Handheld Detection
RadEye Selection Guide
Handheld Detection
for Any Scenario
RadEye Product Family
With the RadEye Product Family, Thermo Fisher Scientific offers a wide range of advanced
handheld instruments for radiation detection, gamma dose rate measurements and area
This guide offers a brief description and technical characteristics for each instrument. For
more detailed technical specifications, please contact your local sales representative or your
appropriate customer service assistant.
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RadEye product familyAll RadEye4, 5
High sensitivity γ - detection and dose rate measurement
RadEye PRD
High sensitivity γ - detection and wide range dose rate measurement
General purpose γ - dose rate measurement (U.S.)
RadEye G, G-10
General purpose γ - dose rate measurement
RadEye GF, GF-10
Dose rate measurement in explosive atmosphere (U.S.)
RadEye G-Ex
10, 11
High range dose rate measurement in explosive atmosphere (U.S.)
RadEye GF-Ex
10, 11
Dose rate measurement in explosive atmosphere
RadEye G-10-Ex
10, 11
High range dose rate measurement in explosive atmosphere
RadEye GF-10-Ex
10, 11
X-ray and γ - survey meterRadEye G20-1012
Wide dose rate, X-ray and γ - survey meterRadEye G20-ER1012
Multi purpose meter for contamination
RadEye B20
13, 14, 15
Wide range multi purpose meter for dose rate and contamination
RadEye B20-ER
13, 14, 15
Neutron detection and dose rate measurement
RadEye NL
16, 17
α, β - contaminationRadEye AB10018
Survey meter for external GM-detectors
RadEye GX, GX-L
19, 20, 21
Survey meter for external scintillation detectors
RadEye SX
19, 20, 22
Survey meter for external proportional detectors
RadEye PX
19, 20, 23
α, β - portable sample counterRadEye HEC24, 25
26, 27
Area monitoringRadEye Area Monitor
Wireless radiation detection system for grapple installation
RadEye GR
Radiation detection and personal protection kit
RadEye Safety Kit
29, 30
Bluetooth adapter for RadEye devices
RadEye BTcom Cover
Lutetium Test AdaptersAll RadEye33, 34
AccessoriesAll RadEye35, 36, 37
Technical characteristicsAll RadEye38, 39
RadEye Product Family
• Rugged and reliable
• Easily configured for specific tasks
• Large graphic display
• Durable and shock resistant
• Lightweight instruments,
starting from 160 g
• Accurate with excellent EMI immunity
• Simple and intuitive user interface
• Use of rechargeable standard-size batteries
• Low power technology
RadEye - The next generation of radiation meters
Thermo Scientific offers a comprehensive range of advanced
instruments for radiation detection, dose rate and contamination
The characteristic features of this versatile pocket meter are the
small size, the ease and flexibility of operation and its superior
measurement performance, which is provided by the use of
sophisticated low power technology. Fully automated selfdiagnosis minimizes required maintenance.
All essential functions are easily accessed, even while wearing
protective gloves.
The top-mounted alarm-LED can be seen while the instrument is
worn in a belt-holster. A built-in vibrator and an earphone-output
provide silent alarming for use in very noisy environments.
Opens the configuration menu.
Once the menu is opened, features are selected by
Additional information (e.g., the accumulated dose, remaining
Menu operation
time in a certain radiation field as well as mean and maximum
All of the parameters can be easily modified on the RadEye or
measuring values) can be displayed.
using the optional software. These menu operations can also be
reconfigured to simplify the instrument and to avoid any faulty
operation. Navigation is made easy by a clear and intuitive
On-switch and key lock - similar operation to your mobile phone.
Operation of the audible indicator and alarm acknowledgement.
RadEye PRD configuration
RadEye software
All settings and the data analysis can be done using the optional Windows®- based
RadEye PRD logbook
PC-software, and an accompanying reader device. In order to allow post-event analysis,
the latest 1,600 dose rate values are stored in the data memory. For each datalogging
interval both the mean and the maximum measurement values are stored.
Changes in configuration, along with alarms and errors, are saved in the RadEye
memory. These events can be read out via the “logbook”. It is shown as a table and can
be saved to the PC or printed. The logbook has a maximum of 250 data sets. Several
events that occur at the same time are saved as one record. On the display every event
is shown in one line for a clear view.
RadEye PRD history
Search and Find
• High quality PMT for excellent response from 30 keV
• Automatic background update, (i.e., no user action • EMI immunity much better than photodiode necessary)
• NBR allows very low alarm levels for artificial instruments
• NaI(Tl)-Detector for high response to SNM and radioactivity
• Designed to meet ANSI 42.33/1, 42.32 and IEC 62401
• True dose and dose rate calculation avoids • Energy response behavior in Roentgen
significant overestimation of low gamma energies
NaI(Tl)-detector with high quality
micro photomultiplier;
software switch for R or Sv energy
response and calibration
Measuring range
PRD: 1 µR/h - 25 mR/h
[0.01 µSv/h – 250 µSv/h]
PRD-ER: 1 µrem/h - 10 rem/h
[0.01 µSv/h – 100 mSv/h]
customs officers) or first responders (emergency services and law
Overrange indication
PRD: Tested up to 1,000 R/h
[10 Sv/h]
PRD-ER: Tested up to 10,000 rem/h
[100 Sv/h]
The RadEye PRD is 5,000 - 100,000 times more sensitive than a
Energy range (+/- 30 %)
60 keV - 1.3 MeV, excellent
detection from 30 keV
Response for Cs-137 (662 keV)
1.5 cps per µR/h
[150 cps per µSv/h]
Response for Am-241 (60 keV)
30 cps per µR/h
[2000 cps per µSv/h]
Linearity error (Cs-137)
PRD: max. ± 10 %
PRD-ER: max. ± 20 %
Enhanced alarming
sensitivity by NBR
Yes, down to 1 µR/h
[0.01 µSv/h]
at low gamma energies
Cosmic radiation background
Suppression typically > 95 %
RadEye PRD
The “orphan source” phenomena is a serious global problem
as sources showing up unexpectedly in scrap yards, border
crossings or numerous other public locations are a significant
potential threat. The RadEye PRD represents a high-performance
measuring device for anyone responsible for finding
radiation sources whether they be first preventers (border guards,
typical electronic dosimeter.
When looking for lost or hidden radiation sources or
contaminated materials, it is paramount to use a tool with high
sensitivity and high selectivity.
The RadEye PRD achieves this through a special technique based
on our patented Natural Background Rejection (NBR) technology.
It is the only instrument of its type and size to achieve this.
The RadEye PRD incorporates a high sensitivity NaI(Tl)
scintillation detector with a miniature photo-multiplier allowing
the detection of very low radiation levels with particular
emphasis on gamma emissions below 400 keV. Thus, in case of
a nuclear accident, the RadEye PRD is ideal for sensitive I-131
detection and measurement.
RadEye PRD #4250671
Factory calibrated in
exposure rate R/h
RadEye PRD #425067120
Factory calibrated in
H*(10) µSv/h
Search and Find and Gamma Safety Surveys
• Search and Safety
• Security
• First responders
• Steel and Recycling
• Environmental Monitoring
Special proprietary circuitry allows the energy compensated dose
and dose rate measurement up to 100 mSv/h (or 10 rem/h). Thus the
RadEye PRD-ER is the ideal tool for both interdiction and response.
Unlike instruments using two different detectors for the low dose rate
range and the high dose rate range, the single detector arrangement
in the RadEye PRD-ER offers the following unique advantages over the
RadEye variants PRD-S and PRD-ER-S
The special firmware variants RadEye PRD-S # 425067130
and RadEye PRD-ER
# 425067135 includes the capability for scaler
For additional information please ask for a separate data sheet.
whole measuring range:
•Consistent angular dependence
•No mutual shielding of neighboring detectors
•Consistent energy response
•No transition range with annoying hysteresis effects
•No high activity source for function test of high dose rate detector required
With the help of the RadEye PRD-ER test adapter, users can check the
RadEye PRD-S gamma laboratory
kit # 425069015
full detector performance on a regular basis – without the need of a
high dose rate calibration facility.
RadEye PRD-ER #425067102
Factory calibrated in exposure rate R/h
Yellow front cover
RadEye PRD-ER #425067122
Factory calibrated in H*(10) µSv/h
Yellow front cover
RadEye PRD-ER #425067104
Factory calibrated in exposure rate R/h
Black front cover
Lutetium Test Adapter for PRD and PRD-ER
For additional information please see pages 33-34.
RadEye G/G-10
Gamma Safety Surveys
• Gamma surveys from background up
to personal safety levels
• First Responders
• Nuclear Power Industry
• Radiography
• Radiation Protection
• Radiography
• G-10 is for H-10 deep dose rate measurements
Wide range survey meter RadEye G-10 (SI-units) and
RadEye G (US-market)
The RadEye G and RadEye G-10 are lightweight and
Energy compensated GM-tube
Measuring range
RadEye G:
50 µR/h - 10 R/h
RadEye G-10: 0.5 µSv/h - 100 mSv/h
[5 µrem/h - 10 rem/h]
Overrange indication
Tested up to 100 Sv/h
Energy range ± 30 %
RadEye G:
45 keV - 3 MeV
RadEye G-10:50 keV - 3 MeV
Count rate for Cs-137
(662 keV)
17 cps per mR/h [1.7 cps per µSv/h]
very rugged instruments designed for quick and reliable
measurement of gamma dose rates.
Modern electronic circuitry guarantees excellent linearity over
six decades of radiation intensity: from background level to
100 mSv/h (10 R/h) - with unlimited overrange indication. Both
devices incorporate a large energy compensated GM-tube for
precise dose rate measurement for gamma and X-ray.
RadEye G: # 425067401 yellow front cover
RadEye G-10: # 4250676 red front cover
RadEye G-10 PTB: # 4250675 red front cover
RadEye G: # 4250674 black front cover
RadEye G: # 425067602 white front cover
Common features of RadEye G and GF series
Key features
•Pocket size
•Large graphic display with
clear prefix and bar graph
•Extreme low power consumption for permanent operation
•Energy compensated up to 3 MeV
Check source
To ensure top functionality of the RadEye G series, we offer a test adapter based on
200 kBq Ba-133 - exempt quantity referring to e.g. NRC/IAEA/EU regulations. # 425067072
For use in the US, a 5 µCi Cs-137 test adapter is available as well. # 425067075CS137
RadEye GF/GF-10
High Range Gamma Surveys
• High range measurement
• Radiography
• Safety
High range gamma survey meter RadEye GF-10 (SI-units)
and RadEye GF (US-market)
The intelligent ratemeter algorithm (ADF mode) guarantees that even
Energy compensated GM-tube
Measuring range
RadEye GF: 500 µR/h - 300 R/h
RadEye GF-10: 5 µSv/h - 3 Sv/h
[500 µrem/h - 100 rem/h]
Overrange indication
Tested up to 100 Sv/h
Energy range ± 30 %
RadEye GF: 45 keV - 3 MeV
RadEye GF-10:50 keV - 3 MeV
Count rate for Cs-137
(662 keV)
RadEye GF: 1.3 cps per mR/h
RadEye GF-10:0.13 cps per µS/h
the smallest changes in dose rate are immediately detected, while at
the same time, random fluctuations are effectively suppressed.
All essential functions are easily accessed while wearing protective
gloves. The alarm-LED can be seen while the instrument is worn in a
belt-holster. The instrument is also equipped with a built-in vibrator
and an earphone-output for silent alarming or use in very noisy
RadEye GF: # 425067475
Background measurement
Alarm thresholds - two triangles
in the bar graph, indication low
Alarm level 1 exceeded
“Alarm 1” and “speaker” signs
show up
Absence of trend arrow indicates
stable radiation level - reading
can be taken
RadEye GF-10: # 425067675
Approaching a source
Alarm thresholds - not yet
Trend arrow indicates increasing
radiation level
RadEye G-Ex series
Intrinsically Safe Gamma Surveys
• Intrinsically safe according to ATEX standards
• Lightweight, only 160 g (5.6 oz.)
• Efficient and reliable dose and
• Low power technology
dose rate measurements
• Large, clear and backlit display for
error-free readings
• Rugged and reliable
RadEye G-Ex series
- intrinsically safe personal
radiation detectors
ATEX Certification RadEye G-Ex Instruments II 2G-EX ia IIB T4
In emergency response and in industry flammable and explosive
materials like gases, dust and fibers can occur. In such potentially
ATEX examination mark. This sign is required on all
devices used in European hazardous areas.
explosive atmospheres it is necessary to use ATEX certified
devices for your measurements.
The Thermo Scientific RadEye G-Ex series comprises four versions
of intrinsically safe handheld devices for gamma and dose rate
measurements. They are designed according to the latest ATEX
standards to meet the needs of their operator in and around
hazardous areas.
Explosion protection based on European Ex-regulations.
Explosion protection type, ”ia“ is the highest level of
Gas group for average reactive gases (except hydrogen,
acetylene or disulfide)
Temperature class gives the user the maximum
temperature of a surface that may be in contact to the Ex
atmosphere under fault conditions. T4 is rated at 135 °C.
Devices certified as ”intrinsically safe“ are designed to be unable
to release sufficient electrical or thermal energy to cause ignition
of flammable materials like gas, dust or particulates.
Beside the ATEX tags, the visual difference between the RadEye
versions is noted by the orange color of the front panel of the
Classification of zones. II = device is approved for all nonmining areas.
2 = category of the device, here it means that the device
is rated for the second most hazardous areas. G =
designates atmosphere, in this case gas, vapors and mist.
intrinsically safe versions.
Inside, the RadEye G-Ex devices have been re-engineered to
reduce energy safety issues and avoid the generation of heat and
RadEye G-Ex: # 425067460
RadEye GF-Ex: # 425067470
electrical sparks. They are premium products designed for ultimate
RadEye G-10-Ex: # 425067660
safety and accurate dose rate measurements.
RadEye GF-10-Ex: # 425067670
RadEye G-Ex series
Intrinsically Safe Gamma Surveys
• Hazmat teams
• Fire brigades
• Refineries
• Oil platforms
• Locations with risk of explosion
• Marines and Coast Guard
RadEye GF-10-Ex: From 5 µSv/h to
3 Sv/h
Sensitivity (Cs-137, 660 keV)
Measuring range
RadEye G-10-Ex: ~1.9 cps/µSv/h
RadEye GF-10-Ex: ~0.13 cps/µSv/h
Check source
To keep the radiation detector functionality of the RadEyeG
and RadEyeG-10 we offer a test adapter based on 200kBq
Ba-133 - exempt quantity referring to e.g. NRC/IAEA/EU
regulations. # 425067072
For use in the U.S., a 5 µCi Cs-137 test adapter is available as
well. # 425067075CS137
RadEye G-Ex: From 50 µR/h to 10 R/h
RadEye GF-Ex: From 0.5 mR/h to 300 R/h
RadEye G-Ex: ~17 cps/mR/h
Sensitivity (Cs-137, 660 keV)
Measuring range
RadEye G-10-Ex: From 0.5 µSv/h to
100 mSv/h
RadEye GF-Ex: ~1.3 cps/mR/h
0.5 µSv to 10 Sv
Linearity error
max. +/- 10 % in the measuring range
Alarm thresholds
Two each thresholds for dose and dose rate
Energy range
45 keV – 1.3 MeV according to IEC 60846
Working temperature
-20 °C ... + 50 °C
Relative humidity
10 ... 90 % at 35 °C
Protection degree
IP 65 according to EN 60 529
ATEX classification
II 2G Ex ia IIB T4 IBExU10ATEX1096
96 x 61 x 31 mm without rubber protector
approx. 160 g, including 2 batteries
Internal memory
The latest 1600 measured values are saved
and can be read out via PC-program. Logbook
with 250 entries for changes of configuration,
occurring alarms and errors
RadEye G20-10/G20-ER10
Gamma Surveys Including X-rays
• Menu-driven user interface results in low
• Energy compensated measurements from Low training cost and immediate familiarity
Energy to High Energy
• Huge internal data memory for both scaler
• Low level measurements are easier and more
results and continuous data recording
stable than Ion Chambers
• Bright backlit LCD display – plain text
• Leight weight (300 g), excellent grip
messages – different languages can be
with and without gloves
• Rugged and compact design, thick
• Audible indication: single pulse or chirper
rubber protective cover
mode proportional to count rate
• Low cost of ownership with > 500 h
• Earphone output for operation in loud
operation time with 2 AAA batteries
– rechargeable NiMH-cells can be used
RadEye G20-10/G20-ER10
The RadEye G20-10 and G20-ER10 are excellent gamma survey meters with a
flat energy response curve from 17 keV to 3 MeV according to ambient equivalent dose H*(10).
The devices are suitable for dose rate measurements for X-ray scanner and
for medical isotopes including I-125.
Gamma test adapter (50 g Lu2O3) for RadEye G20/
G20-ER and portable scintillation detectors: # 4254948
- 62 mm diameter, 7 mm height (aluminum housing)
55 mm diameter, 3 mm height (Lu2O3 ceramics)
- Induced net dose rate for RadEye G20: 0.25 µSv/h
(25 µrem/h).
- Time requirement for response verification approximately 5 minutes
For immediate response verification a 200 kBq Ba-133
(exempt quantity) or other gamma test sources can be
For additional information please see pages 33-34.
RadEye G20-10: # 4250687
RadEye G20-ER10: # 425068710
Holster for RadEye G20/B20: # 425068519
RadEye B20/B20-ER
For Alpha/Beta Surface Contamination
• Hospitals
General radiation protection for:
• Nuclear power industry
• Homeland security
• Pharmaceutical industry
• Fire departments
• Universities
• Emergency response
B20 is for normal measurements,
B20-ER is for high range measurements.
•Lightweight (300 g), excellent grip with and without gloves
•Rugged and compact design, thick rubber protective cover
•Low cost of ownership with > 500 h operation time with 2 AAA batteries – rechargeable NiMH-cells can be used
•Menu-driven user interface results in low training cost and immediate familiarity
•Huge internal data memory for both scaler results and continuous data recording
RadEye B20/B20-ER
•Bright backlit LCD display – plain text messages – different The RadEye B20/B20-ER models are the best choice for
languages can be selected
contamination and dose rate measurements. They are modern,
•Easy adaptation to different tasks by supervisor configuration, compact and measure alpha, beta, gamma and X-ray radiation.
calibration, selection of measuring units
The RadEye B20/B20-ER models can also be used for accurate
•Versatile operation modes:
dose rate surveys if used with correct energy compensated
- Scaler/Timer with preset count and preset time for sample doserate filter (17 keV– 3 MeV).
For emergency response purposes alpha and beta
- Continuous ratemeter mode for frisker operation
contamination can be discriminated using another optional
- Dose rate mode
filter. The RadEye B20 will automatically switch to the proper
•Audible indication: single pulse or chirper mode proportional to measuring unit, if an auto detection filter is fitted to the face
count rate
of the B20 detector. This automatic function helps to avoid
•Earphone output for operation in loud environment
accidental misuse.
The instrument is part of the growing RadEye family of highend stand-alone meters, which are designed to exceed the
most demanding user expectations.
•IR PC Interface or Bluetooth® as option
•Advanced Windows® software is available as option
RadEye B20: # 4250685
RadEye B20-ER: # 425068510
Holster for RadEye B20/G20: # 425068519
RadEye B20/B20-ER
Surface Contamination/Gamma Survey
1 pancake GM-tube, window dia.
44 mm (1.7”); 1.8 – 2.0 mg/cm²)
0 - 2 mSv/h [0 - 200 mrem/h]
Measuring range (gamma dose rate) RadEye B20
Uncompensated (662 keV) or with
0 - 100 mSv/h [0 - 10 rem/h]
opt. energy filter:
RadEye B20-ER
Automatic recognition of the filter by the RadEye’s processor
Excellent grip with gloves
Holster for RadEye B20/G20
versions: #425068519
Measuring range (contamination):
0 - 10 kcps RadEye B20
0 - 500 kcps RadEye B20-ER
2 π efficiency (ref. to 50 mm
diameter without rubber sleeve):
Am-241: 28 %; Co-60: 25 %;
Sr/Y-90: 36 %; C-14: 19 %
Energy range (with gamma energy
filter) [H*(10) and H´(0.07)]
17 keV – 3 MeV
Weight and maximum dimensions
300 g (0.7 lb.); 13 x 7 x 6 cm
(5.2” x 2.8” x 2.4”)
Alarm indication
LED, sound, vibrator
Neckband with holster for
RadEye B20 versions, safety
locking at the neckband:
# 425068518
RadEye B20/B20-ER
Gamma Surveys Including X-rays
Extensions for RadEye instruments
First responder laboratory kit *
Pelican case # 425069011
• Sample changer for use with the RadEye B20
• Sample planchets with different lip heights
• Disposable gloves, spatula
• 50 mm paper filters
Space for optional items:
• Data cable and desktop holder
• User manual
• Lutetium-Oxide test adapter
• RadEye B20/B20-ER
• Additional RadEye (PRD or N)
• Two removable energy filters
Using the extensions, the hand is much less exposed if the
RadEye B20/B20 ER comes close to a source.
For more information please see page 31.
# 425067177
* Please order a RadEye B20 or B20-ER separately
Lutetium Test Adapter
High precision, low energy test adapter for performance
verification # 425068571
- 9 g natural Lutetium-Oxide with 50 Bq/g (1.4 nCi/g)
- Due to half life of 37,000 million years of Lu-176, there are
no error-prone half life corrections necessary by the user
- Extremely uniform activity content and surface emission rate
- Identical surface emission rate for each test source
Neutron Search and Find
• Rapid warning of neutron radiation fields
• No spill-over from gamma radiation
• Applicable as an area monitor
up to 10 mSv/h (1 R/h)
• Exceeds the neutron response requirements
• Ideal for verification of neutron fields
of ISO 22188
when dealing with unknown radiation
• Ideal complement to passive and active
neutron dosimeters
• “No false neutron alarms due to gammas”
• Detection of neutron shielding deficiencies
• Can be used in high gamma dose
and source presence
rate fields
• Ideal complement to Rem-counters
• Can be made into dose rate device
RadEye NL
Provisonal values for the measured ambient dose equivalent H*(10)
The RadEye NL closes a gap in the classical product spectrum of
response of the moderated RadEye NL, with the bottom of the
the radiation measurement technology.
moderator oriented toward to neutron source.
While conventional Rem-counters with a He-3 or BF3 tube are
Neutron Energy
Measured H*(10) Response
(Moderator ‘Bottom’)
(cps / µSv hr-1)
Van de Graaff
Van de Graaff
usually heavy and bulky instruments, the RadEye NL is a compact
and lightweight device, even in use with a moderator.
160 g (5.6 oz.)
96 x 61 x 31 mm (3.8 x 2.4 x 1.2”)
He-3 tube with 2.5 bar absolute pressure
Sensitivity when worn
at the body (RadEye NL)
approx. 0.2 cps per µSv/h (2 cps per
mRem/h) for Cf-252,
detects 0.01 µg Cf-252 in typically
2 - 3 s for 25 cm (10”) distance
approx. 0.003 cps at 300 m above sea
Gamma spill-over
< 0.2 cps at 10 mSv/h (1 R/h) Cs-137
Measuring units
Count rate (cps) moving average
over 10 s
Mean value and peak value over any
time period
Operation time
(2 AAA alkaline batteries)
approx. 500 h
Calibration factors
The calibration factors for selected work
places with known neutron spectra can
be entered [mrem/h, µSv/h].
Cf (D2O-moderated)
Cf (bare)
*Mean energy of radionuclide-based source spectrum
RadEye NL: # 4250678
RadEye NL
Neutron Search and Find
• Users of industrial neutron sources
• First responders and law (e.g., in geology and material testing)
enforcement officers
• Operators and users of accelerators
in medical science and research
• Radiation protection staff and
inspectors of nuclear facilities
The RadEye NL is normally worn in a holster. In order to use it as a handheld survey
meter and to increase the efficiency for fast neutrons, the RadEye NL can be put into
an optional moderator with handle.
RadEye NL moderator: # 425067110
For simultaneous gamma and neutron dose rate measurements a RadEye G-10 can
be fixed to the moderator.
Holder for optional second RadEye: # 425067073
While the RadEye NL is worn in a Rem-holster close to the body, the handheld
RadEye G-10 displays the measurements of both devices. Thereby the
communication between the two RadEye instruments is enabled via two optional
RadEye Bluetooth communication battery covers (page 32).
RadEye BTcom battery cover: # 425067087
RadEye Rem-holster with boron inlet: # 425067710
RadEye BTcom Combo with 2 ea. paired Btcom battery covers # 425068102
RadEye NL Area Monitor with additional alarm unit.
RadEye Area Monitor: # 4250680
Alarm unit: # 425068010
RadEye AB100
Simultaneous and separate Alpha/Beta Contamination Measurements
• Supervisor configuration, calibration, selection of • Lightweight (900 g), excellent grip
measuring units
with or without gloves
• Versatile operation modes:
• Rugged and compact design
- Scaler/Timer with preset count and
• Low cost of ownership
• Menu-driven user interface
- Continuous ratemeter mode for frisker operation
• Huge internal data memory
- Alpha, beta and alpha + beta modes
• Bright backlit LCD display – plain text messages – - Gross or net counting
different languages can be selected
• Audible indication: single pulse for alpha, chirper • Easy adaptation to different tasks
mode for beta - proportional to count rate
preset time for sample measurements
• Easy adaptation to different tasks
General radiation protection for
• Civil defense
• Fire brigades
• Hospitals
• Nuclear industry
• Pharmaceutical industry
RadEye AB100
The RadEye AB100 is a modern contamination meter for surface contamination
measurements with excellent alpha/beta discrimination. The user can select
the proper calibration factor within a list of isotopes (e.g., Bq, Bq/cm², dpm).
The instrument is part of the growing RadEye family of high-end stand-alone
Efficiency (per surface emission)
Gamma response
approx. 40 s-1/(µSv/h)0.4 s-1/(µR/h)
Window thickness/
Active area
Thickness: 0.87 mg/cm² aluminized
plastic film
Sensitive area of 69 x 145 mm [2.71”
x 5.71”]; Open area of approx. 85 %
355 x 100 x 180 mm [14 x 4 x 7.1”] /
approx. 0.9 kg [2 lb.]
meters, which are designed to meet the most demanding user expectations.
Simultaneous measurement of
alpha, beta and gamma radiation
Alpha alarm is indicated
Scaler mode
Dual display
36 % (α)
23 % (β)
49 % (β)
RadEye AB100: # 4250683
RadEye X series
For External Detectors
• The RadEye X survey meters can operate with • Easy to replace probes in the field, with a simple virtually any manufacturer’s GM probe, with dual button-push
• Weighs only 160 g (5.6 oz.) with rubber phosphor α/β, NaI(Tl) and plastic
protection, without cable
probes and proportional detectors
• Up to 16 different probe configurations are selectable in a submenu
• 110 x 67 x 62 mm (4.3 x 2.6 x 2.4”)
• Versatile operation modes
• RadEye BTcom cover for Bluetooth®
RadEye X series
As part of the growing RadEye product family of high-end standalone meters, the RadEye X series is designed to exceed the most
demanding user expectations.
The RadEye X series comprises three different types of modern and
compact multi-purpose survey meters that fit most any external
counter tubes that have already been in use (e.g., the nuclear
• RadEye GX for Geiger-Mueller detectors
• RadEye SX for scintillation detectors
• RadEye PX for proportional detectors
General count rate and surface contamination measurements can
The Thermo Scientific RadEye BTcom cover provides wireless
be performed as well as dose rate measurements. Due to the clear
communication and data transfer between the RadEye X
and large display, all essential functions and software parameters
series and a PC.
can be easily accessed. The display and the alarm-LED can be seen
while the instrument is worn in the transparent case.
All settings and the data analysis can be done by an optional
Windows®-based PC-software and a reader device. The last
1,600 mean and maximum values of the count rate or dose rate
are recorded internally and can be read out via a serial interface.
Additionally, the instruments log the last 250 alarms, error
messages and changes of the configuration.
Operation modes:
• Scaler/Timer with preset count and preset time for sample measurements
• Continuous ratemeter mode for frisker operation
• Dose rate mode
RadEye X series
• Universal interface via non-proprietary coax cable
• Connection to a large variety of probes
• Approved detectors can be kept in use
• Improved performance, (e.g., measuring range, built -
in datalogging, computer interface)
• 90 % weight and size reduction compared to conventional survey meters
• Compatible to all RadEye accessories
Technical details RadEye X series
Measured quantities
Count rate (cps, cpm), surface contamination
(Bq, dps, dpm, Bq/cm2), dose rate (R/h, Sv/h,
Operating voltage
1,8... 4 V, battery low voltage starting from
2.3 V
Preset count, preset time
Disturbance emission: EN 61000-6-3,
immunity : EN 61000-6-2
110 x 67 x 62 mm (4.3” x 2.6” x 2.4”), with
rubber protection, without cable
Around 160 g (0.35 lb.) including AAA cells
and protection sleeve
Internal memory
The last 1600 measured values are saved
and can be read out via PC program. Max
and mean value of count rate and dose rate.
The time interval is factory preset to 120 s
by default. As well scaler measurements
and momentaneous readings can be stored
manually. Logbook with 250 entries for
changes of configuration, occurring alarms
and errors
Averaging filters
Ratemeter filter type: Advanced Digital Filter
(ADF), Digital RC-Filter with time constant,
1 s...180 s, depending on count rate and count
rate change.
Battery life time
Depends on external
detector (required
RadEye GX: > 500 h
high voltage and
RadEye SX: > 500 h
dynode chain
RadEye PX: Approx. 200 h impedance),
for instrument alone
Background subtraction In count rate and contamination mode
Measuring range
RadEye GX: 10,000 cps extendable by
RadEye SX: 100,000 cps individual probe
RadEye PX: 100,000 cps calibration
Probe cables
RG 58, max. 1.5 m (59”) – MHV connector,
different (probe-side) HV connectors
available, please call us
High voltage range
RadEye GX: 350 V…1100 V with output
impedance 1 MΩ
RadEye SX: 300 V…1400 V with output
RadEye PX: 300 V…1400 V with output
Probe library
16 different detectors with corresponding
high voltage, calibration factor, dead time
correction, overload threshold, detector area
and timeout for detector failure.
Alarm threshold
Two alarm thresholds for count rate, activity,
dose and dose rate each
Audible alarm intensity
80 dB at a distance of 30 cm (11.8”)
Working temperature
-20 °C ... + 50 °C (-4 °F ... 122 °F)
Relative humidity
10 ... 90 % at 35 °C (95 °F) not condensing
RadEye GX: # 4250692
RadEye SX: # 4250693
RadEye PX: # 4250694
RadEye GX
For External Geiger Detectors
• Accepts a wide range of GM-detectors
• Dose rate measurement
• Contamination measurement
• Parameters for up to 16 different probes
can be stored in the memory
RadEye GX
Compact multi-purpose survey meter for Geiger-Mueller detectors.
The RadEye GX can store data of up to 16 individually adjusted and calibrated probes.
RadEye GX: # 4250692
RadEye GX-L
The economy version is limited to a count rate of 10,000 cps (600,000 cpm), and is
perfect for connection of contamination detectors.
RadEye GX-L: # 425069205
RadEye SX
For External Scintillation Detectors
• Accepts a wide range of dual phosphor (α/β), NaI(Tl) and plastic probes
• Dual channel display
• Count rate measurements
• Dose rate measurements
• Surface contamination measurements
• Parameters for up to 16 different probes
can be stored in the memory
RadEye SX
Compact multi-purpose survey meter for scintillation counter tubes.
RadEye SX: # 4250693
High Sensitivity Gamma Food Monitor
Routine inspections for radiation in food are
performed most economically and user friendly
with the Thermo Scientific High Sensitivity
Gamma Laboratory Kit.
RadEye SX with DP8
It supports the laboratory and also field
measurement program for contamination
resulting from a nuclear accident.
A floor monitor probe with a
choice of ruggedized
600 cm2 scintillation alphas,
betas, or alphas and betas
simultaneously. Adapter for
RadEye SX with FLM3
connecting the RadEye SX to
the FLM3. Adapter # 425067079
Gamma Food Monitor: # 425069025
RadEye SX with DP6
A large, dual phosphor scintillation probe for
monitoring personnel, tools and work areas with
efficient alpha/beta discrimination. Adapter
for connecting the RadEye SX to the detector
types: AP5A, AP5B, BP19A, BP19B, DP6A, DP6B.
Adapter # 425069360
A hand probe with a lightweight and rugged
design for general purpose alpha/beta survey
and frisking. Adapter for connecting the RadEye
SX to the detector types: HP380A, HP380B,
HP380AB, AP2/4A, AP4/4B, BP7/4A, BP7/4B,
DP2/4A, DP2/4B, AP4/4A, AP4/4B, BP4/4A,
BP4/4B. Adapter # 425069361
A probe with rectangularshaped 600 cm2 windows
for monitoring large-area
flat alpha/beta surface
contamination. Adapter
for connecting the RadEye
SX to the detector types:
AP5A, AP5B, BP19A,
BP19B, DP6A, DP6B.
Adapter # 425069363
RadEye SX with SPA3
RadEye SX with HP 380 AB
A rugged, high-sensitivity
gamma detector used for
pulse-height applications.
Adapter for connecting the
RadEye SX to the SPA3.
Adapter # 425069365
RadEye PX
For External Proportional/Neutron Detectors
• The RadEye PX can operate with
proportional detectors
• Lightweight, only 160 g (5.6 oz.)
• Compact size, 110 x 67 x 62 mm
(4.3 x 2.6 x 2.4“)
RadEye PX is for Proportional detectors
such as He-3 and BF3 neutron detectors
and an excellent replacement for the
much larger and heavier E-600 and
ASP-2 style meters.
• Dose rate measurements
• Surface contamination measurements
• Parameters for up to 16 different probes
can be stored in the memory
RadEye PX
Compact multi-purpose survey meter for proportional detectors. Count rate and
surface contamination measurements can be performed as well as dose rate
measurements in combination with gas filled proportional counter tubes.
For neutron dose rate measurements, which are typically operated in combination
with He-3 or BF3 based Rem-counters, the new RadEye PX meter is an excellent
replacement for the much larger and heavier E-600 and ASP-2 style meters.
RadEye PX: # 4250694
Adapter for connecting the RadEye PX to the NRD general purpose neutron
”REM-ball.“ Adapter # 425069501
RadEye PX with NRD
RadEye PX with WENDI
Adapter for connecting the RadEye PX to the
WENDI wide energy range neutron detector.
Adapter # 425069460
RadEye HEC
Stand-alone scaler counter
• Simultaneous alpha/beta measurements
• 800 hours battery operation
• Non-volatile data storage
• Customized library of up to 16 test sources with automated
half life correction
• Library of up to 16 nuclide efficiencies
• Simple detector performance verification with 9 g Lutetium
Test Adapter
RadEye HEC - alpha/beta sample counter
The RadEye HEC is a sample counting system that
provides simultaneous alpha and beta measurements.
The system incorporates a 2” (5 cm) dual scintillation
phosphor mated to a sliding drawer accommodating a
2” (5 cm) diameter sample. Using a height-adjustable
sampling area the drawer permits the use of different
sample types and must slide fully to the rear to initiate
the counting.
The housing is made of durable plastic to withstand
2” (5 cm) diameter alpha and beta sensitive scintillator
Typical 2 π efficiencies (50 mm sources)
Alpha: 239Pu
typical 85 % (surface deposition)
typical 75 % (activated Al-layer of 6 µm)
typical 45 %
Sr-90Y typical 70 %
typical 20 %
<70 counts per minute (cpm) in the beta channel and < 2 cpm
in the alpha channel in a background of 0.25 µSv/h (25 µR/h)
Am alpha to beta crosstalk < 10 %, 90Sr-90Y beta to alpha
crosstalk 0.1 %
before the batteries have to be charged again.
2.03” (51.6 mm) diameter x 0.38” (9.6 mm) thick maximum.
The sample thickness can be adjusted between 5/16”
Sample drawer
(3.2 mm) to 1/8” (7.9 mm). The sample holder and slide are
black anodized for ease of decontamination
The last 4500 values of the measured data in the
Single package design to allow for portability
Counts, cpm, cps, Bq, Bq/cm², dpm, dps
Count time
User selectable count time between 1 second and several
Preset count
User selectable between 1 and 9999
User selectable count time 1 second to 60 minutes utilized in
background subtraction of sample counts
even rough handling. The built-in handle, in combination
with the battery option, allows up to 800 hours field use
selected measuring unit are recorded internally and can
be read out via serial or USB interface. Additionally the
RadEye HEC logs the last 250 alarms, errors and changes
of the configuration. All events can be read out via serial
interface. A real time clock is provided to add a time
stamp to all buffer data.
The characteristic features of the RadEye HEC are the
use of sophisticated low power technology components,
well known from all RadEye versions, and microprocessor
based fully automatic self checks. No maintenance
is required.
RadEye HEC
Stand-alone scaler counter
User-defined alarm limits on samples
Via PC program
Standard RadEye.exe > version 1.17
Power supply
100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Count storage
Datalog samples using sequential up to 4500 samples. Each data
point will include sample ID, sample count result, time and date
0 to 50 °C (32 to 122 °F)
10 to 90 % non-condensing
Count range:
1 to 6 million cpm (100, 000 cps) for beta and 1 to 0.6 million cpm
(10,000 cps) for alpha
The RadEye HEC audible output is used to signal:
- When the sample has completed its count
- Whenever an alarm occurs (when activated)
- Presence of alpha radiation (when activated)
Size and weight
15 x 4.75 x 12” (38.1 x 12.1 x 30.5 cm); 9 lbs. (4.1 kg)
CE approved
RadEye HEC accessories
Lutetium Test Adapter 9 g for RadEye HEC sample
counting system # 425068571
Upgrade Kit for HandECount (with PalmTM Computer)
available # 425069704
RadEye Area Monitor
Area Monitor
• Nuclear Power
• Nuclear Process
• Industrial
• Personal/Worker Safety
1. Alarm Indication
RadEye Area Monitor
The RadEye Area Monitor is an application suitable for
several different RadEye types. The following applications
are possible:
Acoustical and optical alarm is indicated by
the RadEye Area Monitor and the optional
external alarm indicator.
Horn and bright flash light can be acknowledged even if radiation level is still elevated.
•Gamma dose rate measurement (RadEye G)
•Highly sensitive alarm indication for radioactive gamma sources (RadEye PRD)
•Detection of neutron sources (RadEye NL)
The wall-mounted RadEye Area Monitor extends the
application range to convenient and cost-effective gamma
and neutron area monitoring. In case of exceeding a
preset threshold, the system sets off an audible/optical
2. No need for an additional
portable instrument!
Authorized staff takes the
RadEye out of the box.
alarm and the RadEye can be immediately used as a portable
•Area monitor and flexible handheld instrument in one
3. Finding the radiation
•No additional handheld instrument for locating the source is necessary
•In case of power failure the RadEye is still operational due to rechargeable batteries and built-in battery charger
•Simultaneous gamma and neutron monitoring with two RadEye Area Monitors
4. Re-insertion of the RadEye
The green light of the external indicator turns on once
the RadEye is reinstalled
in the box. Now the Area
Monitor is ready for action
RadEye Area Monitor
Area Monitor
The RadEye Area Monitor can be complemented with an external alarm unit with
horn and beacon. An occurring alarm can be acknowledged remotely controlled.
Thereby the alarm unit should not be installed at a distance of >10 m (other lengths
upon request).
RadEye Area Monitor: # 4250680
Additional alarm unit # 425068010
RadEye Area Monitor: Enclosure with transparent door;
Additional external alarm unit consisting of: 5 m cable
car adapter; AC/DC adapter with 2 m cable + connector;
with connector fitting to connector at 4250680; small
red light on enclosure; RS 232 interface 9 pin D-SUB
box with latching relay and acknowledgement button;
connector (watertight); connector for external alarm
5 m cable between the box, strobe and horn with wall
unit. The RadEye has to be ordered separately.
mount holder.
RadEye GR
Wireless radiation detection system for grapple installation
• Rugged radiation detection and alarm system
• Nearly maintenance free
• Small size – negligible load capacity reduction
• Very straightforward installation process
• Enhanced sensitive for low gamma energies
• Simple and comprehensive datalogging and
• Superior value - small investment and low cost
reporting via RadEye Safety Kit Software (pages of ownership
• Multiple portable RadEye R display units
• Only one person required for radiation test
• Real time monitoring and system integration on • Extremely high battery lifetime
RadEye GR - Wireless radiation detection system for
grapple installation
Long recognized as providing leading-edge vehicle and portable
radiation monitoring solutions to the metal recycling industry,
Thermo Scientific’s RadEye GR grapple-mounted radiation
detection system is the latest application-specific system
designed to minimize the threat of radioactive material in the
scrap metal stream.
The Thermo Scientific RadEye GR is a radiation detection device
designed and proven through extensive testing for the extreme
forces and harsh conditions experienced when installed in
a grapple. While the detector inside the RadEye GR grapple
monitor is smaller than the detectors used in a portal monitor at
the entrance of a facility, it more than makes up for any loss in
sensitivity as the RadEye GR detector is much closer (law of 1/r²
The RadEye GR provides superior response to radiation exactly at the
for the radiation field) and the radioactive source is less shielded
energy range of importance to catch shielded radiation sources.
by the surrounding scrap. Furthermore, the contact time is longer
than for a portal monitor which is the other critical element in
determining sensitivity. Therefore, the RadEye GR grapple monitor
is an extremely powerful tool to detect radioactive threats in the
scrap and should be considered for use in addition to the portal
monitors already found at most facilities.
The detector unit is installed quickly and easily at most of the
common grapple types. Its compact size takes a minimum of space
and so does not significantly impact the grapple’s carrying capacity.
The battery powered receiver RadEye R displays current readings,
annunciates alarms and logs data wirelessly whether you are in
the cabin of the crane or nearby the grapple. Multiple RadEye R
units can receive data from one grapple detector over a distance
> 100 m (at 1mW transmitting power).
For details, please ask for additional product information.
RadEye Safety Kit
• Accessory for RadEye PRD/PRD-ER and RadEye R
• Highly sensitive to gamma radiation
• Compact, rugged and lightweight
• Advanced personal radiation protection
• Provides precise periodic measurement sampling
and documentation with enclosed software
• Suitable for vehicle surface scans and area monitoring
RadEye PRD Safety Kit - in conjunction with RadEye PRD,
PRD-ER and RadEye R
Radiation detection is personal protection
The Thermo Scientific RadEye PRD offers unmatched sensitivity to
The Thermo Scientific RadEye PRD is the first choice for highly
gamma radiation and true dose rate calculation. When worn in its
portable, personal radiation detection in the recycling industry.
holster, the RadEye PRD protects its owner at all times, long before
The well-proven RadEye, which has served thousands of law-
radiation health concerns come into consideration. With this roving
enforcement and homeland security professionals since 2005,
detector orphan sources may be found at your facility. The RadEye
is also available in conjunction with an application-tailored
short handle provides dramatic reduction in the dose rate at the
“RadEye Safety Kit.” Geared specifically to the industrial user,
user’s hand, if the RadEye PRD is close to the source (compared to
this configuration provides the following advantages and
the RadEye PRD directly held in the hand). Optional 4 ft. (1.2 m) and
14 ft. (4 m) extensions ease the measurement of vehicle loads or
•Small size and belt holster means it can be worn at all times for non-stop vigilance at any facility
•Adapter and extender poles allows the user's reach to be extended up to 14 feet (4 m) enabling easier and faster piles of suspicious material. The large backlit LCD, the bright AlarmLED and the built-in vibration alarm facilitate the ease of use of
this instrument while the nylon holster and rubber shock protection
ensure its durability and reliability.
•Data capture hardware and software allow target vehicle radiation data to be tagged with user input meta-data, for better quality control/documentation
•Lutetium test adapter uses naturally occurring material of very low specific activity to verify the performance of your PRD or other radiation detection instrumentation safely
and accurately
RadEye Safety Kit
Content of the RadEye PRD Safety Kit # 425067193
Holster for the RadEye PRD
Universal RadEye PRD “snap in” adapter
RadEye PRD Test Adapter (natural lutetium oxide)
Short handle for “snap in” of the universal RadEye PRD adapter
USB to the RadEye PRD’s IR port adapter cable
RadEye PRD desktop stand with mounting support of the adapter cable
Special application-specific software and handbook
The RadEye has to be ordered separately!
1 High sensitivity gamma pager
RadEye PRD:
up to 25 mR/h # 4250671
up to 250 µSv/h # 425067120
Scanning for contamination is assurance of quality
If the RadEye PRD is used for the manual scanning of in- or outbound vehicles, then
RadEye PRD-ER:
the application-specific RadEye Software documents via printing of the scanning
up to 10 R/h # 425067102
protocol that no radiation was found in the inspected load. Additional text informa-
up to 100 mSv/h # 425067122
tion such as “Company,” “Material,” “Weight,” etc. may be entered and stored or
# 425067076: 1.2 m extension
# 425067076-59: 59’’ extension (America only)
# 425067077: 4.0 m telescopic extension
printed with the measurement values.
Recording and documentation
•Vehicle surface scans
•Work days/weeks
•Simple area monitoring
The software ”GateCheck.exe,“ in combination with a RadEye R, provides precise
periodic measurement sampling and documentation. Thus it is easy for the user
to get a daily protocol of all loadings.
RadEye extensions
RadEye Telepole
Telepole for 2 ea. RadEye units with
Bluetooth communication capability.
# 425067175
•High quality
•Free adjustable segments
•Durable material selection
•Professional design
•Max. length with/without RadEye: 2325 mm/2280 mm
•Min. length with/without RadEye: 800 mm/845 mm
•Total weight with/without 2 each RadEye devices:
2.4 kg/2.1 kg
RadEye extensions
RadEye adapter with connector to the handle or extensions:
# 425067078 (without RadEye)
Short handle, length 0.35 m: # 425067075 (without RadEye)
Aluminum extension, length 1.2 m: # 425067076 (without
•High quality
•Durable material selection
•Reach up to 1.5 m / 5 ft.
RadEye extension
•Four free adjustable segments
•Handle with convenient grip
Telescopic extension up to 4.0 m: # 425067077 (without
•Professional and durable design
•Weight: 630 g
•Max length: 1520 mm / ~ 5 ft.
•Min length: 460 mm / 18"
RadEye extension # 425067177
RadEye BTcom Cover
• Suitable for communication to PCs with Bluetooth® interface
• Fits all RadEye versions (except RadEye AB100)
• Low power consumption
• Fast and easy installation
• Lightweight, only 11 g (0.4 oz.)
• No external power supply needed
RadEye BTcom cover
The Thermo Scientific RadEye BTcom cover is the latest accessory
development for the successful RadEye product family.
It is designed to provide Bluetooth® communication between the
RadEye devices and a PC equipped with Bluetooth® technology.
Also, data from one RadEye instrument can be displayed on another
RadEye as a second measurement device.
Typical applications: display of RadEye NL neutron data or RadEye
B20 contamination data as second line in gamma RadEye display.
The cover fits all types of RadEye (except the RadEye AB 100) and is
powered by the internal batteries of the RadEye instrument.
Degree of protection
IP54 (when applied to a RadEye)
Working temperature
-25 °C to +50 °C (-13 °F to +122 °F)
RF transmission
Bluetooth® V2.0 + EDR, SPP profile (serial port
protocol), +4 dBm output power max. (Class 2),
-82 dBm receive sensitivity
10m at line-of-sight-condition
Baud rate
115.2 kBd (8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit)
Size and weight
59 x 36 x 10 mm (2.3 x 1.4 x 0.4”); 11 g (0.4 oz.)
Operating voltage
1.5 - 3 V (powered by standard AAA cells of the
Power consumption
Battery voltage: 3.0 V; 4.3 mA (standby);
5.5 mA (connected)
19.5 mA (cyclic readout: 1 s); 7.4 mA (cyclic
readout: 10 s)
The plug and play installation is extremely easy and needs no
special requirements or qualifications. Once installed the RadEye
BTcom cover has a coverage of about 15 m (49.2 ft.) at line-of-sight
conditions and may be used worldwide without registration.
The RadEye BTcom cover comes in a transparent
plastic box together with a short manual and a
CD with the RadEye BTcom cover manual,
RadEye.exe update installation file and some
additional information about the RadEye product
family. # 425067087
In addition we also offer a factory predefined
set of two BTcom covers to ensure an immediate and secure communication between two
RadEye devices. # 425068102
Lutetium Test Adapters
• A 3.7E10 year half-life means:
• All test adapters of the same type have virtually - no need for error-prone half-life corrections
the same activity!
- no need for reoccurring purchase of the
• Beta-type adapters provide nearly identical
(decayed) check sources
surface emission rates
• The adapters provide a highly reproducible and • The design of special shape enclosures
uniform activity content of 50 Bq/g (1.3 nCi/g)
and high density Lu2O3 ceramics minimize the required activity for small size detectors
Thermo Scientific Lutetium Test Adapters
Lutetium Test Adapters are a real smart alternative to conventional
check sources and offer a lot of unique advantages to our customers
using radiation detectors.
Conventional test sources for radiation monitors suffer from a number
of inherent problems: Every source is an individual and unique item
regarding activity and surface emission rate. Sources from different
manufacturers may have different spectra from the emitted particles
depending on the production process. Furthermore, large area test
sources may have variations of the emission rate over the different
sections of the surface and, in many cases, the user needs to correct
Beta/gamma test adapters
for the decay of the radioisotope. The thin active surface is always a
High precision, low energy test adapters for perfor-
delicate part of the source.
mance verification of the RadEye B20 and other instru-
Lutetium Test Adapters contain the isotope Lu-176 with 38 billion
ments with pancake detector.
years half-life (= much longer than the age of the universe) and
Lutetium Test Adapter with 9 g Lu2O3: # 425068571
a natural abundance of 2.6 %, which yields a specific activity of
50 mm diameter, 3 mm height (acrylic glass housing)
approximately 50 Bq/g of the pure element Lutetium. The unique
40 mm diameter, 1mm height (Lu2O3 ceramics inlet)
feature of using a chemically pure bulk substance containing the
Typical net count rate for RadEye B20: 6 cps
radioisotope in its natural abundance results in a totally constant
and homogeneous surface emission rate. Each and every source of
the same surface area has the same beta emission rate, regardless
of small variances in the thickness of the Lutetium-oxide ceramics.
Furthermore, due to their natural origin and low specific activity,
in respect to many national regulations these adapters are not
considered as radioactive material. These new test adapters can
contribute to a reduction of calibration cost and instrument downtime,
as well as to an increased user confidence and familiarity with “his”
or “her” instrument.
For more information please ask for a special paper:
“Test Adapters Based on Natural Lutetium - a
Discussion of Benefits versus Conventional Check
Lutetium Test Adapters
Test adapters for large area beta contamination probes with an
Gamma test adapter for RadEye PRD
inherently homogeneous surface emission rate of 0.8 particles
Special shaped lutetium test adapter to match the RadEye
per cm²•s - perfect for training and calibration.
PRD housing.
Lutetium Test Adapter with 80 g Lu2O3: # 425068371
Lutetium Test Adapter with 36 g Lu2O3: # 425067071
Size: 120 x 200 x 5 mm total; 110 cm² (74 x 148 mm) Lu2O3
Typical net count rate for RadEye PRD: 100 cps
Indication of “low energy” NBR alarm. A carrying case is
Aluminum extension, length 1.2 m
2 segment telescopic extension
up to 4 m
RadEye adapter with connector to
425067075, 425067076, 425067077
4 segment telescopic extension
up to 1.5 m (including holder for RadEye)
Ex series
Short handle, requires 425067078
Part number
Extension poles
Energy filters for RadEye B20, B20-ER
Alpha rejection filter
Gamma filter, H*(10) compensation
(deep dose equivalent)
Gamma filter, H’07 compensation
(shallow dose equivalent)
Data communication
RadEye BTcom battery cover
Two factory paired BTcom covers
User software “RadEye.Exe”
Calibration software “Cal-RadEye.Exe”
Data cable USB via desktop holder
425067060 and AB100 direct
Desktop holder for RadEye (data cable
not included)
RadEye NL Moderator
RadEye holder for second RadEye
mounted to moderator (425067110)
RadEye Safety Kit for PRD/PRD-ER
(RadEye not included)
4250680 and
RadEye area monitor and external alarm
unit (RadEye not included)
Sample changer for RadEye B20
Brass sample holder for RadEye PRD
(material analysis of steel samples)
First Responder Laboratory Kit for
RadEye B20 and B20-ER, including
sample changer 42506901001, various
dishes, gloves, spatula and filters
MHV right angle plug for GX/SX/PX
Data cable RS 232 via desktop holder
425067060 and AB100 direct
Ex series
Part number
Data communication
Earphone / Headset
Earphone for RadEye series
Headset for RadEye
AC/DC converter for AC-supply of
docking station 425067065 (100 – 240
V AC; 15 V DC, 600 mA), US, UK, EU
Inductive charger (11.5 - 15 V DC) with
coiled cable and cigarette lighter plug;
requires special battery compartment
lid 425067034
Inductive charger AC-table version,
requires special battery compartment
lid 425067034
Battery compartment lid with inductive
charging circuitry
Safety lanyard and transparent plastic
bag for RadEye PRD, NL, G and G-10
Holster for RadEye PRD, NL, G and
G-10 versions. Sized to insert instrument •
with rubber shock protection
RadEye Rem-holster with Boron-inlet for
dose rate measurement
Holster for RadEye G-20 and B-20
versions. Sized to insert instrument
with rubber shock protection.
Holster for up to 2 RadEye B-20 energy
Outdoor underwater bag WP-550
Ex series
Docking station (“car adapter”) with
charging circuitry (8-30 V DC, cigarette
lighter plug), alarm relay and RS 232
interface. 2 ea. AAA NiMH rechargeable
batteries included
Part number
Holster and bags
Adapters for one-hand operation of RadEye SX; PX and probe, please see pages 22-23.
RadEye - Technical characteristics of variants with internal detector
For use in explosive
Gamma and X-rays
> 30 keV
> 30 keV
Gamma and X-rays
(dose rate)
> 60 keV
> 60 keV
> 48 keV
> 48 keV
> 48 keV
Measuring units –
dose rates are energy
100 mSv/h
10 rem/h
10 R/h
100 mSv/h
10 rem/h
300 R/h
Upper dose rate limit
250 µSv/h
25 mR/h
25 mrem/h
cps at 1 µSv/h
(100 µrem/h), 662 keV
Beta dose rate
Neutron source
Neutron source
*Absolute pressure (=1.5 bar gauge pressure at standard conditions)
Pancake GM
Pancake GM
Pancake GM
Pancake GM
2.5 bar He-3*
> 5 keV
> 5 keV
> 17 keV
with filter
> 17 keV
with filter
Via filter
Via filter
> 48 keV
> 17 keV
> 17 keV
cps, cpm
Bq, dpm, dps
Sv/h, rem/h
ps, cpm
Bq, dpm, dps
Sv/h, rem/h
3 Sv/h
300 rem/h
2 mSv/h
200 mrem/h
100 mSv/h
10 rem/h
2 mSv/h
200 mrem/h
100 mSv/h
10 rem/h
cps, cpm
Bq, dpm, dps
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