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Tivoli iPal
AM/FM portable Radio
Special Offer $199
Gifts they’ll love all year long
Geneva Model XS
Portable music system
Just arrived $ 249
Geneva Model S
compact music system
Special offer $ 299
Grado SR60i
Audio Headphones
Legendary status $99
Limited Quantites iPhoneS/iPodS not included
How to make your
ipod sing
B&W Zeppelin AIR
The Fatman
trinity system
An ultimate AirPlay speaker dock. Award-winning
design. Wireless streaming from iTunes or an iOS
device. Great sound. $ 599
The Fatman trinity system
A unique one-piece hybrid vacuum tube
amplifier with onboard iPod ®/iPhone ® dock.
Complete with PSB Image B4 compact
speakers in black or cherry.
Complete System $ 699
The Bose experience at Bay Bloor Radio
Bose® Soundlink® Mobile Speaker
Enjoy Bose sound from a speaker small enough
to go with you whenever and wherever. Connects
wirelessly to your mobile phone or any Bluetooth
device. Rechargeable lithium-ion battery and
slate gray nylon cover/stand included. $ 329
bay bloor radio
BOSE® SoundDock® Series II
Digital Music System
Small size. Powerful performance.
Enjoy music from your iPod® or iPhone ®.
Rich sound. Available in black or silver.
Bose® SoundDock® Portable
Digital Music System
Take it anywhere. Exclusive Bose technologies and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery
make it easy to bring your music to life for
up to eight hours. $ 349
iPhoneS/iPodS not included
simplicity &
Tivoli Songbook AM/FM Travel Radio
Same great sound as the iPal. Digital tuning with
10 presets.Built-in alarm clock. Aux input and
headphone jack. 5 high gloss finishes. $ 239
Tivoli Model One
AM/FM Table Radio
The classic. This is the radio that
made Tivoli famous. Warm, rich hi-fi
sound. With aux input and headphone
jack. 7 finishes. $ 179
Tivoli ipal Portable AM/FM Portable Radio
Incredible radio with big sound. Built-in 16 hour rechargeable
battery. Aux input to connect your iPod ®. [cable included]
6 high gloss finishes. Reg. $ 249 Special Offer $ 199
Tivoli model Two AM/FM Stereo Radio
Two-piece radio with companion speaker and 15 feet
of cord. Great stereo imaging and accurate sound. Aux
input and headphone jack. 3 finishes. $ 349
Tivoli model three
AM/FM Clock Radio
Classic design. Classic clock. Features
20 minute sleep timer, snooze button
and warm Tivoli sound. A great wake-up
experience. 4 finishes. $ 349
Connect to any Tivoli radio.
Remote contol included.
Choice of finishes $ 149
Tivoli Model 10 AM/FM Clock Radio
Digital AM/FM clock radio with dual alarms. Tone controls.
Aux input and headphone jack. Remote control. Optional
stereo speaker ($119). Available in 5 finishes. $ 249
Limited Quantites
The Tivoli Music System
Delivers a full and expansive stereo sound. With CD player,
AM/FM tuner, iPod ® input, alarm clock and self-adjusting
lighted display. Built-in subwoofer. Walnut or black. $ 599
Denon AHD1100
Perfect multi-purpose
closed monitors. $ 159
Denon AHD2000
High Performance closed
headphones. Comfortable
sonic beauties. $ 299
AKG k450
Compact monitors. Great for
sound isolation and dynamic
sound. $ 129
AKG Q460
Quincy Jones approved! Closed,
portable, fold-up design with
iPhone ® control cable. $ 159
Shure srh440
For computer, iPod ®,
hi-fi and DJing. $99
Grado SR60i
Legendary status!
Excellent dynamics
and an ultra smooth
top end. $ 99
Monster Beats
Big sound and big style! Amplifed
and noise cancelling. iPhone ®
control cable included. $ 299
Bose® QuietComfort® 15
Acoustic Noise Cancelling ® Headphones
The quietest Bose ® headphones ever. Around-ear style.
AAA battery and carrying case included. $ 349
Shure se535
Top of the line in-ear
monitors. Detachable
cables and iPhone ®
cable options. $ 499
Klipsch X10i
A top-selling sound
isolating earphone
with iPhone ® controls
and mic. $ 299
B&W C5
Supreme sound
quality on the move.
iPhone ® control talk
cable. $ 179
Klipsch S4i
Sound isolating.
Advanced 3 button
remote and mic for
iPhone ®/iPod ®. $ 99
Great sound isolating
earphones for all
music lovers. $ 79
Bose® IE2 audio
Enjoy smooth, natural-sounding music and a comfortable,
in-ear, stable fit. $ 99
Toronto’s best selection of
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Sennheiser hd800
Flagship reference heaphones.
Audiophile’s dream! $ 1599
Klipsch ImageOne
Compact monitors for
on the go with iPhone ®
controls/mic. $ 129
Grado PS500
New Grado Professional Headphones
designed for reference and critical
listening. $ 599
B&W P5
High performance mobile
sound and style. Mic/remote
cable included for use with
iPhone ®. $ 299
Sennheiser RS170
Wireless high performance headphones.
Comfort and quality. $ 349
Limited Quantites
Denon DM38S Mini System
Versatile compact music system with radio,
CD player, and iPod ® playback via USB connector.
Reg. $ 449 Special Offer $ 399
Dock your iPhone ®/iPod ®. Stream online music services and internet
radio. Plays CD, AM/FM and Apple Airplay. Great sound. Available in
black or white. Reg. $ 799 Special Offer $ 699
Mini systems with
maximum performance
The ‘compact
miracle’ system
The ‘Compact miracle’ system
Teac CRH500 compact AM/FM receiver with USB iPod ® digital direct
interface, internet radio, plus connections for PC audio streaming.
Match it with Totem’s amazing MITE speakers in handsome black
finish, and just listen! Complete System $ 1199
< Yes. We sell turntables
Pro-ject Genie RPM 1.3
With S-shaped aluminum tonearm and azimuth
adjust. Complete with Ortofon 2M Red cartridge.
High gloss red, white or black. $ 499
bay bloor radio
iPhoneS/iPodS not included
Powered by
Yamaha ISX800
Restio Music system
AM/FM radio with alarm clock
plus CD player, USB input and
iPod ® dock all-in-one unit.
Included silver pedestal.
Black or white. $ 799
Yamaha tsx140 DESKTOP SYSTEM
AM/FM radio with alarm clock plus CD player,
USB input and iPod ® dock all in a compact
unit. 3 colours. $ 449
The mozart
Special offer!
The mozart system
Our best selling audio system, year after year. The grand sound of Yamaha audio
components, matched with top-rated PSB bookshelf speakers. Easy to operate,
built to last, and sounds great on all kinds of music. Complete System $ 799
Bonus Yamaha iPod® Dock ($69 value) with purchase. Offer ends Dec 31, 2011.
Limited Quantites
Great sound
is always in
Geneva Model S
Compact iPod ®/iPhone ® dock with FM radio and alarm clock. A great performer.
Includes table stand. Available in red, white, black, silver or gold. NOW $ 299
Model XS
Geneva Model XS
Bluetooth, FM, Alarm Clock, Speakers,
Amplifier. All-in-one. Plays up to 5 hrs.
on built-in rechargeable battery. Connects
wirelessly or with cable to aux input.
Folds up. Red, black or white. $ 249
Geneva Model M
Desktop music system with bigger, fuller
and richer sound. Great reviews worldwide.
iPhone ®/iPod ® dock plus FM radio. Available
in red, white or black. NOW $ 599
Geneva Model L
Big and bold. For big rooms. Includes
iPod ®/iPhone ® dock, FM radio and CD player.
Optional pedestal stand ($ 250). Available in
red, white, black or walnut. FROM $ 999
Geneva Model XL
Awesome bass from built-in subwoofer. Includes
iPod ®/iPhone ® dock, FM radio and CD player.
Optional pedestal stand ($ 250). Available in
red, white, black or walnut. FROM $ 1999
iPhoneS/iPodS not included
Bay Bloor Radio
Manulife Centre
55 Bloor St West,
Toronto, ON M4W 1A5
Holiday Hours
Mon to Fri: 10am to 8pm
Sat: 10am to 6pm
Sun: 12pm to 5pm
Limited Quantities
Two hours free parking
in the Manulife Centre
Entrance on Charles Street W.
(minimum purchase of $25)
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