 768 (60 Hz)
• Philips award winning Pixel Plus 3 HD Processing engine
• Screen format adjustments: 4:3, 5 widescreen
Issue date 2010-01-11
Sound system: Stereo, Dolby Digital® (AC-3)
Output power (RMS): 2 x 10 W
Number of loudspeakers: 2
Sound enhancement: Incredible Surround
Hotel Convenience
Installer Setup Menu
Advanced hotel mode features
Auto volume leveller (AVL)
SmartPicture and SmartSound
SmoovieTV® compatible
Connectivity panel compatible
Soundbar compatible
Advanced exchange warranty (two years)*
24/7 customer support
SmartStand2 (30/60/90 degree limitable glass swivel
stand with integrated security mounting plate)
• Securable table top stand (Drill and non-drill
hardware included) - 32", 37", 42"
• Table stand swivel (degrees): 30/60/90 degree L/R limitable - 32", 37", 42"
15 degree L/R - 52"
• VESA wall mount compatible:
200 x 200 mm, M6 screws: - 32", 37"
400 x 400 mm, M6 screws - 42"
400 x 400 mm, M8 screws - 52"
Guest Comfort
USB autoplay (jpg, MP3, and .alb files)
SmartWindow for splitscreen with PC and TV
Maximum volume and turn on volume control
Turn-on (barker) channel
Welcome message
Digital audio out for home cinema
• Energy Star 3.0 compliant
• Energy consumption low power standby: 0.8 watts
• Average in use power consumption: 32" - 115.2 watts | 37" - 113.6 watts
42" - 117.58 watts | 52" - tbc
• Average in use energy consumption w/ SmartPower3 = high: 32" - 65.6 watts
37" - 82.8 watts | 42" - 83.83 watts | 52" - tbc
• Mains power rating:
110-240V, 50/60 Hz - 32", 37", 42"
120V, 60 Hz - 52"
• Non-brominated flame retardant cabinet
• RoHS compliant, lead-free
© 2010 Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V.
All Rights reserved.
Specifications are subject to change
without notice. Trademarks are the
property of Koninklijke Philips Electronics
N.V. or their respective owners.
• Product dimensions WxHxD (w/ stand) (inches):
31.9 x 22.4 x 14.2 - 32" 36.5 x 25 x 14.2 - 37"
40.7 x 27.4 x 14.2 - 42" 50.3 x 33 x 12.8 - 52"
• Product dimensions WxHxD (w/out stand) (inches):
36.5 x 23.1 x 4.1 - 37"
31.9 x 20.4 x 3.9 - 32"
50.3 x 31.1 x 4.2 - 52"
40.7 x 25.4 x 4 - 42"
• Product weight (with stand) (lbs.):
35.3 - 32" | 45.2 - 37" | 50.7 - 42" | 67.9 - 52"
• Product weight (without stand) (lbs.):
25.4 - 32" | 34.2 - 37" | 39.7 - 42" | 58.4 - 52"
• Packaging dimensions WxHxD (inches):
48.3 x 26.5 x 11.1 - 37"
44.2 x 23.4 x 8.3 - 32"
52.6 x 28.7 x 11.1 - 42" 60.4 x 34.8 x 12.1 - 52"
• Packaging weight (lbs.):
38.6 - 32" | 55.1 - 37" | 62.8 - 42" | 96.1 - 52"
• Cabinet color: black
Rear inputs/outputs
Audio L/R in, CVBS in (composite): 1
Audio L/R in,YPbPr (component): 1
15 pin DSUB (VGA): 1
HDMI (V1.3): 3
Antenna F Type: 1
RS232 Serial: 1
SPDIF Out (coaxial): 1
RJ 12 SmartPlug connector: 1
8 ohm speaker output (mono): 1
Side Inputs CVBS in with autosensing ***
Audio L/R in with autosensing ***
USB with autosensing
S-video in with autosensing ***
Included Accessories
Guest remote: RC2888
Warranty statement
Power cord (3 m)
Quick start guide
SmartStand2 with all mounting hardware and both
security screws and adhesive (up to 42")
• 15 degree L/R Swivel table stand (52")
Optional Accessories
• Philips Smart Gateway
• Installation available through Philips installation
• Additional year warranty (three-year total)
• Setup remote: RC2573GR • Mounting brackets and stands from Peerless Mounts
• Connectivity panels
• Soundbars
• UPC:
6 09585 18228 8 - 32"
6 09585 18229 5 - 42"
• UL:Yes
• NOM:Yes
• CSA:Yes
6 09585 18230 1 - 37"
6 09585 18653 8 - 52"
*Advanced Exchange warranty is valid in the United States only. Local
warranties govern sales in other countries. **Feature requires Philips
Smart Gateway. ***Initial product will support USB autosensing but is
prepared for full side input autosensing, which will be enabled by a do it
yourself software update available in Q2 2010. ****Select models include
26HFL5561V, 32HFL5561V, 37HFL5581V, 42HFL5581V, 26HFL5561L,
32HFL5561L, 37HFL5581L, and 42HFL5581L.
Pro:Idiom is a registered trademark of the Zenith corporation. Dolby
Digital is a registered trademark of Dolby Labs. BBE is a registered
trademark of BBE Sound, inc. LodgeNet and b-LAN are trademarks of
LodgeNet Interactive Corporation. SmoovieTV is a registered trademark
of ToWatch BV, Incorporated.
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