License Number
ALPINE INE-S900R Map Update Activation
- Obtain the licence number:
1) Take the owner’s manual of your map update product and check for the
“Disc Serial Number” and the “Serial Number of the INE-S900R main unit”.
2) Access the website below and follow the on-screen instructions to obtain
the licence number.
3) Please Login or create a user account and follow the instructions to
register your INE-S900R device.
4) After Login click on the “My Account” header link.
5) After arriving at the “My Account Page” please click on “here” link in
“Your Devices” section.
6) In the “Add new Service” section type in the “Device ID” (Serial number of
INE-S900R main unit). Also assign and type in a “Device Name”.
7) Click on the “Add New Device” button to register the INE-S900R main unit.
8) Click on “Add New Service” button and enter your 16 digits “Disc Serial
Number” from the owner’s manual of your map update product and click
the “Submit” button afterwards.
9) The “Licence Number / Activation Code” is now displayed.
10) Write down the licence number / activation code in the space provided
under “Licence number” on the back side of the owner’s manual provided
with your map update product.
Find Serial Number for Alpine INE-S900R
- Instructions:
1. Power the unit on. Press the hard key MENU on the left side of the unit, then press Setup. Select
Navi on the left side and press Navi Info.
2. Press the View button for Version information. The Serial Number is located on top of the screen.
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