P5264 user Manual
User Manual for Item #P5264
General Description
This compact, light weight power bank is convenient and easy to store in a purse or briefcase. It will charge Digital
Cameras, GPS, and most Smart Phones, such as I phone 4/5/5S, Samsung Galaxy, HTC… Etc .
Your original cable may be necessary to use to connect the charger.
Product Diagram
A/C Adaptor (5)
Charging Cable
Input (1)
Micro USB
Charging to Power Bank
PC (6)
• Insert the included micro USB (3) of the charging cable into the socket of the unit (1)
• Plug the USB (4) of the charging cable into the wall A/C adaptor that has a USB socket (5) you may need to
use your original cable that has USB socket, or directly into your PC.
• After this connection has been completed, plug the A/C adaptor into the A/C power outlet to start charging.
• During the charging process, the LED light is in Red, and it will turn Blue when the unit is fully charged.
• It takes about 2-3 hours to fully charge.
• This battery life is estimated for 400-500 times of re-charging
Charging small electronic devices
Micro USB
Output (1)
iPhone Original Cable
• Insert the included USB (2) cable into the output socket (1) on power bank.
• Plug the micro USB charging cable into the smart phone or electronic device which has micro USB socket.
To charge iphone, you will need to use the original cable to complete this connection.
• Once the connection is complete, it’ll start to charge.
It’s estimated to take about one and half hour to charge 80% full of an iphone from empty.
• Battery type: Li-ion battery cell
• Capacity: 2200 mAh
• Input: 5 V/1A (Max)
• Output: 5 V/1A (Max)
Safety Warnings
• Do not expose the product to rain or water.
• Keep the product away from fire or high temperature and moisture.
• Do not attempt to modify or dismantle the battery.
• Do not short circuit the battery.
• This product is not a toy, keep away from children.
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