Circus Maximus: Chariot Wars - Microsoft Xbox

Circus Maximus: Chariot Wars - Microsoft Xbox
Command both driver and warrior or
let A. |. drive while you bludgeon
» Unique co-op racing and fighting action
>» 22 distinct drivers and warriors
» J environments and 19 tracks set
throughout the Roman Empire
> 4 race modes (training, arcade,
multiplayer and career)
> Multiple power-ups, deadly weapons
and special moves
Satisfy the bloodthirsty masses with up to
hall HF, al A A A a a ar An
The glo of Rome rests in your hands.
Race, fight and live to ride another day.
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4 players fighting for (Ua Bu survival.
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Association. E Visit |
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RE information. or call
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Table of Contents
Using the Xbox™ Video Game System . ..................... 2
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Welcome to Circus Maximus": Chariot Wars ................ 4
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Academy / Training Challenges .............eceescsnoooal 9
Hall OUHBEOES | IGN SCOTES 10 52 a sa u A аЫ 10
Opuons ИВ End AUdIO . -. .. E e e 10
LEVEIS ONIS NE aa a aa e 10
Pause Screen drolnstant Replay … 5. 0e Gas Gama 11
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Ln the Xbox™ Video Game System
. Set up your Xbox™ video game system by following the instructions in the
Xbox Instruction Manual.
Press the power button and the status indicator light will light up.
Press the eject button and the disc tray will open.
Place the Circus Maximus: Chariot Wars disc on the disc tray with the label
facing up and close the disc tray.
Follow on-screen instructions and refer to this manual for more information
about playing Circus Maximus: Chariot Wars.
Disc tray —
— | a |
= EX | | —
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Controller port 1 _ Eject button | —— Controller port 4
Controller port 2 - Power button | - Controller port 3
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Using the Xbox Controller
1. Connect the Xbox Controller to any controller port on the front of the Xbox
console. For multiple players, connect additional controllers to available
controller ports.
2. Insert any expansion devices (for example, Xbox Memory Units) into
controller expansion slots as appropriate.
3. Follow on-screen instructions and refer to this manual for more information
about using the Xbox Controller to play Circus Maximus: Chariot Wars.
Expansion slot A Fo Expansion slot B
reer] | | )
FE \ E Left trigger
White button
Black button
Y button
B button
— A button
- A button
— Right thumbstick
BACK button START button
Welcome to Circus Maximus”: Chariot Wars
Circus Maximus: Chariot Wars is a brutal mix of racing and combat set during the
height of Imperial Rome. The Great Circus provides entertainment to thousands of
cheering crowds throughout the Empire. The greatest champions from the furthest
reaches of the Empire have gathered to compete in the tournament to determine
who is the greatest in the known world, and who will receive recognition from the
Emperor himself!
As one of the many charioteers in Circus Maximus: Chariot Wars, you will strive to
earn glory while racing through settings in the ancient Roman Empire. Compete in
the northernmost expansion of the Empire in Britannia, or the cold, harsh lands of
Germania, all to reach the ultimate arena, the great Circus Maximus. There is room
for only one Champion of the Circus. Second place is the first loser!
Fighting and driving are equally important. Each team has a warrior to protect the
driver during the race, and these warriors are proficient in dealing out damage to
any who stray too close. Prepare for some racing thuggery as you attempt to
survive Circus Maximus: Chariot Wars!
Main Menu
Circus / Arcade: Compete
In a single-player race.
Select any of the
unlocked tracks and
characters. Do well,
and your name may
be entered in the Hall
of Heroes.
Empire / Multiplayer:
Compete in a multi-player
race. Two players may
compete against each
other in head-to-head
competition, or you may work as a team - one as the driver and the other as the
warrior - to face your enemies. Up to four players may compete at the same time.
Career / Tournament: In this career mode, compete along all the courses in the
Empire to become the supreme champion. Earn dinari to advance your way
through the courses. Winning unlocks new tracks and new characters.
Academy / Training Challenges: Learn basic and advanced fighting and driving
techniques from legendary charioteer, Sallus.
Hall of Heroes / High Scores: The greatest charioteers are listed here. Each track
lists high score rankings for Most Dinari Earned, Most Kills, Fastest Lap Time and
Fastest Race Time. Only the best have what it takes to enter the Hall of Heroes.
Options / Display and Audio: Here you can adjust certain aspects of gameplay.
Game Controls
In Single Player mode, you control both the driver and the warrior. In
Multiplayer cooperative mode, one player controls the driver while the other
controls the warrior.
Hard Turn Right
Power Up
Hard Turn Left |
Steer Left and Right
Pull Back —
* Click -- Taunt
Up -- Switch
AI Control
* Left Thumbstick stick left and right - steer chariot
* Right Thumbstick stick left and right - lean warrior
* Right Thumbstick stick button - whip horses
* Directional Pad down - look back
* Directional Pad up - auto drive
* A Button - accelerate
e Left trigger - hard turn left
+ Left trigger - hard turn right
* Press both triggers to brake
° Left Thumbstick stick down - duck
* Left Thumbstick stick button - taunt
* B Button - low attack
* X Button - block
* Y Button - high attack
* White button - finisher attack
* Black button - double attack
Selecting a Team
There are four elements to a chariot team: the chariot, the horses, the warrior and
the driver. On the Team Select Screen, you can select any of the unlocked options.
Press left or right on the
directional pad to move
between the different
elements on this screen.
Press up or down on the
directional pad to cycle
through the available
Information about the
selected item is displayed
in the upper-right corner
of the screen. Learn
about the chariot s
handling, the horses
stamina and speed, the
drivers and warriors.
The lower right hand corner of the screen contains the currently selected team.
The warrior is on the left; the driver is on the right. The chariot is listed directly
below the charioteers, and the horses are displayed on the bottom line.
Once you have selected the chariot team you wish to use, Press the A button to
advance to the next screen.
Game Screen
Health ST. MITO Aw i 4
Track Display
Death Match
Opponent Health
Health: This bar measures the health of your chariot team. Take enough damage
during combat to deplete your health and the chariot will crash. If you crash
from falling in combat, your health will be reset at full. Crash by making a
mistake while driving, your health will be reset at its previous level, so watch
where you're driving!
Opponent Health: Whenever you are close to another chariot team, their health
meter will display on screen. The warrior's name is also shown to identify the
other team.
Skulls: In Death Matches, you will see a row of skull icons. These represent the
number of kills you must attain in order to emerge victorious. Skull icons also
represent the number of kills your opponents have attained.
Pace Meter: This meter displays how much stamina the horses have during the
race. Keep the level of the meter in the center of the bar in the light green area.
At this level, the horses will perform at their best. If you go into the yellow or
red areas by whipping the horses too hard, you will gain a short burst of speed:
however, they will tire quickly and slow down or stop.
Track display: This map documents your location and all your opponents on
the racecourse. You are indicated by an orange dot.
Driver and Warrior icons: These icons indicate which character the player is
controlling. By default, you control both the driver and warrior during a race.
However, you can switch to allow the auto-driver (A.l.) to manage the chariot
and horses while you take control of the warrior. Keep in mind that the auto-
driver may not always do what you want him to do.
Position: This displays your position in the race, from first to fourth.
Lap: Indicates the lap you are currently racing, and the total number of laps in
the race.
Time: This shows your overall race time.
Dinari: This indicates how much dinari you have earned. You earn dinari during
a race by performing certain actions. The crowd likes to reward entertaining
mayhem, and will throw coins your way for defeating opponents in battle,
taking shortcuts, grabbing pick-ups, balancing on one wheel and running over
hapless bystanders, among other things.
Pick-up Effect: These icons indicate any special abilities your team may acquire.
The game has a shield, speed, 2X damage, throwable weapon and health pick-ups.
All of these on-screen items can be turned off in the Options menu.
Playing the Game
Here are some tips and strategies to use to help you in Circus Maximus:
® [aunt — Taunting during a race will initiate combat with a nearby chariot team.
Use this technique when you are gaining on a rival chariot team to make them
pull back to engage you in combat,
* Use Pick-ups whenever possible
— Health pick-ups restore your team’s health. If your wheel is about to fall off
the health pick-up repairs your chariot,
— The Speed pick-up gives your horses a short burst of speed, but be careful
through turns as the chariot is tougher to control.
— The 2X pick-up gives your warrior the ability to cause double damage attacks.
— The Shield pick-up protects you from taking any damage from all attacks
(though you will take some if another warrior has the 2X pick-up). It is
the only way to protect yourself from thrown weapons.
— The Throwable Weapon pick-up allows your warrior to hurl his weapon at
a nearby team, instantly wiping them out unless they are protected by a
Shield pick-up. Be careful though, if you take damage you will lose your
throwable weapon. You have to use it or lose it!
[ean going into turns — if you anticipate turns by leaning before you get there,
you can take the turns at a much greater speed.
* Use your Finisher attack to vanquish stunned opponents — this attack is
devastating, but your warrior Is vulnerable while performing it. Wait for an
opponent to become stunned before using this attack.
* [ook for shortcuts and hidden pick-ups — there are shortcuts and alternate
routes in the courses, Keep an eye open for them. The Throwable Weapon
pick-ups are especially hard to find and are often hidden.
Circus 1s the Arcade Mode of the game. Select a chariot team and track in this
mode to compete in a single race.
On the Track Select screen, you can choose to race on any of the available
tracks in the game (Britannia, Cyprus and the Circus of Nero are available from
the beginning). You can unlock new tracks and new gameplay modes by
progressing through the Tournament.
Circus Maximus: Chariot Wars can be played with up to four players. The
Empire Screen will allow you to assign players to either Team 1 or Team 2. Two
players can race head-to-head against each other, or they can race
cooperatively on the same team against a full field of opponents. Three or four
players can play at once, with up to two players per chariot team.
When racing as a cooperative team, one player controls the driver and the other
controls the warrior. Under Moderate or Advanced Difficulty, the warrior must
lean to keep the chariot on the ground through turns.
You must earn the right to compete at the Circus Maximus if you wish to be
Champion and receive the Emperor's approval. Start your career in the furthest
reaches of the realm before you are able to compete in Rome herself.
Earn enough dinari on each track and you will gather enough fame to progress |
to new courses. Periodically, you must compete in brutal Death Matches and
survive, to prove your worthiness for the next track. |
Progress through the tournament and new courses, Death Matches and chariot
teams will be unlocked. Remember, you can switch elements of vour chariot
team out at any point in the tournament. So if your favorite charioteer unlocks
midway through the Tournament, feel free to recruit him for your purposes.
Sallus is one of the
greatest champions the
Circus has ever seen.
and he has been charged
by the Emperor to train
the next generation of
charioteers. He has set
up a series of challenges
to teach you basic and
advanced techniques.
Mastering these
challenges will give you
the skills you will need
to become the next
Champion of the Circus.
The first ten challenges are available from the outset of the game. New
challenges can be unlocked as you progress through the Tournament.
The Hall of Heroes
1515 the best
of the greatest
champions in the
Empire. Will your
name rank among
them? The top
scores for each
track are listed,
ranking the top five
charioteers in Dinar
Earned, Most Kills,
Fastest Lap Time and
Fastest Race Time.
° Display — select items to display on the on-screen interface. À red light next
to the icon means that item is currently being displayed in game.
* Audio — Adjust the volume of the music, taunts, sound effects and ambience.
* Difficulty — Select the level of difficulty. In order to unlock all tracks and
teams, you must compete on the Advanced difficulty level.
* (Game Play — here you can turn on/off the rumble setting on your controller.
You can also turn on/off the replay cameras in the game.
Levels of Difficulty
There are three levels of difficulty in Circus Maximus: Chariot Wars:
In this level, leaning is not necessary; your chariot will stay on the ground
through turns. Opponents will be slow to block your attacks, and are not
extremely aggressive in combat. Playing through the Tournament on the Novice
Difficulty will unlock new Tracks.
Leaning will be necessary in sharp turns, or turns taken at full speed in this
level. It is still difficult to tip the chariot over, but it can happen if you're not
careful. Opponents will block your attacks more frequently, and are much more
aggressive in combat. Playing through the Tournament on the Moderate
Difficulty will unlock new Tracks and will unlock the Death Matches.
The Advanced Difficulty level is where champions are born. Your warrior needs
to anticipate turns by leaning early to help keep your speed up. Your opponents
— SEE Ee me НР ame С. —
are at their best, blocking attacks frequently and fighting very aggressively.
Playing through the Tournament on the Advanced Difficulty will unlock new
Tracks, unlock Death Matches, and will unlock champion Chariot Teams.
Pause Screen and Instant Replay
During a race, pressing the START button will pause the game. From the Pause
Menu, you can choose to Continue the current race from the point it was
paused, Restart the race from the beginning, Quit out of the race and return to
the Main Menu, or view the Instant Replay.
The Instant Replay records the previous 30 seconds of gameplay. Go to the
Instant Replay to view spectacular crashes or to relive your defeat over a hated
foe. You can pause the replay to capture specific frames of action. Exiting out of
the Instant Replay will take you back into the race.
Meet the Charioteers
Only the greatest chariot drivers and warriors from throughout the Empire
survive to compete in the great Circus Maximus. Here are the charioteers that
have risen to the top.
Chief Kalunga — Warrior chieftain of the nomadic peoples of the dark
continent. A chance encounter with the legions of Rome has turned into a
lifelong quest to bringing down the Empire one opponent at a time.
Maja — A proud African hunter, one of a group of sisters who sought out truth
in the Empire of the north, far from her home deep in the savanna of central
Africa. Her time spent riding in her homeland, and her innate connection to
animals gives her a strong driving advantage.
Valeria the Amazon — Raised in a small Amazonian village, Valeria broke all
traditions and left to seek glory in the Arenas of the Roman Empire. Only the
sting of her whip exceeds her beauty.
Rebeka of Thermi — One of the two charioteers from the Mediterranean
island of Lesbos, Rebeka is a skilled driver, and a devout lover of the thrill of
the race. With her partner, Valeria, she has competed across the Mediterranean,
winning much acclaim.
Tiberius — One of the special chariot division of the African corps of
Legionnaires, Tiberius has fought his way across northern Africa, the Near East,
and the Balkans. In the growing peace and decadence of the Empire, he has had
to turn to the circus to find the thrill of his former life.
Marcus — A hard bitten centurion, Marcus fell from grace in the Germanic
wars, and stripped of his rank and privilege, has sought out a new life,
spending his blood and sweat for the thrill of the fans in the circus.
Talos — Little is know about this titanic warrior. His contempt for the gods is
exceeded only by his love of battle. It is said The Fates have condemned him to
live or die each day by the will of his trident.
Metos — The best charioteer in all of Greece, famous for his skill, bravery, and
nis winning smile. His bust decorates gardens beneath the Parthenon, and his
name drops from the lips of virgins from Athens to Nicopolis. Now, he strives to
bring his fame beyond Greece to Egypt, Germania and glorious Rome.
Aurora of Ostia — A rough kid from the back streets of a grimy portside town
at the mouth of the Tiber, Aurora has never been one to back down from a
challenge. Her life of vice and crime eventually landed her in the Coliseum.
where her skill in combat singled her out for service in the Circus.
Gargantus — A showman and a warrior. He was once an infantryman in the
African Legions, now a professional charioteer in search of reliving his thrills as
a driver in the ring. He is popular with the Roman crowds as a long-time
champion, and an almost unbeatable foe.
Praetorius — A former Praetorian Guard, he abandoned his post for the glory
of the great race. A practiced warrior, he cares nothing for his own life for he
knows after deserting the service of Rome, he is already dead.
Celtillus = One of the Iceni tribe from Britannia, Celtillus has earned the
reputation as one of the fiercest and craziest of charioteers, taking life-
threatening risks with a smile on his face.
Gensoric the Hun — The emotionless expression of this Eastern warrior lends
no hint to the fire that burns within. Once consumed with hatred for the Empire,
he has now joined with it, and willingly promotes the great spectacle of Rome.
Wulf — A horse barbarian of the northern tribes, he was one of the first waves
of warriors that struck the northern provinces, and was thus taken captive.
Never seeking to learn the uncouth language of the Romans, he can barely
speak In coherent sentences. Even among his wild brethren, he is known as
“The Crazed One” and often froths at the mouth when over excited.
Princess Khensa — A beautiful princess of the Old Kingdom, who has cast
aside her nobility and her royalty to ride in the Circus. Some say she is crazy to
risk herself so, others know that her need for the thrill of speed and danger is
so great, than nothing else could appease her.
Charac the Destroyer, High Priest of Zagros — A crazed desert madman from
Egypt, few know his ways, or understand his desires, but many have felt his cruel wrath.
Ursinius — The rogue leader of the Germanic tribes, who knows only the lust
for battle, the thrill of speed and the spoils they provide. Ursinius knows they
are not a conquered people!
Gretchen — She is a barbarian woman of the frozen harsh lands of Germania.
She is a favorite of the locals, who have never seen a woman so ponderously
powerful. Don't let her girth fool you — beneath it all beats the strong Teutonic
heart of a German barbarian.
Scorpius of Mauritania — A charioteer from the mercenary bands of
northern Africa, Scorpius has fought his way through the rough coliseums of
Africa and Asia Minor. His skill with the chariot has few equals.
The Minotaur of Crete — A trick of the Great Circus, or a legend made real?
No one can say, as few that have come close enough to meet his terrible wrath
have lived to tell the tale.
dallus — He was one of the premier charioteers in the empire for many years
Here, under the eyes of thousands of Roman citizens, and the Emperor himself.
vie for the title of Supreme Chariot Master.
Circus NERO
Set in the hills to the West of Rome, there is no exit from the circus. All action
in the Circus of Nero takes place within the circus itself.
The final track in the tournament, where winning brings everlasting glory. Only
the greatest of the charioteers are allowed to race in the Circus Maximus.
Each horse has certain strengths and weakness. Choose your horses carefully,
factoring in the chariot and track conditions.
You must compete in the Tournament in Advance mode to unlock all of the horses,
until he retired. Now he teaches the next generation of charioteers all the tricks HORSE ЧО» STAMINA
of the trade. A |
: | FRICAN |
Agrippa — One of the finest charioteers ever to graduate from the training of = — HIGH SW —
Sallus, Agrippa is a master of precision driving. Together with his teacher, they | AMAZON MEDIUM MEDIUM
form a team that still has plenty to teach the new generation of champions. GREEK Low MEDIUM
Race along courses scattered throughout the Roman Empire. You must EGYPTIAN MEDIUM HIGH
compete in the Tournament in Advanced mode to unlock all of the tracks. FANTASY Low Нтсн
Race along the rolling hills of ancient Britain, the furthest limit of Roman rule. HUN MEDIUM MEDIUM
This track is set along the hills and cliffs of the beautiful sun dappled Greek island. TRAINER MEDIUM Low
Winding through the snow-blanketed Germanic forest, this course is on the
outskirts of the Empire.
Alexandria is a grand city mixing the ancient style of the Egyptians with the new
splendors of Greek and Rome.
13 3
At the beginning of each race, you may choose from a variety of chariots. The
interaction of the chariot with the horses, the environment, and the driver
makes this an important decision.
You must compete in the Tournament in Advanced mode to unlock all the chariots.
Kodiak Interactive — “CIRCVS MAXIMVS” Team
Elizabeth Abbott — Voices
John Bacon — Programmer
Solomon Blaz — Audio Programmer
Chris Braymen — Audio Programmer
Cesar Dacol — Character Modeler
Jon Dean — President
Brian Decaria — Test Lead
George Dechiara — Technical Artist
Pierre Fortin — Graphic Artist
Patrick Halliday — QA
Bryon Hapgood — Programmer
Devon Hargaves — QA
Mark Henrichsen — Speech Designer
Robin Huff — Voices
Tom Hudson — Art Director
Pete Ivey — Technologist
Kelly Kofoed — Environmental Modeler
Kevin Kralian — Technologist
Mike Lampell — Director of Technology
Cameron Landies — QA
Mike Lott — Art Pre-Production
Nathan Magro — QA
Dave Manning — QA
Rogerio Mendes — Technical Artist
Neal Middleton — Voice
Paul Mombourguette — Animator
lan Morris — QA Manager
Karen Muro — Sound Designer
Dave Murrant — Director of Project Support Group
Chris Natsumme — Designer
Lee Phung — Texture Artist
Randy Platt — Programmer
Rich Reagan — Pre-Production
Josh Rogers — Voices
Mary Scriven — Texture Artist
Shawn Sears — QA
Chris Sehy — Programmer
Tony Simerman — Producer
Dwain Skinner — Programmer
Jonathan Slager — CEO
Kevin Snider — Texture Artist
Nathan Sumsion — Designer
Fraser Sunderland — Animator
Tom Ta — Technical Artist
Shaun Tullis — Studio Art Director
Martin Uresti — QA
Marita Viselli — Public Relations
Brandon Voeller — Texture Artist
Don Wells — Programmer
John Woznack — Technical Lead
Luke Ye — Environmental Modeler
Jim Young — Programmer
Big Idea Music Productions Inc. — Music
Chuck E. Myers, Tino Saiki, and Brady Ellis — Composers
Linda Rowberry, Neal Middleton, Sydney Powers, and Melissa Petty — Vocals
Bjorn Thorsrud, Tino Saiki and Brady Ellis — Guitar
Lisle Moore — Live Brass
Recorded and Mixed at Big Idea Studios in Salt Lake City, Utah
VP, Product Development — Sylvia Martinez
Senior Producer — Eric DeMilt
Associate Producer — Daniel Ramirez
Associate Producer — Ed Turner
Lead QA - Fadi Awed
QA — Ron Duke
QA — Andrew Simpson
VP, Marketing — Jill Griffin
VP, New Business Development — Richard Lowenthal
Director of Marketing — Betsi Shepherd
Product Manager — Candice Uyloan
Asst. Product Manager — Teresa Lee
Creative Services Manager — Thom Dohner
Production Coordinator — Jill Crowe
or. Graphic Designer — June M. Seefeldt
Traffic Coordinator — Andy Alvarez
“Thanks to all the Kodiak staff, our families and friends for their support
during the making of Circus Maximus"
Encore Software, Inc. warrants for a period of 90 days from the date of purchase by the
original purchaser of this software that the medium on which it is recorded will be free
from detect in materials and workmanship. Defective media which has not been subjected
to misuse, excessive wear or damage due to carelessness may be returned during the 90
day period without charge.
To receive this warranty service:
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This warranty shall not apply If the disc has been damaged by negligence, accident,
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cncore software's entire liability and the Customer(s) exclusive remedy is (1) the
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(2) a full refund of the purchase price if Encore Software or the retailer is unable to deliver
a replacement copy free from defect in materials or workmanship and the customer returns
the software and user manual within 90 days of purchase as evidenced by the sales receipt.
The remedies provided above are customer's sole and exclusive remedy.
Other than the 90 Day Warranty above, the software and user manual are provided “AS IS”
without warranty of any kind either express or implied. ENCORE SOFTWARE EXPRESSLY
Software be liable for any direct, incidental, special, or consequential damages with respect
to the Software or the user manual. This Agreement and the 90 Day Warranty shall be
governed by and all disputes shall be resolved in the State of California. The provisions of
this warranty are valid in the United States only.
Please return the product to the address below, along with a copy of the original sales
receipt showing the date of purchase, and a brief description of the difficulty you are
experiencing. Please include your name, address, phone number and whether you are
requesting a refund or replacement. If the product was damaged through abuse,
mistreatment or neglect this warranty is rendered void.
Encore, Inc.
ATTENTION: Customer Returns
16920 South Main St.
Gardena, CA. 90248
Product Support
If you have a specific question regarding orders, rebates, refunds, or other
non-technical issues, please use the online email form available at our website There are no hints or cheats for Circus
Maximus: Chariot Wars.
“Please retain your purchase receipt until warranty expiration.
Customer Service
Phone: 310-719-2894
Hours: M-F, 8am-5pm PST
Address: 16920 S. Main Street, Gardena, CA 90248
Copyright Information
Circus Maximus: Chariot Wars © 2001 Encore, Inc. © 2000, 2001 Kodiak
Interactive Software Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved. Circus Maximus is a
trademark of Kodiak Interactive Studios, Inc. Microsoft, Xbox, and the Xbox
logos are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation
in the U.S. and/or other countries and are used under license from Microsoft.
Encore and the Encore logo are trademarks of Encore Software, Inc. d.b.a.
Encore, Inc. All other brands, product names, logos, marks, copyrights, and/or
trademarks are the property of their respective holders.
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